Top 10 Major Reasons why People hate Jews

Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike or prejudice against Jewish people who have faced persecutions , discrimination and expulsions throughout the world in different times and generations. Who is a Jew is a question in itself and is hating them is an influence of the effect derived from history that we’ve become conditioned to accept and follow. Given below is a compilation of one of the root causes why people have come to hate them as a race much like the Kurds and Armenians that were too resented and exterminated.


The Holocaust refers to the systematic murder of more than six million Jews orchestrated by Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) Party in Europe during World War II(1933-1945) during which the Jewish Genocide shocked the world and questioned the human fibre of German authority becoming a license for other colonial countries. The reasons simply known as the preservation of the pure German Nordic race by elimination of the midgets and cycle owners (Jews) with twisted noses and ape-like features(dark haired) were feared and suspiciously looked down upon as lesser humans due to the “strange” cuisine and religious rituals they practised. Hitler’s propaganda leading everyone to believe (including Jews) who represented the economy, media, arts and business services, that Jews were responsible for the misfortunes suffered during the fall of the Weimar government through Nuremberg Laws leading to synagogue(the place of worship for a Jewish congregation) burnings , pogroms(Organized persecution of an ethnic group) and lynched by the espionage brutally in camps, ghettos and pits. The reasons were fear of domination by the scholarly and alien mongrel class of people who followed a distant religion and spoke an unknown language(Hebrew) . This contradicts the theory of considering them evil and powerful where in the past they were wiped out for conflicting reasons.


Jews today have taken over marketing, militia, medicinal, technological, media, industrial, cinema challenges etc. and continue to face the worlds envy through unexplained success stories given their inglorious past and vermin like repression all over Europe , Soviet Union , Asia before the 20th century. They have transcended all barriers of indifference and hatred and continue to represent in majority number sectors of finance, law, medicine etc. People do not like the stats for obvious reasons as a race that’s been subjugated to massacres every 21 years in different places and eras continues not only to exist but with money bags and high portfolios. The reasons are complex yet identifiable. Jews were outlawed from owning land and property in historic times and hence resorted to money lending, business trades, middle class bearing and liberating philosophies which is why we see no farmers today and no poverty either. They are few yet powerful because the misery meted out to them in the past, in time ,turned out to be their most precious possession. Also, history is testament to the cause of the literate masses of “the chosen few” in times of universal illiteracy where Jews sincerely attended synagogues regularly when their second pillar (temple of Jerusalem) was destroyed and their only resistance was through unfailing faith. This gave them an upper hand, secured jobs killed the need to convert for economic reasons , and they continued to flourish disproportionately (given their small numbers) invoking the worlds contempt and jealousy furthermore.


islamic fears

The holy book of Islam has been quite a force in deciding the attitude of Muslims towards the Jews and absence of questioning its confusing stand on “the chosen few”, its led to universal animosity between the children of Allah and Abraham. Quran in some sections maintains Muhammad and his peaceful social contract with the Jews of medina and later a war is waged and the three Jewish tribes of Arabia are expelled for denying prophet hood to Muhammad and called traitors, perfidious and worldliness. What is strange is the fanatic extremities to which the Quran was interpreted and the ruthless treatment of non-Muslims (including Jews) were subjected to for denying Islamic conversion and the right to maintain one’s own faith. Dispute was never about the Jewish temple in Jerusalem since the prophet bowed down before it only once which did not make it a religious property of Muslims as that was to represent amicability between medina dwellers (Jews) and the hospitality they offered to Muhammad but misinterpretation led to a prejudiced world belief. Classical commentators viewed Muhammad’s struggle with Jews as a minor episode in his career, but this has changed in modern times due to external influences. This became the cause of hatred all around the world within Muslim communities as failure to realize the mortality of a prophet and his whimsical declaration posed a threat to Jews from times immemorial and intensified public opinion(uncontrolled Muslim population) around the globe. Jewish people were viewed as a cult posing threat to world religions which explains the anger. A deeper understanding was never strived for as religion became law and law became faith.


Torah consists of the foundational narrative of the Jewish people, their call into being by God, their trials and tribulations, and their covenant with their God, which involves following a way of life embodied in a set of religious obligations and civil laws (halakha). The 613 commandments of the torah(laws of Moses)mostly include morals and self-righteous laws that other people find in contradiction due to the status quo. Jews recognize two kinds of sin, offenses against other people, and offenses against God. Offenses against God may be understood as violation of a contract (the covenant between God and the Children of Israel). Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews have believed that right action (as opposed to right belief) is the way for a person to atone for one’s sins and that explains the situation in Israel. They seem to be claiming back what they feel is rightfully theirs through this understanding of higher moral from the commandments in the Torah as a way to rightly possess what was denied to them and to ease their conscious into committing a sin just because over the years they have been paying for sins they never committed. A movement of world Jewry that arose late in the 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine(Zionism) also sprouted from the Jewish cult’s retaliation to years of suppression, subjugation and discrimination. The holy place of Jewish source being Palestine, the concentrated power in the hands of the Jews and the power monopoly was mere self glorification keeping in with the laws of the Torah. The world therefore hates them for setting two precedents, one, they justify the wrong they do religiously, and two, the general moral standing of Jews that sends the others on a guilt trip since no one wants to be reminded of one’s “sins”.


A belief or sentiment shared by most people or the voice of the people or a belief of the majority is popular public opinion. Does condemning a particular race of people for mutually inclusive reasons become a fact just because it is done by more people (majority) or should causes be contemplated even then? The media’s role in portraying a negative picture of the Jews is a very strong factor determining mass hatred and global views. The traditional role of the media has always been to presents facts, issues and statistics sans judgements. To present the problem and not the opinion is what is required and expected as with power comes responsibility. The politicising of news in general has added fuel to fire and even if someone is ignorant enough not to know what is happening, he/she will hate Jews not because of the trouble brewing but by virtue of the fact that they are Jews. The most hilarious confessions include viewing Jewish minority as both inferior yet dominating, primitive yet successful, nasty but righteous, alien in existence yet “the chosen few”, Internationally supported yet negatively viewed etc. which are nothing but beautiful contradictions , made by people who neither know who a Jew is nor the cause of the problem which is merely a resurfacing phenomenon but with turned tables.


Human psychology testifies how we perceive success in terms of collective aspects. For example the world thinks Indians make the best engineers and doctors, Germans make the best automobile and heavy machinery and Spaniards the best wine! Jews on the other hand have surpassed all cliché barriers and are ruling everywhere. 52% of non-fiction Pulitzer prize winners are Jews, Nobel awardees are Jews, two Jewish doctors vanquished polio disease and removed our fears forever, garment industry with names like Levis, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan ,our computers with names like Dell, software from giants like Oracle, search engines like Google, and social media like Facebook, share the legacy just as Intel and Qualcomm chips and technologies are inside so many of our computers and cell phones. The three largest broadcasting networks — ABC, NBC and CBS were built from the efforts of two visionary Jewish entrepreneurs, David Sarnoff and William Paley. Sarnoff in particular saw the potential to convert “wireless,” then used for ship-to-shore communications, into a “broadcast” medium distributed via a “network.”. In medicine, law, science, politics and education, the leadership, innovation and hard work of Jews have benefited us all. And if they have been successful as entrepreneurs, disproportionately represented among the members of the Forbes 400 and as CEOs of the Fortune 500, that achievement is outstripped by the fact that in philanthropy — particularly for secular causes such as education, medicine and the arts — Jews are even more philanthropic than they are wealthy. Not too hard to imagine why the world hates Judaic people when 9 out of 10 in every scenario are rolling in money and good hearted too ! Global perceptions are defied through these statistics and people do not like what they do not understand because Jews are supposed to be dying, eradicated and suffering like holocaust instead they are flourishing, prospering and invoking sympathies at the same time which becomes quite a lot to digest for Anti-Semites and Anti-Zionists.


jewish usury

Loan Sharks or Usurers are people practicing Usury , a practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans intended to unfairly enrich the lender. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors, but according to some dictionaries, simply charging any interest at all can be considered usury. The Torah (the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit) and Talmud (the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism) are a cause of dispute even today. They suggest that charging interest to Hebrew people is an offense but not if the same is done to non-Jews given that Jews comprised of the merchant class. In the Victorian era and times before, Jews were looked down upon as money mongrels and stiff necked usurers who bribed “innocent Christians” before their ships would arrive at the docks. In medieval times it was universally condemned as a heinous and immoral act by the Christian church. The act of usury was deemed a mortal sin, and its practitioner’s path of greed was understood to end in eternal damnation in Hell. The idea of profiteering from someone else’s’ need , possibly desperate , for money was believed by medieval Christianity to be the antithesis of compassion, generosity, and charity. Christ was upheld as an example of poverty, non-materialism, and abstinence. Common wisdom asserted that those who had surplus money to lend in the first place were obsessed with greed and avarice and needed no more – certainly by usury – for their coffers. And making money for doing absolutely nothing (except having the money available) went against Christian medieval understandings of decency, justice, honest work, and morality. In essence, usury was perceived as a crass system of exponential exploitation by which the already wealthy could get increasingly wealthier for little more than the fact of their wealth in the first place and isolated the Christians from the Jews that manifests itself in Shakespeare’s plays where a Jew is always the devil and continues even today.


israel palestine conflict

The obvious need not be stated-the Jews in Israel are inhuman, the Arabs are the victims, power monopoly and genocide of the Arab race from Palestine and their extreme control of West Bank which is an open Prison are evidence of a situation that needs to be resolved. But the causes are deep rooted and less known. Jews have lived in this land continuously from the time of its original conquest by Joshua more than 3200 years ago until the present day, though Jews were not always in political control of the land, and Jews were not always the majority of the land’s population. Living outside of Israel is viewed as an unnatural state for a Jew. The world outside of Israel is often referred to as “galut,” which is usually translated as “diaspora” (dispersion), but a more literal translation would be “exile” or “captivity.” In the late 1800s, Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann founded Zionism, a political movement dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state. They saw a state of Israel as a necessary refuge for Jewish victims of oppression, especially in Russia, where pogroms were decimating the Jewish population. The Holocaust brought the need for a Jewish homeland into sharp focus for both Jews and for the rest of the world. The Jews who tried to flee Nazi Germany were often turned back due to immigration limitations at the borders of every country, including the United States, Britain and Palestine. Many of those who were sent back to Germany ended up in death camps where they were systematically murdered. The newly-founded United Nations, which developed a partition plan dividing Palestine into Jewish and Arab portions tried to resolve the problem of control. The plan was ratified in November 1947. The mandate expired on May 14, 1948 and British troops pulled out of Palestine. The Jews of Palestine promptly declared the creation of the State of Israel, which was recognized by several Western countries immediately. However, the surrounding Arab nations did not recognize the validity of Israel and invaded, claiming that they were filling a vacuum created by the termination of the mandate and the absence of any legal authority to replace it. The Arabs fought a year-long war to drive the Jews out. Miraculously, the new state of Israel won this war, as well as every subsequent Arab-Israeli war, gaining territory every time the Arabs attacked them. Now the world stands shocked as one race tries to drive another out and they become the persecutors and villains of the 21st century contributing to their hatred furthermore.


americans love jews

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence but if the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel. There has been a growing call around the world for the United States to ‘stop its blind support’ of Israel. Arab academics have even begun to conjure up an image of a cowering United States being the ‘lackey’ of Israel. The possible explanation could be that Jews control the vast majority of wealth in the Western World. All the banks and media companies in America, from health care to the garment industries and law firms are predominantly Jewish with their representation or their stamp. Americans are careful in procuring the best technological and ammunition deals with Israel as the last thing they would want is the Arabs running to the Soviets for support and therefore it is a hush hush affair. Also a great deal of Jews(one of the largest minorities) resides in the US and the new heights of success US has witnessed is their gift to them which they maybe feel obligated to respond to through their unfailing support to Israel and their cause. Israel is a useful country to them with resources, important people, great beneficial consequences and the latest technology in all fields which is why the superpower feels the need to look after its own interests before others leading to provocation in the eastern world who now say America had no right to intervene even in Afghanistan and Iraq with its screwed up notion of “corrective intervention”. Any country, race or ethnic group that is rightly condemned by most of the world for terrorizing its populace with a powerful giants support is bound to make them hate it even more which is what makes this issue so delectable



Jewish deicide is a belief that places the responsibility for the death of Jesus on the Jewish people as a whole. The implications of this have been huge- the accusation was frequently stated, and used to exhort violence against the Jews. Many of the most violent pogroms (attacks against Jews), were as a result of a local priest preaching on this theme at Easter. Thus this claim can be linked to numerous persecutions of the Jews. The Dominicans were very active in preaching on this accusation – and the murder of 4000 people in Lisbon in 1506AD is directly attributed to preaching by Dominican priests. The Christian Bible says the Romans killed Jesus, though Jews are mentioned as accomplices (claims that Jews killed Jesus came several hundred years later). How come the accomplices are persecuted and there isn’t an anti-Roman movement through history? Jesus himself said, “Forgive them [i.e., the Jews], for they know not what they do.” The Second Vatican Council in 1963 officially exonerated the Jews as the killers of Jesus. Neither statement of Christian belief lessened anti-Semitism, because Christianity records the historical fact that the Jews crucified Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory. Each individual Jew, as the Bible teaches, shares in the Corporate Guilt of the murder of Jesus Christ. Thus the Jews, both individually and corporately, must repent of their sins. The largest world faith is Christianity followed by Islam and unaffiliated faiths and all three hate Jews for reasons already stated and that’s why most of the world hates them. This is the biggest and most revealing cause of Anti-Semitism which to some extent exposes the irrational and theocratic undercurrents in both Christian and Islamic faiths.

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  • James Pemberton

    The Lord sent the Jewish people Jesus by refusing him the world did see his love and grace for them from the Jewish people, but saw them going with the powerful people not the common people of the world.

  • RonaldoFearsEboue .

    11. For the same reason why the British Empire is hated; they created a religion, which is Jewish supremacy and that branched out into 2 more abrahamic religions which are still fucking everything up.

    • Danny Pavell

      did you graduate grad 2? you have such a know how- amazing

  • Moldovar

    They are dirty.

    • venicementor

      You must be one of the retarded ones.

      • Moldovar

        Are you shilling on behalf of the hooked-nosed greasy, thieving Edomites.

  • hamncheeze78

    2 Jew Dr.’s fucked me up and are trying to cover it up. I believe they even tried to take me out with a drug combination that my pharmacist brought to my attention, when i tried to fill my prescription the computer there said cant prescribe together because together they are highly toxic. And my disability lawyer is Jew ,disability judge is a Jew. I tried to sue, guess what? Jews wont sew Jews. So i did some research. Jews are destroying america, they are more of a threat than ISIS, and Al Qaeda combined. Almost all media is controlled by dirty Jews, They are brainwashing american citizens,(american peasants), and lining the pockets of our government officials, and our troops are dying fighting their holy war. I now agree “death to Israel” is the only solution. The JEWS may have got away with killing Jesus, they fucked when they tried to kill me, you cant kill the devil, they will meet the business end of my horns before my health fails me> that’s a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danny Pavell

      what you need is mentel health- take a muslem expert if you find one

    • Moldovar

      I wish you well good sir.

  • Byron Arts

    Why are the jews always the victims?????

    • venicementor

      That’s because throughout history they have been. Educate yourself, you knob. By the way – I am not a Jew, just an observant person, so don’t bother going there.

      • Moldovar

        Are you still on here Shilling.

      • Luke Samuelson

        They have been the victims only to those actions provoked by their sadistic actions. It seems you are neither educated nor observant. The probability that a single people be kicked out of nations roughly 109 times without probable and justifiable cause is nearly negligible. Many of the greatest minds of all times were aware of their characteristic seemingly pathological anti-social behavior.

        Their “victimization” is largely overstated (they love hyperbole, historically).

        “The Jew cries in pain as he strikes.”
        Palestine can attest.

  • Expounder

    Poorly written and grossly inaccurate. Redcross records clearly show that only 271,000 jews died in Germany, mostly from Typhus. Not a single autopsy shows evidence of gassing. Ground penetrating radar shows no masses of bodies underground. Cremation takes 4 hours per body and would be impossible to burn more than 60,000 bodies in the timeframe, not to mention aerial photography from allied forces never showed smoke coming from the work camps. Wake up people. The holocaust is a giant lie. Jews are hated for being liars that feed off the rest of humanity (whom they refer to as Goyim or cattle)

    • talkwme

      Please read more history books. Read translated books from different countries. Read the meticulous records the Nazi Regime kept of their progress of racial cleansing. Please don’t publicly state that 2% of the worlds population has tricked many of the countries in the world that the Holocaust was the genocide of 6 million Jewish people. Were the other 5 million gypsy’s, gays, mentally disabled, etc. massacred a lie as well? Did they also lie to the world as minorities and trick billions of people into believing their far tales? Also, “Goyim” is from the Old Testament and means “the nations” referring to the other nations that are not of the Jewish faith. Not cattle.

      • Luke Samuelson

        Wow. How blatantly inaccurate you are. There are no “Nazi records of racial cleansing.” If you wish to refute, point me in the direction of this “evidence.” The rest of your drivel is built upon fallacies aplenty.

        First, the fallacy of personal incredulity; you cannot possibly imagine how such a small group could have perpetuated an untruth so large, that it couldn’t possibly be so. In fact, it has been done many times in the past, even relatively recently. The Katyn Forest Massacre is one instance.

        Next, you create a false equivalence.
        Those groups you described would likely not know what the Jews had purported to be a lie, due to either comparatively less large group cohesion (Gypsies) or to the lack of personal connection found in superficial characteristic categorizations (gays, disabled, etc.).

        Lastly, you finish with an etymological fallacy. “Goyim” historically is translated to mean what you have said. But recently, it has an undoubted pejorative connotation. Even further, because many people (even Jews themselves) associate the word with cattle, it has evolved to mean largely such.

        I assume you are a Jew. The characteristic rhetorical style is comparatively uncanny; using hyperbole to the extent of oblivion, attacking strawmen, and appealing to emotion (usually guilt) to divert and deflect.

        Sooner or later, the White Western nations are going to wise up and realize the utter affliction that is the Jew within their society. It is beyond lamentable that we must constantly relearn this lesson.

        And I await your cries of “racism,” “bigotry,” or even better “anti-Semitism.” The Jew is nothing more than a sadistic parasite, and he would be nothing without his gracious host, the White man.

        Also, the Nobel prizes as a whole are a joke. The fact that Jews use their high percentage of winners as intellectual superiority is laughable. Although what can you do when you have hardly contributed any great invention?

  • Kym Chaffin

    Yup, there’s a lot of jealousy in anti-Semitism. they’re over-achievers, the reason likely being as a minority they found out long ago that in a tie, they lose. so, they had to be clearly better. if you don’t like some particular jews, fine, but don’t blame the whole group. it’s a whole population containing everything from saints to crooks with most people in-between. the jews I’ve known were nice. best wishes to them all.

  • Eddie The Rac

    The writer’s grammar, spelling and presentation of these backpeddling lies to GLORIFY a tribe of criminals is pathetic and amateur. The writer’s English skills are sorry, and the lies they try to pass off to deflect the guilt of this tribe of murderers and satanists is laughable. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughter of the Russian and German peoples. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughters of WW1 and WW2. After murdering the Czar of Russia, his wife and children, then 40 million Christians by the jewish NKVD in less than 25 years, 22 million innocent Europeans murdered by them in WW2 by saturation bombings of Christian villages and cities, and they even murdered Lindbergh’s baby and blamed it on a German American man, to “teach” the Lindbergh’s a “lesson” about supporting National Socialism. They have been in power from the start and behind the slave ships and trade in Colonial America. They use the internet to data mine, spy and collect information on those whom might threaten their power, and assassinate anyone who is influential enough to share the truth regarding their deception to the world portraying themselves as the “victims”, when in actuality the polar opposite is true. All one needs to seal this truth is the Israeli Mossad’s own assertion and motto: “By Deception We Shall Rule”.

  • Esther

    This article is ridiculous, unnecessarily hateful, and downright wrong. Please do not lump people into one category. I am not saying that you are hateful as a person, but this article is. Please educate yourself about the Jewish religion before labeling everyone as one person. I’m sure if you had the chance to meet a person of the Jewish faith, your opinion would change. Everyone has the ability to think good thoughts towards other people no matter what their religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender.

    • venicementor

      Ester – I have to disagree with you – this article was written, as I see it, as irony – tongue in cheek in some ways. The author has basically stated “why” observed reasons why it seems people hate the Jews. It does not make is so, except for the mind set of those who believe some of these ridiculous notions. Therein lies the problem not in the observance of what “could’ be the problem. You follow? I got the feeling the author, Rhea Samyal was theorizing what some of the causes may be.

      • Moldovar


      • Luke Samuelson

        And her hypotheses could not have missed the target any more than they did. If she truly wished to uncover the truth, she could have performed a survey of those that do “hate” the Jews.

        Alas, the tribe is undoubtedly aware of the justifications for the largely prevalent attitudes. They would rather delude both themselves and the populace that remains unaware of their great, but terrible influence.

  • venicementor

    Very, very interesting. I really believe that envy makes societies hate the Jews. Throughout history hatred has always targeted those who were successful, of which in the Jewish culture there are many.(IQ) I am not a Jew, but a very observant and aware person who has been on this planet, for a long, long time. Thank god for the Jews – seriously!!

    • Moldovar

      Looks like we have another shill on here.

    • Luke Samuelson

      Their greatest contribution is the institution of a central reserve bank (the Fed, in the US) that perpetuates a monetary policy in which exponentially increasing debt is an inevitability. How could the world not be thankful? (Sarcasm)

  • trueworld

    Let me tell you not all jews are bad and not all arabs are bad !
    Do not get drown into hate.
    You realise capitalism trys to devide.
    Judge the person not the nationality through my research I discovered that there are good jews and
    good arabs we are just good people. There are good people on any side it is bad people trying to divide us don’t give in to this I promise you good people no matter on which side are god’s children.
    God loves everyone ! Peace to all of you !

    • Luke Samuelson

      The ones under moral scrutiny are those that seek to influence on a large scale. Within the scope of these select few, outcomes of their actions are greatly negative for those affected.

  • ass


  • Noblewolf

    Lies lies lies. The jews are responsible for every facet of corruption in western nations. They control the banks and international think tanks that are responsible for every degenerate -ism fad and false movement. They corrupt the schools through Leftist Jewish Marxism. They control all major media networks and Hollywood. Why is census information on the Jews often blocked? Why is society so sick when compared to the beauty of past civilizations that did not tolerate nor accept Jews (Rome) They are responsible for creating every world war. They deserve more hatred and violence not less.

  • Noblewolf

    Everything that any person of good moral standing and decent character would find repugnant, false, or degenerate in society has the filthy hands of a Jew connected to it.

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    Indians are fools when it comes to the Jews. They are all Jedophiles not understanding why Europeans and Arabs, who have lived with them for thousands of years, hate them. It is like someone who has never had cancer glorifying cancer, lifting their pompous nose in the air and reviling those who remove cancer.

    They are a viscous self serving tribe determined to capture power and wealth because they believe it will protect them, not realizing due to pride that their selfish and cruel behavior is the very reason they are attacked.

    Indians are similarly proud and ignorant and will only learn after Jews takeover their developing country and turn it into a vassal of Israel, subjecting it to an endless war with Pakistand and Iran.

  • Andrew Rothwell

    #1 reason and probably the only one. Because they are deeply racist, hypocritical and have deep sown cultural hatreds and disdain for other peoples and their common laws. From my experience being nothing but cordial to them, (not all Jews, some are amazing loving people) a good proportion of them are xenophobic and racist.

    All of the other reasons nobody really cares about.

  • hyundai

    I am hitler and I will tell u why jews hate me. Aryans r suprior to goyim so u hate me. I grabbed power ligitimately so u hate me. Aryans exceed in industry and honesty so u hate me. If jews dropped down their lie then peace will come but they never will. If I drpped down my lie then great germany shall not be. Lastly holocaust myth made me so called killer of jews but u ignore the fact that I myself am a partly jew funded by zionist so why blame me. Soooo this looks quite similar to your ugly jewish justification that sux doesnt it.

  • hyundai

    And I wanna add ome more comment. Nevrr set your dirty feet in china. We asian people are never generous like naivr europian hood looking but evil lacking fools. Like genghid khan did to your anscester u half witted khazar mongrels we shall skin u all and make a decent chinese cousine outta your animal subhuman jewish fat. Jews may have devoured western fools but never china. We have overcome jewish control by means of soviet long ago. If ur pest like den of jewscum named israel go on like that in hundred years it shall be we great chinese people who shall judge your crime against humanity and extinct your khazar jew subhumans.

  • hyundai

    10 real reasons ppl hate jews like thee
    1. Racial cleansing conducted by israel
    2. Zionist racism theory
    3. Lower moral valueㅡtorah and talmud which justifies genocide on gentiles which means underdevelopment from tribal level of morality.
    4. Distorting and censuring public opinion by power and money.
    5. Bribing and lobbyng for success corruptoring society system
    6.not only global scale usury but also treachery against human dignity
    7. Masscre thousands of defenseless palestinian women and children and have no intelligence but to call it just a conflict . No brain to tell genocide from conflict.
    8. Most americans hate jews from the bottom of their heart but oppressed not to express it by name of anti semitic blahblah which more makes usa ppl hate jews.
    9. Cursing and ridiculing jesus and western culture.
    10. Shrewdness and slyness of writing another hatred evoking thread like this in which a jew brages off their subhuman morality to the disgusting level.
    No wonder mental illness is main characteristics of jews which your worthless self serving schizophrenia writing proves truthfullness of.