Top 10 Major Reasons why People hate Jews

Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike or prejudice against Jewish people who have faced persecutions , discrimination and expulsions throughout the world in different times and generations. Who is a Jew is a question in itself and is hating them is an influence of the effect derived from history that we’ve become conditioned to accept and follow. Given below is a compilation of one of the root causes why people have come to hate them as a race much like the Kurds and Armenians that were too resented and exterminated.


The Holocaust refers to the systematic murder of more than six million Jews orchestrated by Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) Party in Europe during World War II(1933-1945) during which the Jewish Genocide shocked the world and questioned the human fibre of German authority becoming a license for other colonial countries. The reasons simply known as the preservation of the pure German Nordic race by elimination of the midgets and cycle owners (Jews) with twisted noses and ape-like features(dark haired) were feared and suspiciously looked down upon as lesser humans due to the “strange” cuisine and religious rituals they practised. Hitler’s propaganda leading everyone to believe (including Jews) who represented the economy, media, arts and business services, that Jews were responsible for the misfortunes suffered during the fall of the Weimar government through Nuremberg Laws leading to synagogue(the place of worship for a Jewish congregation) burnings , pogroms(Organized persecution of an ethnic group) and lynched by the espionage brutally in camps, ghettos and pits. The reasons were fear of domination by the scholarly and alien mongrel class of people who followed a distant religion and spoke an unknown language(Hebrew) . This contradicts the theory of considering them evil and powerful where in the past they were wiped out for conflicting reasons.


Jews today have taken over marketing, militia, medicinal, technological, media, industrial, cinema challenges etc. and continue to face the worlds envy through unexplained success stories given their inglorious past and vermin like repression all over Europe , Soviet Union , Asia before the 20th century. They have transcended all barriers of indifference and hatred and continue to represent in majority number sectors of finance, law, medicine etc. People do not like the stats for obvious reasons as a race that’s been subjugated to massacres every 21 years in different places and eras continues not only to exist but with money bags and high portfolios. The reasons are complex yet identifiable. Jews were outlawed from owning land and property in historic times and hence resorted to money lending, business trades, middle class bearing and liberating philosophies which is why we see no farmers today and no poverty either. They are few yet powerful because the misery meted out to them in the past, in time ,turned out to be their most precious possession. Also, history is testament to the cause of the literate masses of “the chosen few” in times of universal illiteracy where Jews sincerely attended synagogues regularly when their second pillar (temple of Jerusalem) was destroyed and their only resistance was through unfailing faith. This gave them an upper hand, secured jobs killed the need to convert for economic reasons , and they continued to flourish disproportionately (given their small numbers) invoking the worlds contempt and jealousy furthermore.


islamic fears

The holy book of Islam has been quite a force in deciding the attitude of Muslims towards the Jews and absence of questioning its confusing stand on “the chosen few”, its led to universal animosity between the children of Allah and Abraham. Quran in some sections maintains Muhammad and his peaceful social contract with the Jews of medina and later a war is waged and the three Jewish tribes of Arabia are expelled for denying prophet hood to Muhammad and called traitors, perfidious and worldliness. What is strange is the fanatic extremities to which the Quran was interpreted and the ruthless treatment of non-Muslims (including Jews) were subjected to for denying Islamic conversion and the right to maintain one’s own faith. Dispute was never about the Jewish temple in Jerusalem since the prophet bowed down before it only once which did not make it a religious property of Muslims as that was to represent amicability between medina dwellers (Jews) and the hospitality they offered to Muhammad but misinterpretation led to a prejudiced world belief. Classical commentators viewed Muhammad’s struggle with Jews as a minor episode in his career, but this has changed in modern times due to external influences. This became the cause of hatred all around the world within Muslim communities as failure to realize the mortality of a prophet and his whimsical declaration posed a threat to Jews from times immemorial and intensified public opinion(uncontrolled Muslim population) around the globe. Jewish people were viewed as a cult posing threat to world religions which explains the anger. A deeper understanding was never strived for as religion became law and law became faith.


Torah consists of the foundational narrative of the Jewish people, their call into being by God, their trials and tribulations, and their covenant with their God, which involves following a way of life embodied in a set of religious obligations and civil laws (halakha). The 613 commandments of the torah(laws of Moses)mostly include morals and self-righteous laws that other people find in contradiction due to the status quo. Jews recognize two kinds of sin, offenses against other people, and offenses against God. Offenses against God may be understood as violation of a contract (the covenant between God and the Children of Israel). Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews have believed that right action (as opposed to right belief) is the way for a person to atone for one’s sins and that explains the situation in Israel. They seem to be claiming back what they feel is rightfully theirs through this understanding of higher moral from the commandments in the Torah as a way to rightly possess what was denied to them and to ease their conscious into committing a sin just because over the years they have been paying for sins they never committed. A movement of world Jewry that arose late in the 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine(Zionism) also sprouted from the Jewish cult’s retaliation to years of suppression, subjugation and discrimination. The holy place of Jewish source being Palestine, the concentrated power in the hands of the Jews and the power monopoly was mere self glorification keeping in with the laws of the Torah. The world therefore hates them for setting two precedents, one, they justify the wrong they do religiously, and two, the general moral standing of Jews that sends the others on a guilt trip since no one wants to be reminded of one’s “sins”.


A belief or sentiment shared by most people or the voice of the people or a belief of the majority is popular public opinion. Does condemning a particular race of people for mutually inclusive reasons become a fact just because it is done by more people (majority) or should causes be contemplated even then? The media’s role in portraying a negative picture of the Jews is a very strong factor determining mass hatred and global views. The traditional role of the media has always been to presents facts, issues and statistics sans judgements. To present the problem and not the opinion is what is required and expected as with power comes responsibility. The politicising of news in general has added fuel to fire and even if someone is ignorant enough not to know what is happening, he/she will hate Jews not because of the trouble brewing but by virtue of the fact that they are Jews. The most hilarious confessions include viewing Jewish minority as both inferior yet dominating, primitive yet successful, nasty but righteous, alien in existence yet “the chosen few”, Internationally supported yet negatively viewed etc. which are nothing but beautiful contradictions , made by people who neither know who a Jew is nor the cause of the problem which is merely a resurfacing phenomenon but with turned tables.


Human psychology testifies how we perceive success in terms of collective aspects. For example the world thinks Indians make the best engineers and doctors, Germans make the best automobile and heavy machinery and Spaniards the best wine! Jews on the other hand have surpassed all cliché barriers and are ruling everywhere. 52% of non-fiction Pulitzer prize winners are Jews, Nobel awardees are Jews, two Jewish doctors vanquished polio disease and removed our fears forever, garment industry with names like Levis, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan ,our computers with names like Dell, software from giants like Oracle, search engines like Google, and social media like Facebook, share the legacy just as Intel and Qualcomm chips and technologies are inside so many of our computers and cell phones. The three largest broadcasting networks — ABC, NBC and CBS were built from the efforts of two visionary Jewish entrepreneurs, David Sarnoff and William Paley. Sarnoff in particular saw the potential to convert “wireless,” then used for ship-to-shore communications, into a “broadcast” medium distributed via a “network.”. In medicine, law, science, politics and education, the leadership, innovation and hard work of Jews have benefited us all. And if they have been successful as entrepreneurs, disproportionately represented among the members of the Forbes 400 and as CEOs of the Fortune 500, that achievement is outstripped by the fact that in philanthropy — particularly for secular causes such as education, medicine and the arts — Jews are even more philanthropic than they are wealthy. Not too hard to imagine why the world hates Judaic people when 9 out of 10 in every scenario are rolling in money and good hearted too ! Global perceptions are defied through these statistics and people do not like what they do not understand because Jews are supposed to be dying, eradicated and suffering like holocaust instead they are flourishing, prospering and invoking sympathies at the same time which becomes quite a lot to digest for Anti-Semites and Anti-Zionists.


jewish usury

Loan Sharks or Usurers are people practicing Usury , a practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans intended to unfairly enrich the lender. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors, but according to some dictionaries, simply charging any interest at all can be considered usury. The Torah (the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit) and Talmud (the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism) are a cause of dispute even today. They suggest that charging interest to Hebrew people is an offense but not if the same is done to non-Jews given that Jews comprised of the merchant class. In the Victorian era and times before, Jews were looked down upon as money mongrels and stiff necked usurers who bribed “innocent Christians” before their ships would arrive at the docks. In medieval times it was universally condemned as a heinous and immoral act by the Christian church. The act of usury was deemed a mortal sin, and its practitioner’s path of greed was understood to end in eternal damnation in Hell. The idea of profiteering from someone else’s’ need , possibly desperate , for money was believed by medieval Christianity to be the antithesis of compassion, generosity, and charity. Christ was upheld as an example of poverty, non-materialism, and abstinence. Common wisdom asserted that those who had surplus money to lend in the first place were obsessed with greed and avarice and needed no more – certainly by usury – for their coffers. And making money for doing absolutely nothing (except having the money available) went against Christian medieval understandings of decency, justice, honest work, and morality. In essence, usury was perceived as a crass system of exponential exploitation by which the already wealthy could get increasingly wealthier for little more than the fact of their wealth in the first place and isolated the Christians from the Jews that manifests itself in Shakespeare’s plays where a Jew is always the devil and continues even today.


israel palestine conflict

The obvious need not be stated-the Jews in Israel are inhuman, the Arabs are the victims, power monopoly and genocide of the Arab race from Palestine and their extreme control of West Bank which is an open Prison are evidence of a situation that needs to be resolved. But the causes are deep rooted and less known. Jews have lived in this land continuously from the time of its original conquest by Joshua more than 3200 years ago until the present day, though Jews were not always in political control of the land, and Jews were not always the majority of the land’s population. Living outside of Israel is viewed as an unnatural state for a Jew. The world outside of Israel is often referred to as “galut,” which is usually translated as “diaspora” (dispersion), but a more literal translation would be “exile” or “captivity.” In the late 1800s, Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann founded Zionism, a political movement dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state. They saw a state of Israel as a necessary refuge for Jewish victims of oppression, especially in Russia, where pogroms were decimating the Jewish population. The Holocaust brought the need for a Jewish homeland into sharp focus for both Jews and for the rest of the world. The Jews who tried to flee Nazi Germany were often turned back due to immigration limitations at the borders of every country, including the United States, Britain and Palestine. Many of those who were sent back to Germany ended up in death camps where they were systematically murdered. The newly-founded United Nations, which developed a partition plan dividing Palestine into Jewish and Arab portions tried to resolve the problem of control. The plan was ratified in November 1947. The mandate expired on May 14, 1948 and British troops pulled out of Palestine. The Jews of Palestine promptly declared the creation of the State of Israel, which was recognized by several Western countries immediately. However, the surrounding Arab nations did not recognize the validity of Israel and invaded, claiming that they were filling a vacuum created by the termination of the mandate and the absence of any legal authority to replace it. The Arabs fought a year-long war to drive the Jews out. Miraculously, the new state of Israel won this war, as well as every subsequent Arab-Israeli war, gaining territory every time the Arabs attacked them. Now the world stands shocked as one race tries to drive another out and they become the persecutors and villains of the 21st century contributing to their hatred furthermore.


americans love jews

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence but if the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel. There has been a growing call around the world for the United States to ‘stop its blind support’ of Israel. Arab academics have even begun to conjure up an image of a cowering United States being the ‘lackey’ of Israel. The possible explanation could be that Jews control the vast majority of wealth in the Western World. All the banks and media companies in America, from health care to the garment industries and law firms are predominantly Jewish with their representation or their stamp. Americans are careful in procuring the best technological and ammunition deals with Israel as the last thing they would want is the Arabs running to the Soviets for support and therefore it is a hush hush affair. Also a great deal of Jews(one of the largest minorities) resides in the US and the new heights of success US has witnessed is their gift to them which they maybe feel obligated to respond to through their unfailing support to Israel and their cause. Israel is a useful country to them with resources, important people, great beneficial consequences and the latest technology in all fields which is why the superpower feels the need to look after its own interests before others leading to provocation in the eastern world who now say America had no right to intervene even in Afghanistan and Iraq with its screwed up notion of “corrective intervention”. Any country, race or ethnic group that is rightly condemned by most of the world for terrorizing its populace with a powerful giants support is bound to make them hate it even more which is what makes this issue so delectable



Jewish deicide is a belief that places the responsibility for the death of Jesus on the Jewish people as a whole. The implications of this have been huge- the accusation was frequently stated, and used to exhort violence against the Jews. Many of the most violent pogroms (attacks against Jews), were as a result of a local priest preaching on this theme at Easter. Thus this claim can be linked to numerous persecutions of the Jews. The Dominicans were very active in preaching on this accusation – and the murder of 4000 people in Lisbon in 1506AD is directly attributed to preaching by Dominican priests. The Christian Bible says the Romans killed Jesus, though Jews are mentioned as accomplices (claims that Jews killed Jesus came several hundred years later). How come the accomplices are persecuted and there isn’t an anti-Roman movement through history? Jesus himself said, “Forgive them [i.e., the Jews], for they know not what they do.” The Second Vatican Council in 1963 officially exonerated the Jews as the killers of Jesus. Neither statement of Christian belief lessened anti-Semitism, because Christianity records the historical fact that the Jews crucified Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory. Each individual Jew, as the Bible teaches, shares in the Corporate Guilt of the murder of Jesus Christ. Thus the Jews, both individually and corporately, must repent of their sins. The largest world faith is Christianity followed by Islam and unaffiliated faiths and all three hate Jews for reasons already stated and that’s why most of the world hates them. This is the biggest and most revealing cause of Anti-Semitism which to some extent exposes the irrational and theocratic undercurrents in both Christian and Islamic faiths.

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  • James Pemberton

    The Lord sent the Jewish people Jesus by refusing him the world did see his love and grace for them from the Jewish people, but saw them going with the powerful people not the common people of the world.

  • RonaldoFearsEboue .

    11. For the same reason why the British Empire is hated; they created a religion, which is Jewish supremacy and that branched out into 2 more abrahamic religions which are still fucking everything up.

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      did you graduate grad 2? you have such a know how- amazing

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    They are dirty.

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      You must be one of the retarded ones.

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        Are you shilling on behalf of the hooked-nosed greasy, thieving Edomites.

  • hamncheeze78

    2 Jew Dr.’s fucked me up and are trying to cover it up. I believe they even tried to take me out with a drug combination that my pharmacist brought to my attention, when i tried to fill my prescription the computer there said cant prescribe together because together they are highly toxic. And my disability lawyer is Jew ,disability judge is a Jew. I tried to sue, guess what? Jews wont sew Jews. So i did some research. Jews are destroying america, they are more of a threat than ISIS, and Al Qaeda combined. Almost all media is controlled by dirty Jews, They are brainwashing american citizens,(american peasants), and lining the pockets of our government officials, and our troops are dying fighting their holy war. I now agree “death to Israel” is the only solution. The JEWS may have got away with killing Jesus, they fucked when they tried to kill me, you cant kill the devil, they will meet the business end of my horns before my health fails me> that’s a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danny Pavell

      what you need is mentel health- take a muslem expert if you find one

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        He makes perfect sense to me.

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          great minds think alike. i fear in this case, the opposite is also true.

        • block24

          You are as crazy as he is!

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      I wish you well good sir.

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      i can not understand this

  • Byron Arts

    Why are the jews always the victims?????

    • venicementor

      That’s because throughout history they have been. Educate yourself, you knob. By the way – I am not a Jew, just an observant person, so don’t bother going there.

      • Moldovar

        Are you still on here Shilling.

      • Luke Samuelson

        They have been the victims only to those actions provoked by their sadistic actions. It seems you are neither educated nor observant. The probability that a single people be kicked out of nations roughly 109 times without probable and justifiable cause is nearly negligible. Many of the greatest minds of all times were aware of their characteristic seemingly pathological anti-social behavior.

        Their “victimization” is largely overstated (they love hyperbole, historically).

        “The Jew cries in pain as he strikes.”
        Palestine can attest.

        • block24

          funny, i thought he laughed in delight at the poor defenceless Palestinians suffering.
          (note the sarcasm)

      • ImBackBishes

        They get kicked out of every country because of their vile, Satanic ways.

      • Byron Arts Not all old jews were educated. Kike was a derogatory name for an uneducated jew given to them by their own people. Their obsession for education has come hand in hand with their need for their survive. You call me a Kike my friend then I call you a Kike as well.

    • blck24

      because if you blame another nation, someone will always that you are wrong. blame the jews and all are happy.

      • Byron Arts

        Thanks then I will just blame the jews.

    • Daveeed

      Why have the Jews been kicked out of 88 different countries worldwide, why did they (NOT) want them colonising America, to stop it being destroyed, Jews build Nothing they don,t work, they destroy like parasites do. Did the Jew do Uss Liberty, study that, Did they do 9-11? Study that, who stupidly let them back to England? Crommel who took over Englands banks study that, who faked the holocaust study that. Ooh the poor Jew gets blamed for everything. Thats because they did it, its called the TRUTH. Do you actually know that word? What it means,
      1)The true or factual state of the matter.
      2)Conformity with fact or reality, verity.
      3)A verified or undesputable fact
      4)The state or chatachter of being true
      5)Actuality or actual excistence.
      6)An obvious or accepted fact; Truism, Platitude.
      7)Honesty, Integrity-Truthfulness.
      I hope that can make it clearer :)

  • Expounder

    Poorly written and grossly inaccurate. Redcross records clearly show that only 271,000 jews died in Germany, mostly from Typhus. Not a single autopsy shows evidence of gassing. Ground penetrating radar shows no masses of bodies underground. Cremation takes 4 hours per body and would be impossible to burn more than 60,000 bodies in the timeframe, not to mention aerial photography from allied forces never showed smoke coming from the work camps. Wake up people. The holocaust is a giant lie. Jews are hated for being liars that feed off the rest of humanity (whom they refer to as Goyim or cattle)

    • talkwme

      Please read more history books. Read translated books from different countries. Read the meticulous records the Nazi Regime kept of their progress of racial cleansing. Please don’t publicly state that 2% of the worlds population has tricked many of the countries in the world that the Holocaust was the genocide of 6 million Jewish people. Were the other 5 million gypsy’s, gays, mentally disabled, etc. massacred a lie as well? Did they also lie to the world as minorities and trick billions of people into believing their far tales? Also, “Goyim” is from the Old Testament and means “the nations” referring to the other nations that are not of the Jewish faith. Not cattle.

      • Luke Samuelson

        Wow. How blatantly inaccurate you are. There are no “Nazi records of racial cleansing.” If you wish to refute, point me in the direction of this “evidence.” The rest of your drivel is built upon fallacies aplenty.

        First, the fallacy of personal incredulity; you cannot possibly imagine how such a small group could have perpetuated an untruth so large, that it couldn’t possibly be so. In fact, it has been done many times in the past, even relatively recently. The Katyn Forest Massacre is one instance.

        Next, you create a false equivalence.
        Those groups you described would likely not know what the Jews had purported to be a lie, due to either comparatively less large group cohesion (Gypsies) or to the lack of personal connection found in superficial characteristic categorizations (gays, disabled, etc.).

        Lastly, you finish with an etymological fallacy. “Goyim” historically is translated to mean what you have said. But recently, it has an undoubted pejorative connotation. Even further, because many people (even Jews themselves) associate the word with cattle, it has evolved to mean largely such.

        I assume you are a Jew. The characteristic rhetorical style is comparatively uncanny; using hyperbole to the extent of oblivion, attacking strawmen, and appealing to emotion (usually guilt) to divert and deflect.

        Sooner or later, the White Western nations are going to wise up and realize the utter affliction that is the Jew within their society. It is beyond lamentable that we must constantly relearn this lesson.

        And I await your cries of “racism,” “bigotry,” or even better “anti-Semitism.” The Jew is nothing more than a sadistic parasite, and he would be nothing without his gracious host, the White man.

        Also, the Nobel prizes as a whole are a joke. The fact that Jews use their high percentage of winners as intellectual superiority is laughable. Although what can you do when you have hardly contributed any great invention?

        • ImBackBishes

          If the “Goy” ever get full knowledge of what the Joos are up to (I already know), what will happen will make Hitler look like a choirboy. I wouldn’t want to be a Joo.

          • blck24

            i doubt you even know that the hebrew word “goy”, means nation. when jews use that word, they are merely saying, that you are of a different nation and have different beliefs.

          • ImBackBishes

            Read the Talmud, and the Zohar. Goy is a pejorative term, like Ni&&er.

          • block24

            funny, and you would hardly know whom Rashi is, never mind be able to read his works, nor those of another commentator on the torah, like the Talmud.

          • ImBackBishes

            Torah good, Talmud bad.

          • elizabeth Eva Young


            Could you be loved – Bob Marley (original video)

          • ImBackBishes

            Love me some Bob, but the Talmud (along with Kabalism), and the Zohar, are among the most evil books written by man.

          • Lrpasody

            Indeed. Jews need throw them away and acknowledge only the scriptures.

          • whaa whaa

            Yeah, you’re right because you know for a fact he is a bible thumper, right? Shut up.

          • Dave

            That is entirely incorrect.

            The term ‘goy’ translates to a single ‘nation’ or ‘people’, simply in reference to the nations of the world (Goyim being plural). Contextually it is often used today to refer to members of a nation that isn’t Jewish. Even Jewish writings, however, refer to the Jewish nation as a goy as well.

            Ignorance breeds hatred.

          • whaa whaa

            And it goes both ways. After reading this piece of incorrect crap, I agree with you.

          • Stacy Karron

            I’m Jewish. My husband is Muslim. He is a “goy”. Nothing racist here. THE END!!!

          • Karim

            I am Muslim who will never accept the marriage with dog , as Arab I cant mixed my blood with dirty blood
            your husband definitely not an arab

          • Nick Alexander

            Thats super fucked up.

          • victoria white

            Ha ha why don’t you go kill yourself so you can meet your 72 virgins, pshhhh your blood is just as dirty as your ridiculous Arab believes.

          • block24

            I think you have way to much time on your hands.

          • Mark Focus

            Prove it. Show me.

          • Jayson Butler

            “Gentile” means nation. “Goy” means cattle

          • block24

            incorrect. in the hebrew language, there is no word “gentile”. and since when does the word “Goy” mean cattle. furthermore, if Goy means cattle, why did you give it a capital?

          • someoneSomewhere

            Torah calls Jews Goy Kadosh. Does that mean that the Torah considers the Jews to be holy cows?

          • Daveeed

            Troll alert!

          • Mark Focus

            Wrong, Goyim means “of other nations”. My Jewish friends explained this to me.
            Goy (English /ɡɔɪ/, Hebrew: גוי‎, regular plural goyim
            /ˈɡɔɪɪm/, גוים or גויים) is the standard Hebrew biblical term for a
            “nation”, including that of Israel. Long before Roman times it had also
            acquired the meaning of someone who is not Jewish.

        • sexforus

          In all of German-occupied Europe, there resided 2.4 million Jews BEFORE
          the war, according to the World Jewish Encyclopedia.

          After the war, 3.8
          million Jewish “Holocaust Survivors” were receiving pensions from the
          German government.

          Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.


          marry me

        • block24

          why no records? because the nazis destroyed as much evidence of their crimes as possible, by setting fire to the camps. however camp survivors have written accounts of the atrocities that went on there.

          • Daveeed

            Your a F&CKI7G Idiot, do some research before spreading your parasitic, bottom feeding Crud Troll!

        • Rashan

          Would you hold on to incriminating evidence?
          I think not – especially if they were in your own files.
          What is tragic is that some of you don’t understand what ‘sweeping under the rug’ means. The Nazis got caught doing it.
          Lets forget all of the eyewitness accounts. I guess that hundreds of thousands thousands of witnesses mean nothing if they are Jewish.
          Oh wait – so a witness means nothing in court these days?

        • jake

          This guy clearly has an inferiority complex. if Jews have conspired to take over positions of power, their success in doing so is clearly not from lack of talent, and surely such talent explains how they have excelled in so many areas. if you deny that it’s the quest of every group to gain power and influence, then clearly you don’t understand human nature. The fact that you resent the Jews for succeeding in doing so only indicates your personal failure and inferiority complex as a human Being.

          • Daveeed

            Jews are (not) Smarter than anyone else, they simply work together not for the common good of man but for evil underhanded reasons simply an evil Union, stole Warner bros stole Edisons film projectors walt disneys patents ect. Work together to destroy independent nations banks, like Assad, Syria, Libya, Iraq, All false flags to get dumbass Americans to fight their wars, (9-11, Pearl harbour, Uss liberty, Sinking Lusitania, the list is endless, when people finally wake up as is happening now, changing your name won,t help Kike, its called KARMA there will be (NO) place to hide!

          • crab caker

            Being deceitful and cutthroat. lying and being dishonest is only considered a talent among evil people.

          • jake

            Furthermore, those who deny the Holocaust, should at least admit their own stupidity. Why would Poland, a country that doesn’t necessarily love Jews, conspie to admit that the Holocaust happened and why would it help Jews recreate the concentration camp you can still visit today in Warsaw?

            Ehat about the Immaculate records kept by the Germans about their own atrocities, which they now repent for. Are you saying the Jews are so powerful, and that gentiles are such big pansies, that Jews brainwashed them into having false memories?

            did actually Jews around the world who survived the Holocaust and still have tattooed numbers on their arms today, go to a tattoo parlor and mass as part of some conspiracy?

            anyone who denies the Holocaust goes into the same heading and reality distorting category as people who say Obama was born in Kenya. and another thing, when you have to lie to validate your hate, perhaps you should Explorer for honestly your own insecurities that you’re afraid to admit are the real reason for your hatred. for example, I hate pedophiles because they exploit and harm children. that is factually accurate and all that I need to say. if I start saying they have horns, they drink blood, or create other mythology to justify my hatred, it starts to sound like my hatred is based on superstition,l and misunderstanding, as is the case with most anti Semitism.

        • Eolais Dullahan

          Holy fucking Christ, you vapid douchebag. Do you ever not speak bullshit? I’ve ignored most of the Nazi’s in the comments. But you, you brilliant asshole, have caught my attention. Your attempts at trying to pass off conjecture and nonsense as evidence is abhorrent. The part of that steaming pile of horse shit that you typed that I despise the most is where you try to defend your ravings by accusing Talkwme of using fallacies and not having evidence. The sure mark of a pseudo-intellectual is an inordinate amount of time spent trying to discredit another’s argument with talk of “fallacies” and ” evidence” while committing numerous of his own and having no evidence. Instead of shoring up your own position, you desperately attack his. I’m going to posit an argument, with evidence, since you seem to need spoon feeding, but I fully expect your retort to involve the corrupt Jew media and academia and what not. It’s easy to justify your hate and defend your argument if you can convince yourself that everyone else is out to get you. If the Holocaust was a hoax, then why did the Nazi’s never deny the holocaust? They tried to distance themselves, change their identities, say they were just following orders, but they never denied that the holocaust happened. Let’s take Rudolph Hoss, he was the commandant in charge of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943. He was captured in 1946, disguised as a farmer called Franz Lang. He cooperated fully with the allies, telling them all he knew. You might, in this moment, be thinking “he was coerced” so in an attempt to head that train off at the pass, I’ll say that a psychologist had examined Hoss and determined that he was apathetic. He had resigned himself to his fate. Here are his exact words:
          I commanded Auschwitz until 1 December 1943, and estimate that at least 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning, and at least another half million succumbed to starvation and disease, making a total dead of about 3,000,000. This figure represents  about 70% or 80% of all persons sent to Auschwitz as prisoners, the  remainder having been selected and used for slave labor in the  concentration camp industries.(Hoss’ affidavit for his Nuremberg trial). I’m also including a picture of hours affidavit. The link to records in the national archives doesn’t seem to be working, but I’m sure you get the point. So I ask you, if the Holocaust didn’t happen, or the numbers are wrong or what have you, then why did the Nazi’s themselves disagree with you? As for a list of inventions by Jewish people; Lasers, Mass-Energy equivalence, Capitalism, and vaccines for Cholera, the plague and polio. Are those inventions great enough? And if you’re wondering if I’m “one of them” I feel like I should clarify that I’m Irish and a Catholic.

          • Luke Samuelson

            The burden of proof lies on the individual making the claim of the existence of the event, not the skeptic. You must first understand this. The statistical determination of significance requires an adequate amount of physical evidence, and in the case of the Holocaust, the amount that exists or that has been provided is patently miniscule. Well-known Holocaust scholar Robert Van Pelt has said somewhat recently, “Ninety-nine percent of what we know [about the Holocaust] we do not have the physical evidence to prove. It has become part of our inherited knowledge.”
            The probability that such an event of a massive scale occurred (regarding 6 million purposeful exterminations) with practically no physical trace left to verify its reality is so tiny that any other hypothesis paired with parallel statistical and evidential circumstances would be discarded without hesitation. This did not occur because it was never examined under scrutiny while divorced from the enormous mass of emotion in which problematic bias is borne.

            Regarding Rudolf Hoess and his testimony/affidavit, this is a point of great contention as many would argue that it was coerced under duress after incredible amounts of torture. Many historians today now admit that he cannot be considered to be a reliable witness. Further, there are aspects of his confession that contradict facts and even parts that are absolute fiction, which only further alludes to the probable case that he was admitting to whatever necessary to avoid further harm.

            As you yourself know, Hoess claimed that 3,000,000 prisoners perished in Aushwitz. This is a claim that is unanimously accepted to be false. The officially accepted figure is now 1.1 million as it is even posted on the plaque located at the Auschwitz museum. This large difference in number is extremely odd, given that the Germans are famously meticulous record-keepers, and undoubtedly further implies a statement made under duress in the kangaroo court of the Nuremberg Trials.

          • Luke Samuelson

            The burden of proof lies on the individual making the claim of the existence of the event, not the skeptic. You must first understand this. The statistical determination of significance requires an adequate amount of physical evidence, and in the case of the Holocaust, the amount that exists or that has been provided is patently miniscule. Well-known Holocaust scholar Robert Van Pelt has said somewhat recently, “Ninety-nine percent of what we know [about the Holocaust] we do not have the physical evidence to prove. It has become part of our inherited knowledge.”
            The probability that such an event of a massive scale occurred (regarding 6 million purposeful exterminations) with practically no physical trace left to verify its reality is so tiny that any other hypothesis paired with parallel statistical and evidential circumstances would be discarded without hesitation. This did not occur because it was never examined under scrutiny while divorced from the enormous mass of emotion in which problematic bias is borne.

            Regarding Rudolf Hoess and his testimony/affidavit, this is a point of great contention as many would argue that it was coerced under duress after incredible amounts of torture. Many historians today now admit that he cannot be considered to be a reliable witness. Further, there are aspects of his confession that contradict facts and even parts that are absolute fiction, which only further alludes to the probable case that he was admitting to whatever necessary to avoid further harm.

            As you yourself know, Hoess claimed that 3,000,000 prisoners perished in Aushwitz. This is a claim that is unanimously accepted to be false. The officially accepted figure is now 1.1 million as it is even posted on the plaque located at the Auschwitz museum. This large difference in number is exceptionally odd, given that the Germans were famously meticulous record-keepers, and this further implies the statement was made under duress in the kangaroo court of the Nuremberg Trials.


        GREAT! cattle not jew…same difference, right schindler”s fist-in-ass?

      • Quinten McDermott

        The holocaust was an exploitation of ww2 based on lies to justify Israel. The simple fact that questioning the holocaust is illegal is many countries proves this. A true history has nothing to hide from objective facts and the scrutainy of questioning minds. Only a lie would supress the alternative to continue it’s exisitance as a lie. The only conclusion is that zionists are behind this lie.

      • Daveeed

        Why was the Jewish population more after ww2 than before? Only rats could overcome 6million deficit MMM Rats that figuresLol

    • ImBackBishes

      Not to mention the amount of fuel it would take. Mountains of coal the Germans did not have.

      • Rashan

        They didn’t give them luxury accommodations, they jam packed them into those trains. Coal excess covered.

        • Daveeed

          Did you happen to see the swimming pool at Auschwitz? The theatres, or the fake gas chambers changed (After) the war, or maybe they don,t show that on the propaganda tour? The walls that were demolished to make it one chamber? The chimney 100 yards from the so called gas chambers, the fact that Zyklon B only works & certain temperatures and was simply used to delouse the inmates! Or you simply another paid Kike to continue Rothschilds Bald faced lies? The proof is undeniable. Whats your motives to hide Bolshevik, atrocities gain millions of dirty Israheli terrorist $ The holodomor was the real holocaust. All wars instigated by Rothschild & the shabez Goi! Kol nidre don,t work fella!

    • blck24

      just because something is written doesn’t mean it is true.

      • lolo

        i think it true because i read this information in onther websits

        • block24

          2 wrongs do not make a right.

    • blck24

      this is a very biased argument. i would recommend you read a book about the holocaust and what camp survivors went through. a good book is “the yellow star”


      HERE, HERE!

    • victoria white

      So you have been to Germany and personally visited the camps, the survivors, did researched, taken college courses on the Holocaust, and went to different Holocaust museums and on your own came up with the statement that it never happened? So all the speeches given by Hitler exampling what he was doing and countless Nazis confesses were lies as well? 6 million Jews just disappeared on a magic spaceship according to you?? Are you brain dead or were you dropped a few times as a child, please read a book for your sake or attempt to THINK before you SPEAK.

      • Daveeed

        Keep watching JEW TV-Read Jew Papers & Drink a shit load of Fluoride Moron!
        There is undeniable proof that the Holohoax (Never happened not 1 person was gassed) Your lies hold No water!

        • victoria white

          How is it lies? I just told you I was there in Germany and stood in a gas chamber. How much more real can it be?

        • Nick Alexander


          • McMullans

            Why would a husband murder his wife or visa-versa? Ask yourself, what payoff comes from the 6M story?


        • Mark Focus

          You don’t get around much, do you?

        • block24


      • youallspeakgarbage


        • victoria white

          How about you Google brainwash you idiot!

      • Nathan Gamble

        “6 million Jews just disappeared on a magic spaceship according to you?”

        Not very likely. The source used to work out that number (The American Jewish Year Book) is biased.
        The total number of Jews in the world actually increased, despite numbers of Christians decreasing.

        There was definitely a Jewish extermination program in Nazi Germany, but it’s very unlikely that more than 1 million or so died. The 6 million number also ignores the Jews that emigrated willingly or were deported.

    • Rashan

      Dude; you’re just another denier – Get over it – it happened – talking to people like you is like talking to a rape apologist.
      Smell KKK anyone?

      • Daveeed

        KKK-was founded by a Jew Moron Forrester, another Kike deception, Dude it NEVER happened its a Jew Lie, soon you will appologise and pay back trillions of dollars compensation, for your lies and communist bolsheviks murder victims, as well as Russias csars, Putin knows of the Jew. Thats why your pathetic media bags him,the Truth has long legs KIKE!

    • Prosperity

      About 500,000 holocaust victims were German Jews in Germany. The remaining 5,500,000 or so were living in other parts of Europe that the Nazis invaded. The Nazis killed more non-Jews than Jews. They killed about 6 million people in Poland and only 3 million of those were Jews who lived in Poland, they also killed about 3 million non-Jewish Poles during the invasion. When they invaded the Soviet Union they killed about 13.5 million civilians through both direct violence and starvation as they blockaded Russian cities. Of those 13.5 million civilians, only about 2.5 million were Jews living in the USSR who were killed in the death camps. The remaining 500,000 or so Jews killed in the death camps were living in other parts of German occupied Europe. The Nazis also killed many more non-Jewish civilians in the parts of Europe they invaded.

      If you look at what the Nazis did to the Christian and atheist civilians living in Poland and the USSR, why is it so hard to believe that they would be just as inhumane to the Jews?

      • Katy O. Parker

        they killed non-jews because of the war. They didn’t try to destroy the entire race. there’s a big difference.

    • stone wyoming

      you my friend are a bit over the deep end…I don’t seem to remember them having photoshop back then… and you think hundreds of books were written describing the same thing but their all fake. keep your conspiracies and contact me if the aliens visit you any time soon

    • Akshay

      well said!!

    • Truth

      expounder, your ignorance is astounding. I have been to Auschwitz and saw with my own eyes the site of the horrible atrocities. I have been to Baba Yar, the monument to the slain Jews in Ukraine. The ground surrounding the monument continues to bubble and shift to this day because of the decay that is happening under the earth–Baba Yar is a MASS GRAVE of JEWS who were slaughtered in WWII. By Germans when the Ukrainians gave over their Jews thinking that the act would allow them to save themselves from the Germans. I actually saw the ground shifting there. How anyone in this day and age can deny the holocaust and the numbers that were slain by the Germans and the countries sympathetic to the Nazis, is just impossible to understand. Btw, cremation was NOT what took place… it was incineration with accelerants. GAS makes everything burn faster. There are countless accounts and PHOTOGRAPHS of the smoke that rose from the camps. Before you spew your ignorance about like a dolt, you might want to do some real research, from real sources. Ones that are endorsed by the Neo Nazis, are probably not the most reliable on these matters. Just sayin’. And most of the Nazi murders were committed in camps OUTSIDE of Germany… they shipped them to Poland etc…. so of course the red cross records would say that only a small number died in Germany. I am normally a very placid person, but such blatant idiocy, and lack of desire to learn the truth, really rile me up. Those who do not learn history, are doomed to repeat it.

      • Hellfire

        Oh so you’ve been to Auschwitz? Unless you were there in the 40’s you have no idea what truly happened. You saw what you wanted to see, or what you were told you were seeing. The Soviets were the ones who concocted the so-called atrocities of the Germans to cover up their own atrocities. The Soviets murdered 60 million of their own people, ten times more than the Germans were said to have done. Yet Hitler is histories greatest demon? Why is that? Just remember the victors write the history books.

    • Stacy Karron

      You’re bubble just burst and it took your mind for a ride way, way up in the sky because your sanity has just left the building world. Please take a deep breath, read reliable data, and when you stop denying that which has clearly happened, you’ll be welcome back on planet earth. Until then, shhhhh!

    • Graham Cameron

      Rubbish. Conspiracy theories.

    • zombieslayer169

      what do we lie about? name 1 thing and you will be proven wrong. plus jews don’t go around killing and hating on other people.

    • Nathan Gamble

      “Redcross records clearly show that only 271,000 jews died in Germany, mostly from Typhus.”

      Because the Nazis were covering it up.

      There are records of Nazi officials discussing the Holocaust – we know it happened, even if both sides have been lying about it (and they have).

      “Cremation takes 4 hours per body and would be impossible to burn more than 60,000 bodies in the timeframe”

      Every crematorium in Nazi Germany was not limited to burning only one body at a time. The crematoria were huge, and there were lots of them.

      “aerial photography from allied forces never showed smoke coming from the work camps.”

      Because the spy planes didn’t hang around doing a detailed analysis of what was going on in the death camps. They just took a few photos on a few occasions when they flew past. The crematoria wouldn’t have been running most of the time.

  • Kym Chaffin

    Yup, there’s a lot of jealousy in anti-Semitism. they’re over-achievers, the reason likely being as a minority they found out long ago that in a tie, they lose. so, they had to be clearly better. if you don’t like some particular jews, fine, but don’t blame the whole group. it’s a whole population containing everything from saints to crooks with most people in-between. the jews I’ve known were nice. best wishes to them all.

  • Eddie The Rac

    The writer’s grammar, spelling and presentation of these backpeddling lies to GLORIFY a tribe of criminals is pathetic and amateur. The writer’s English skills are sorry, and the lies they try to pass off to deflect the guilt of this tribe of murderers and satanists is laughable. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughter of the Russian and German peoples. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughters of WW1 and WW2. After murdering the Czar of Russia, his wife and children, then 40 million Christians by the jewish NKVD in less than 25 years, 22 million innocent Europeans murdered by them in WW2 by saturation bombings of Christian villages and cities, and they even murdered Lindbergh’s baby and blamed it on a German American man, to “teach” the Lindbergh’s a “lesson” about supporting National Socialism. They have been in power from the start and behind the slave ships and trade in Colonial America. They use the internet to data mine, spy and collect information on those whom might threaten their power, and assassinate anyone who is influential enough to share the truth regarding their deception to the world portraying themselves as the “victims”, when in actuality the polar opposite is true. All one needs to seal this truth is the Israeli Mossad’s own assertion and motto: “By Deception We Shall Rule”.


      YES! HERE, HERE!

      • Rashan

        Change your name to Neanderthal – check out how their brain functions worked (theoretically at least).
        Very aware, but stuck in one mode of thinking.

        • stone wyoming

          wait I’m confused since when does calling someone stupid actually disprove everything someone says…if I say gravity is stupid does it mean it ceases to exist? No it continues existing even with one person who refuses to step out of the darkness

          • celebrateyourgenocide

            their first trick is usually to scour your texts looking for spelling mistakes on which to hinge their sophistry

          • Mark Focus

            Spelling, grammar and sentence structure is important to look at as it is a clue to the IQ level were dealing with. For example, all sentences should start with a capital letter. Don’t believe me? Ask any 6 year old.

          • celebrateyourgenocide

            spelling, grammar and sentence structure ARE important

            In this context it’s spelled “we’re” but your spell checker didn’t alert you because we’re is a word too

            You can’t start a sentence with “for example”

            By your own definition you have an IQ lower than a 6 year old. I’m guessing you must be one of those inbred jews I see being bussed around North London on the retard bus (at my expense)

          • lightninginabottle


          • Jacob Eagleshield

            Can you spell ignorant?

          • Snuggle Bunny

            J… A… C… O… B… ?

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            Spelling,or someone hitting the wrong key,or punctuation mark,is not a reason to berate someone. When someone has a different opinion than you do,that is all it is. Different. Just because they do not look at life through the same toilet paper tube you do,does not make them wrong.
            News flash to all you antisemitic bigots out there ‘Jew’ is not a race. Mose Jewish people are white. You talk about sentence structure etc. being a way to ‘judge’ someone else’s I.Q. yet people like you and others think nothing of using foul language like some ignorant Troglodyte to get your point across.I am not accusing you personally of cursing,but I have not doubt you would if you thought it would help.

          • deeegeee

            Rubbish…It could quite easily be written by an ESL person.

          • mobsie666

            *we’re. Such an elementary mistake to make when trying to show how intelligent you think you are. Well done! I like a good laugh at peoples idiocy.

        • lolohthor

          stfu jew kike

    • Nim Saifudeen

      Lets just not be an uptight bona-fide asshole… shall we?? can you atleast try no to be one??

      Atleast she’s writing something, being productive, educating the ignorant people who turns against jews when they have no reason to do it… What are you doing to help the world??? other than worthless criticism…
      You are the type of person that makes me wanna lose my faith in humanity…
      eat that shit

    • Rashan


      • stone wyoming


      • whaa whaa

        Rashan you are the racist one. God forbid anyone doesn’t love and pander to the Jews, they are automatically racist.

        • Eolais Dullahan

          You are allowed to not like Jews. Just be aware that that makes you a racist. Hating a group of people makes you racist.

          • Nathan Gamble

            Judaism is not a race, it’s a religion. How much the Jews, and their extremist opposition insist otherwise is irrelevant: The race is called semites.

            Disliking people for being Jews can be perfectly justified by an analysis of the religion and what it teaches – for example, that it is morally right to commit genocide against the natives of a land as long as your religion says you are entitled to it.

            But disliking people for being semitic IS racist.

    • Prosperity

      You’re schizophrenic, aren’t you?

    • KingCooper

      Yea becuase it was written by some zionist cocksucker from israel ….orthodox jews are great people but the zionists (fake political jews) and ones who think they are “chosen ones” and better then “goyim” as they would call us are whats wrong with this world….parasitic beings who have no love for their fellow man……Oh and and EYE was taught by a moore (original kings and queens of earth not the pale white man) that some jews dont even have same skeletal structure as caucasian people they resemble more of the ape.

      • Mark Focus

        Congratulations! You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to human stupidity.
        I find your comment not only laughable but childish, immature, unwise and exceptionally dull witted. Not only does it read like a mentally challenged imbecile wrote it, it reeks of bigotry, racism and inane half baked, mindless ideas.
        Spelling, grammar and sentence structure is important to look at as it is a clue to the IQ level were dealing with. Your IQ must be the same as your shoe size.

        • mobsie666

          You think simply insulting someone is a rebuttal? Do you consider that you have flawless grammar, structure and spelling? I’ve spotted at least 2 punctuation errors and a grammatical one. See if you can rise above your 12 years and tell me what those errors may be.

    • Prosperity

      They were not “behind the slave ships.” Some Jews financed slave trading voyages because they were found wherever money was to be made, but they were not the main influence. There were many, many more Christian Europeans who were behind the slave trading voyages and the idea that Jews were somehow disproportionately responsible is a malicious attempt to falsely shift the blame from European Christians onto the Jews. They were involved, but they were not disproportionately involved compared to their population. In other words, there were a hell of a lot more Christians involved than Jews.

      Anyway, Arab Muslims were involved in the black slave trade for many centuries before European Christians or Jews, so wake the hell up and stop trying to shift blame onto one religion or ethnic group. The black Africans themselves owned lots of black slaves and it was almost all black Africans who captured the black slaves and sold them to Europeans in the ports. Slavery was legal in Africa for many centuries before European colonialism. In spite of their various moral failures, it was ultimately the European colonists who caused slavery to become illegal in Africa, not the Africans themselves.

      • Daveeed

        What total Bullshit, Barclays bank Jew, was formed from slave trading as well as P&O ect. You cant help but lie, the sad thing is Kikes actually believe their own lies, Psychopaths!

        • Mark Focus

          Is your real name David? Named after a Jewish king. Ironic, isn’t it.

        • Nathan Gamble

          Giving an example of one group of Jews who were involved in the slave trade does not prove that Judaism as a whole was disproportionately responsible for the slave trade.

    • Katy O. Parker

      Why would jews ‘create’ the holocaust, just to get a country that has ALREADY been promised to them ?? (Balfor declaration, 1917)

      The hate makes you going crazy.

    • Jenna

      Jews dont worship satan, they worship the same god christians do. All races are guilty of murder. Even god is guilty of murder. And if you believe in god, then you must also believe that everything is his will, since that is what the bible says. So if the jews are successful, rich, and powerful, it is god’s will that they are. The jews are god’s chosen people after all. To be dissatisfied with that is to go against god. Be humble and enjoy your station in life. Dont covet.

      • db

        “Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we are his
        chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” – Harold Rosenthal

        • Nick Alexander

          I call bullshit. This is the most ignorant, stupid comment in this entire post.

        • AJ


      • FM

        fuck you kike

    • Victor

      Lol your comment is laughable and I hope you’re trolling because then I’m really sorry that you believe anything you read on the internet without thinking about it.
      Firstly jews weren’t behind the Soviet Unions Gulag system, true higher officials of security forces were jews but only at a degree of 20% so why blame 20% while there is still another 80% to blame?
      Also what do you mean the Jews gained from the holocaust?? After being persecuted only because they’re born in a certain ethnicity don’t they deserve to get their former national territory back??
      And are you mad or are you a totalitarian fascist-loving monarchist? the Bolsheviks killed Czar along with his family as happens to every revolution to a monarchy, see french revolution what french are war criminals mow for assassinating the royal family? ever read why they did it, what about bloody sunday??
      Also as a computer software engineer I can tell you that everyone mines data on internet even the small e-shops, and many states also have Intelligence aspionage and assasination agencies. Also Christians did the crusades and the inquisition what all Christians are bad now?? USA nuked a Country,and invaded many more afterwards Germany invaded Europe,England started an 100 year war Ancient Egypt was a warmongering nation, Muslims have a holy war, Napoleon started a massacre and so on, so what just because some people are criminals a whole nation is composed of criminals. Then the whole world is composed of criminals.
      It really makes it easier and more convenient for you to blame a nation for all your problems. Please for your own good stop reproducing that propaganda of yours it only makes you look stupid and ignorant. And start reading about antisemetism throughout the ages try medieval Italy for example, or better yet get a proper education from non-biased sources and get off the internet which is filled with bullshit written by amateur historians that post propaganda to forward their own beliefs and agenda.

      • Nadia Paratusic

        This article is highly racist and not just to Jews but also Islamic States and i quote from this article “if the Arabs put there weapons down their weapons down today there would be no violence” but actually america is also violent country and i highly disagree with the story. What a bunch of bull shit

        • Nick Alexander

          I completely agree, couldn’t have said it better.

        • Eolais Dullahan

          It’s true though. If the Arabs stopped attacking Israel and just let them be and defend themselves from Israeli soldiers they’d be more in the right. There might even be some sort of peace.

          • block24


        • Tamara Harrison

          This article started out objective but quickly took on a bit of stereotypical overtones. At first blush I thought it was an attempt to tackle the “why” behind a blind hatred but quickly the author descended into anti-Semitic propoganda; Islamic hatred; and an attack on (sometimes misguided) western idiologies. All around a bunch of bullshit.

          • Tamara Harrison

            I agree with you Nadia that this was a very skewed article. Hateful to all.

    • dom

      The Jews deceive NO ONE.
      You are bitter and ignorant.

      • crab caker


    • Guest

      obviously a pedophile jew wrote this entire page. never trust the sneaky jews, they always have an evil plan up their sleeves.

      • Mark Focus

        How did you find out he’s a pedophile? Does your bum still hurt?

        • Guest

          No its just a well know fact that jews are pedophiles.

          • block24

   are racist
   cannot just stereotype,
   have obviously never met an orthodox jew in your life

          • Guest

            why the fuck do they always have their mouths on baby dicks, suckin them?

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            It is also a well known fact that people who don’t have the fortitude to identify themselves,are cowards

    • Eolais Dullahan

      I see /pol/ has come out in full force. Keep the tinfoil on, gents.

    • AJ

      Actually the Writer is a bitter anti Semite and have strong views against Israel and continuously says with no uncertain terms that Israel is immoral which is not true and the writer looks like she basis most of her 10 reasons why people hate Jews in almost every single one of them talks about the Jews and the Palestinians this is only one reason but she links them all together. Her bio shows that she’s a Muslim born in that region so she hates Jews.

    • mia

      I’m curious, how were Jews related to the Atlantic Slave Trade and colonizing of the New World?

    • deeegeee

      I thought all that was the Republicans !!

  • Esther

    This article is ridiculous, unnecessarily hateful, and downright wrong. Please do not lump people into one category. I am not saying that you are hateful as a person, but this article is. Please educate yourself about the Jewish religion before labeling everyone as one person. I’m sure if you had the chance to meet a person of the Jewish faith, your opinion would change. Everyone has the ability to think good thoughts towards other people no matter what their religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender.

    • venicementor

      Ester – I have to disagree with you – this article was written, as I see it, as irony – tongue in cheek in some ways. The author has basically stated “why” observed reasons why it seems people hate the Jews. It does not make is so, except for the mind set of those who believe some of these ridiculous notions. Therein lies the problem not in the observance of what “could’ be the problem. You follow? I got the feeling the author, Rhea Samyal was theorizing what some of the causes may be.

      • Moldovar


      • Luke Samuelson

        And her hypotheses could not have missed the target any more than they did. If she truly wished to uncover the truth, she could have performed a survey of those that do “hate” the Jews.

        Alas, the tribe is undoubtedly aware of the justifications for the largely prevalent attitudes. They would rather delude both themselves and the populace that remains unaware of their great, but terrible influence.

  • venicementor

    Very, very interesting. I really believe that envy makes societies hate the Jews. Throughout history hatred has always targeted those who were successful, of which in the Jewish culture there are many.(IQ) I am not a Jew, but a very observant and aware person who has been on this planet, for a long, long time. Thank god for the Jews – seriously!!

    • Moldovar

      Looks like we have another shill on here.

    • Luke Samuelson

      Their greatest contribution is the institution of a central reserve bank (the Fed, in the US) that perpetuates a monetary policy in which exponentially increasing debt is an inevitability. How could the world not be thankful? (Sarcasm)

      • boo boo O’Brien

        Now you have exposed yourself as a retard whose ancestors should have been exterminated in WW2 along with the other mentally disabled.

        The fed stabilized the economy at a time when major deleveraging occurred. It was one of the best handling of a major recession in history(avoided 25% unemployment).

        You’re one of those people that blame other people for all your problems…scum dragging down our society

  • trueworld

    Let me tell you not all jews are bad and not all arabs are bad !
    Do not get drown into hate.
    You realise capitalism trys to devide.
    Judge the person not the nationality through my research I discovered that there are good jews and
    good arabs we are just good people. There are good people on any side it is bad people trying to divide us don’t give in to this I promise you good people no matter on which side are god’s children.
    God loves everyone ! Peace to all of you !

    • Luke Samuelson

      The ones under moral scrutiny are those that seek to influence on a large scale. Within the scope of these select few, outcomes of their actions are greatly negative for those affected.

  • ass


  • Noblewolf

    Lies lies lies. The jews are responsible for every facet of corruption in western nations. They control the banks and international think tanks that are responsible for every degenerate -ism fad and false movement. They corrupt the schools through Leftist Jewish Marxism. They control all major media networks and Hollywood. Why is census information on the Jews often blocked? Why is society so sick when compared to the beauty of past civilizations that did not tolerate nor accept Jews (Rome) They are responsible for creating every world war. They deserve more hatred and violence not less.

    • Prosperity

      You think our society is sick compared to that of ancient Rome? You obviously don’t know much about ancient Rome…

    • block24

      Just to make sure you have your facts straight, the Germans started both world wars. They wanted to wipe out the Jews.

      • Daveeed

        Ha ha ha- never argue with a fool.

    • mia

      Blaming the Jews for everything is convenient.

  • Noblewolf

    Everything that any person of good moral standing and decent character would find repugnant, false, or degenerate in society has the filthy hands of a Jew connected to it.

    • dgillman91306

      I think you are a dickhead I would wish for you and your slag of a mother be gassed ok little goy

      • block24

        i strongly disagree with your usage of the word “goy”.

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    Indians are fools when it comes to the Jews. They are all Jedophiles not understanding why Europeans and Arabs, who have lived with them for thousands of years, hate them. It is like someone who has never had cancer glorifying cancer, lifting their pompous nose in the air and reviling those who remove cancer.

    They are a viscous self serving tribe determined to capture power and wealth because they believe it will protect them, not realizing due to pride that their selfish and cruel behavior is the very reason they are attacked.

    Indians are similarly proud and ignorant and will only learn after Jews takeover their developing country and turn it into a vassal of Israel, subjecting it to an endless war with Pakistand and Iran.

    • blck24

      this discussion has so far been about how awful the jews are. now you are berating the indians to?! what have they done to you?

      • El Diablo Matamoros

        I am not motivated by what someone has or has not done to me personally. I am flabbergasted by the ignorance Indians and Chinese have about Jews. They have an infantile naive understanding of world history and especially European history.

    • Prosperity

      Actually the power and wealth did protect them. The Jews survived when the Arabs attacked them in 1948 because wealthy Jewish bankers in America gave them money to buy weapons. In the beginning it was not the UK, the USA, or the UN that gave Israel the power to survive, it was wealthy Jewish bankers living in the USA who were acting independently of the government.

      • El Diablo Matamoros

        “acting independently of the government” There you have it.

        Whose money is in the Bank? Is it the Jews money? No it is the money belonging to the American people, it is their private property. The Jews use it without their permission and oversight to engage in political action which they see as beneficial to their tribe.

        It may protect them from the Arabs, but when Americans find out what they are doing with American money, they will have to screw someone else over to protect themselves again.

        • Prosperity

          It was not the American people’s money, it was their own personal money that they made as bank owners and businessmen. If I own a bank and you have money in it, then it is your money. However, if the bank makes me $1,000,000 by lending money to people and businesses, then it is my $1,000,000, not yours. See the difference? In 1948 there were a lot of very rich Jews in the USA who made their money legally and legitimately as bankers and business owners. They sent their own personal money that they made honestly and legally to the Israelis so the Israelis could defend themselves against the evil men who wanted to harm them.

          • El Diablo Matamoros

            Jewish international financiers place the interests of the Jewish tribe above the interests of their home nations and above the interests of those whose money is in the bank.

            Most famously, Jacob Shiff, financed the destruction (and execution) of the Russian royal family to get revenge for his tribe (which is always innocent and pure).

            Of course, if you are speaking from the profits of finance, you are correct. As with the example of the Tsar, these profits were to advance the interests of Jew over Gentile. Jews buying bullets to kill the natives of Palestine and make way for the Jew. I am sure there were similar associations in the American 1800’s to buy bullets for settlers to kill Native Americans.

            If you are speaking of generous loans by international banks ran by Jews, you are incorrect. In the latter, they are forcing gentiles to accept risk based on their selfish tribal mindset.

            Hitler also assisted in the funding you are speaking of. Before the final solution, he tried others. After confiscating Jewish wealth, he had it invested as a tab in Israeli companies who would then deliver it back to Jewish owners in the form of goods and services upon their arrival in the “promised land”. Hitler forced Jews to invest in Israel.

            All of this is nothing compared to later US interest free loans, which ended up being just given to Israel, and direct foreign aid. The Jewish lobby in America has funneled $120,472 billion dollars to Israel. This is tax payer money milked from the goyim.

            So the definition of evil is “wanting to harm the Jews”. This the typical subjective morality demonstrated by ethnocentric members of the tribe. “What is good for the Jews is good”.

            I am most certainly evil, because I do not believe your selfish tribalistic behavior at the expense of gentiles is moral, and you would certainly construe that as “wanting to harm the Jews”/

          • Prosperity

            About 3/4 of the US aid to Israel has to be spent on US arms and consulting. The US arms industry is naturally very “pro” subsidizing the Israeli military.

            Comparing the Palestinians to the Native Americans is somewhat misleading. There are about 1.7 million Arab Muslims living in Israel’s borders right now, and another 4 million or so in the West Bank and Gaza. In 1948 there were only about 1.2 million in the region.

            The Jews are a lot of things and yes, many of them are greedy, but they are not “evil.” They do not seek to oppress others and they do not delight in any more death than is necessary to make their enemies leave them the fuck alone.

          • El Diablo Matamoros

            I am sure some of the “aid” is funneled back to buying our politicians off (or intimidating them) and thus keeping the racket going.

            Yes the military industrial complex loves war.

            The Palestinians are comparable to Native Americans as a people displaced violently by settlers.

            I never said Jews are evil. Jews are just normal people. The problem is many of them are stuck in a 2000+ year old tribal mentality that has no place in the modern world.

            The just attitude you project upon the Jews is your own. Many Jews may have that attitude and many do not.

            The attitude I am disparaging is that of sociopathic disregard for gentile interests in the pursuance of Jewish tribal interests, especially the protection of their tribe. Among those Jews with this mentality, there are gradations. Many of the most influential Jews have this mentality to the extreme.

          • Prosperity

            In the months leading up to the war in 1948, Golda Meir, the future prime minister of Israel, knew that war was coming. She went to America to raise money from wealthy American Jews so that the Jews in Israel could buy weapons to defend themselves. She hoped to raise $7 million, and she ended up raising around $50 million, which went a lot farther back then.

            Today, Israel is home to many Jews from Middle Eastern countries and their descendants, many of whom are mixed with European Jews from intermarriage. However, in 1948, most of the Jews in Israel were European Jews. They and their ancestors had immigrated to Palestine fleeing pogroms, persecution, and oppression in the Russian Empire and other parts of Eastern Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the European Jews ended up in the Americas, others ended up in Palestine, but they all knew they had to leave Europe.

            Notwithstanding their cultural and distant ancestral ties to the land, the European Jews in Palestine also had nowhere else to go when the war was approaching. If you can blame them for defending themselves, there is something wrong with your moral compass. If you can blame the American Jews who financed them with their honestly and legally earned money just three years after the end of World War 2 and the holocaust, there is something wrong with your moral compass. If you can blame today’s citizens of Israel for preventing the Muslims from killing them or subjugating them and going ISIS on them, there is something wrong with your moral compass.

          • El Diablo Matamoros

            ” If you can blame them for defending themselves, there is something wrong with your moral compass.”

            If you cannot see both sides of the issue, there is something wrong with your moral compass. The Palestinians were (and are) also defending themselves.

            When European settlers passed the Mississippi to build homes on the frontier, they had to defend themselves from the Native American tribes upon whose land they were encroaching. In the conflict between the two, who has the greater moral justification in self defense?

            We cannot blame the settlers for arming and defending themselves from the Indian war path but they are, after all, invading someones land.

            I am not saying Israel should not defend itself. I am saying Jews living in America should not manipulate the US government, exploit the American people financially, or attempt to control public opinion for the benefit of a foreign nation.

            Let Israel defend itself, but stop subverting the US to do it.

          • Prosperity

            I do see both sides. I want the suffering of the Palestinians to be minimized, but not at the expense of Jewish life or freedom.

          • El Diablo Matamoros

            That is the problem, you put the Jews first due to tribal loyalty. Being equipoised and adhering to abstract moral principles such as justice, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness is a higher platform and gives a better result. If you undercut these principles by tribal loyalties and develop a “me first” subjective morality, you will always find yourself embroiled in conflict.

            Especially placing “Jewish freedom” over Palestinian lives is dubious. Jewish freedom will come when Jews stop fighting for “freedom” and place the interests of others above their own.

  • Andrew Rothwell

    #1 reason and probably the only one. Because they are deeply racist, hypocritical and have deep sown cultural hatreds and disdain for other peoples and their common laws. From my experience being nothing but cordial to them, (not all Jews, some are amazing loving people) a good proportion of them are xenophobic and racist.

    All of the other reasons nobody really cares about.

    • El Diablo Matamoros

      That is basically it. Their hatred for non-Jews was attested to by the Greeks 2000+ years ago. It is part of their religion. They feel they are superior and look down upon non-Jews with a propensity to exploit and mistreat them. In essence to they do not respect other peoples nations or religions and destroy them without a care.

      • Prosperity

        I am not agreeing with you, but even if that were true…for you to say that as a person of Spanish descent is like the pot calling the kettle black. Do you have any idea how the Spanish treated the natives of the Western hemisphere in the colonial period?

        What would you say if I said to you “they (white people) feel they are superior and look down upon non-whites with a propensity to exploit and mistreat them. In essence they do not respect other peoples nations or religions and destroy them without a care.”

        • El Diablo Matamoros

          If you said that, you would be entirely right. The Jews are to whites what whites are to the rest of the world. A conquering tribe that says “my group comes first, screw everyone else”.

          As far as me being of Spanish descent, unlike the Jews, the broad minded Spanish intermarried with the natives and created an entire Mestizo people. Like the WASP English of North America, the Jews have had a historical determination to maintain their “pure blood line”.

          Besides, the age of race driven European Empire ended 100 years ago, your people are still at it today, and that is what we are discussing. The cultural ripples of European colonialism may have lasted all the way until the 1960’s but the Jews in America beat them to death during the Civil Rights Movement.

          It is time you practiced what you preach to everyone else.

          Above all of this, you are talking about what my ancestors may or may not have done 400 years ago. We are talking about what the Jews are doing TODAY.

  • hyundai

    I am hitler and I will tell u why jews hate me. Aryans r suprior to goyim so u hate me. I grabbed power ligitimately so u hate me. Aryans exceed in industry and honesty so u hate me. If jews dropped down their lie then peace will come but they never will. If I drpped down my lie then great germany shall not be. Lastly holocaust myth made me so called killer of jews but u ignore the fact that I myself am a partly jew funded by zionist so why blame me. Soooo this looks quite similar to your ugly jewish justification that sux doesnt it.

    • boo boo O’Brien

      Dirty Korean dogs got too much christian-euro stuffed up their buttholes that they forgot their North Korean subhuman brothers.

      Your ancestors got raped by Christians in the 12th century and loved it.

      Too bad you’re incapable of individual thought, go rack up some more credit card debt like an idiot.

    • block24

      you are so blind!
      Hitler was persecuting the Jews, or did you not learn history? Oh. Sorry. According to people like you, it never happened. all those innocent people died just like that in concentration camps that magicly rose up around them. that is what you believe?!

    • Prosperity

      Actually, white European Jews are not just Khazar converts. There were many Jews from other parts of the world who moved to Eastern Europe in the middle ages and married people there. Most white Jews are mostly European from mixing with Europeans, but they have some Middle Eastern DNA in them as well.

  • hyundai

    And I wanna add ome more comment. Nevrr set your dirty feet in china. We asian people are never generous like naivr europian hood looking but evil lacking fools. Like genghid khan did to your anscester u half witted khazar mongrels we shall skin u all and make a decent chinese cousine outta your animal subhuman jewish fat. Jews may have devoured western fools but never china. We have overcome jewish control by means of soviet long ago. If ur pest like den of jewscum named israel go on like that in hundred years it shall be we great chinese people who shall judge your crime against humanity and extinct your khazar jew subhumans.

    • blck24

      when has any jew said or implied they are better than you?
      you think all we do all day is sit there preening ourselves. sorry to disappoint, but most people have way better things to do with tiler time!

      • sexforus

        When they proclaimed they were and are the “chosen” people.

        • block24

          sorry, so they have the torah, now you can cry like a child who hasn’t got a gift from daddy.

        • Prosperity

          Chosen doesn’t mean “better.” It simply means they were the ones who were given the Torah and for a long time, they were the only nation that worshiped the Lord. If you accept the Lord as your God then you are equal to a Jew in the Lord’s eyes.

          • SexForUs

            All of their books are written for the Jews, by the Jews and about the Jews.

            The only thing to ever come out of the Middle East that was worth saving, got sacrificed by the Jews.

          • SexForUs

            “I am equal” to a Jew, did you actually read that before you posted it.

          • Prosperity

            Equal to a Jew in the Lord’s eyes. That means the Lord doesn’t like Jews better than you and he doesn’t value Jewish life over your own if the Lord is your God because you are a Christian, Muslim, etc. but if you are a Pagan it is another story. Even in the Old Testament one of the Lord’s commands to the Israelite people is to treat foreigners with the same scale of justice they use for each other.

          • Prosperity

            Are you dumb? Do you even understand Christianity? The Lord chose the Jews as the people with whom he made the first covenant at Mount Sinai. The first covenant led to the creation of Israel as the first nation to worship the Lord as its only God, although some Israelites went astray and worshiped pagan gods as well. Nevertheless, at the time of Jesus Christ Israel was a place where the Lord was the only god worshiped by most people there. That’s why Israel is where the Lord incarnated as Jesus Christ and made the second covenant. The second covenant is between the Lord and all of humanity. If you are a Christian you believe that the Israelites were chosen as the people with whom the first covenant was made. Not chosen to be better than everyone. Not chosen to rule everyone like royalty. Chosen as the people with whom the first covenant was made. If you are a Christian, you believe the Israelites were chosen for the first covenant at the time of the Exodus but you also believe Jesus Christ is the path to the Lord through the second covenant.

  • hyundai

    10 real reasons ppl hate jews like thee
    1. Racial cleansing conducted by israel
    2. Zionist racism theory
    3. Lower moral valueㅡtorah and talmud which justifies genocide on gentiles which means underdevelopment from tribal level of morality.
    4. Distorting and censuring public opinion by power and money.
    5. Bribing and lobbyng for success corruptoring society system
    6.not only global scale usury but also treachery against human dignity
    7. Masscre thousands of defenseless palestinian women and children and have no intelligence but to call it just a conflict . No brain to tell genocide from conflict.
    8. Most americans hate jews from the bottom of their heart but oppressed not to express it by name of anti semitic blahblah which more makes usa ppl hate jews.
    9. Cursing and ridiculing jesus and western culture.
    10. Shrewdness and slyness of writing another hatred evoking thread like this in which a jew brages off their subhuman morality to the disgusting level.
    No wonder mental illness is main characteristics of jews which your worthless self serving schizophrenia writing proves truthfullness of.

    • blck24

      i would like 2 point out that not being a jew, nor having a full understanding of any commentary on the Torah, you do not know what you are talking about.

      further more, i will bring a case in which a gentile brought a passage saying that jews do not consider gentiles to be “adam” meaning man. this is because the word “adam” has no feminine nor a plural, showing how jews are one. gentiles do not consider themselves to be as one, or that we are all bothers.( like the torah says- like one man with one heart.)
      however the word people usually use for man, is “ish”. “ishah” for a girl . a jew or a gentile alike can be called so.

    • El Diablo Matamoros

      Thank you. I am glad someone else understands.

      I see #3 as the root cause of them all. They are stuck in tribal mode. It is not a beneficent tribe but a cruel vindictive tribe that cares nothing for gentile tribes and happily works against or destroys them without pain of conscience if it suits their interests.

      Also, on #9, many Jews have a distinct hatred for Christianity, which arises from their 2000+ year old belief that Jesus was a devil worshiping failed messiah. This leads them to attack the morality of Western Civilization. They love to show irreverence towards our moral authority which degrades us. Just look what they have done through Hollywood and Television.

      Some Jews believe to they must demoralize us for their own protection. Check out this Jew admitting he shows the Christ in Urine “art” to push the boundaries of what is considered right and wrong so the Jews will be tolerated.

  • jimm

    im catholic, no one accuses me of any thing except having the best football team, all my Jewish friends want to kill themselves, , ,, why the highest suicide rate ?

  • notwhoyouthink

    Nothing but jew propaganda.

  • Max

    People hates jews because of this: “we are god’s chosen people”, which even considering that story a fucking fairy tale for ignorants, is very arrogant to say.

    The jews, not all but the most of them are arrogants as fuck, they always say they have the right for whatever because they are: “god’s chosen people”, so to prove that their god doesn’t exist, people fuck jews as an sport, because when someone is that arrogant, deserves to be fucked up!.

    • block24

      you think that this is okay! a man lying dead in a synagogue, wrapped in his prayer shawl which is drenched in his own blood! what about his wife and kids? be humane!

      • block24

        here is the pic

  • http://CCFIILE.COM/ Joe Rizoli

    Written like a typical Jewish defender. The Jews are the Anti-Christ, pin that on them. God himself said the Jews would be a “by-word” among the nations. Jesus said that their “house was to be abandoned”, Mat 23:38. lastly, the Apostle Paul says the Jews were “against all mankind”
    1 Thessalonians 2: 14-16 …oh and one more, the Bible mentions those that call themselves Jews from the synagogue of Satan, Rev 2:9, 3:9.
    When you have God against you I would say “Houston, we have a problem”

  • Jayson Butler

    The Holocaust is physically and mathematically impossible

    • victoria white

      I’ve been to Germany and to the camps the gas chambers are there and so are the ovens. 6 million people don’t just disappear off the face of the world, the holocaust is real.

  • Burnde Tares

    Sayanim Everywhere (Hebrew for undercover spies loyal to Israel) by Texe Marrs

    “Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined… They are the gravest threat to our national security.” — Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

    We in the ‘West’ have been the target ‘audience’ of an ‘Israel program’, a subtle program that permeates our culture and indoctrinates us from an early age through religious training, public schooling and the media, to believe in the goodness of Israel and its right to existence as a well-deserved homeland for the Jews.

    At this very moment, throughout America, in every city and town of even moderate size, dedicated undercover agents are hard at work. These spies are everywhere, stealing classified material, filching “secret” documents, plotting terrorist attacks, and devising new means of how America can best be conquered and its citizens subjugated.

    This army of enemy spies is, surprisingly, not made up of Arabs or Iranians. They’re not Russians or Chinese either. They are the Sayanim. Jews born and raised in America, who, regardless of the blessings and financial rewards bestowed on them as Americans, are turncoats and traitors.

    These Benedict Arnold-types willingly collude with a foreign power [FAKE Israel] and plot to damage America by serving that foreign power, the nation of Israel, as undercover spies, saboteurs, and intel agents. To most Jews, their origin of birth is of no consequence. They are Israel-firsters and are traitors.

    Since America has a Jewish population of 7.5 million, our nation is bulging with Israeli spies willing to steal, lie, cheat, or even kill if necessary for their chosen nation Israel. They possess no loyalty to their native born country, the U.S.A., but have, since birth, been propagandized and indoctrinated by fanatical Zionist parents, relatives, teachers, and rabbis. They are Zionist zealots through and through, and many are dual citizens of both Israel and the U.S.A.

    They Stole America’s Nuclear Secrets
    In Texe Marrs exposé book, Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star, the reader discovers the names and damaging acts of the Sayanim (Hebrew for undercover spies loyal to Israel). For example, take Abraham Feinberg. According to FBI files, Feinberg, a wealthy American Jew from New York City who owned manufacturing and construction companies, led a secret cabal of seventy other Sayanim agents.

    Together, Feinberg and his underlings committed numerous acts of criminality. They stole nuclear material and uranium, sending it to Israel. It was Feinberg’s spying crimes in the late 1940s and early 1950s that enabled both Soviet Russia and Israel to develop atomic bombs.

    American Jews Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Sayanim agents. These two heinously stole atomic bomb plans and turned them over to the Communists. With their help, Stalin and the USSR built its first nuclear bomb. Tried in federal criminal court for espionage, the treacherous Rosenbergs were found guilty and were put to death in the electric chair.

    Jewish sayan spy Abraham Feinberg is shown here looking over the left shoulder of First Lady Bess Truman. President Harry Truman is at left. Reportedly, Feinberg bribed Truman to have the United States recognize Israel’s statehood in 1948.

    Jewish Communist spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were found guilty of stealing atom bomb secrets and passing them on to Soviet Russia. They died in the electric chair.
    The Most Grievous Crime in the History of America
    According to FBI and CIA sources, the most grievous spy crime in the history of the U.S.A was perpetrated by a Galveston, Texas-born Jew, Jonathan Pollard. Working clandestinely for the Israeli Mossad, Pollard got a mid-level job at the Pentagon. Bold and audacious, he was able to steal over 10,000 top-secret documents. He gave this stolen material to his superiors—Mossad operatives working out of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. The Israeli government then sold these documents to our enemy, Communist Red China.

    As a result, tens of millions of American lives were instantly placed in jeopardy, because through this material, Red China had access to the launch codes of America’s nuclear-armed missiles and was able to track the location of every single one of this nation’s underwater submarines in the seas all over the globe.

    After discovering the full extent of Pollard and Israel’s monstrous crime, the U.S. Defense Department was reportedly forced to spend over 20 billion dollars changing and modifying defense systems to mitigate the damage.

    For his monumental betrayal of his native country, the U.S.A., Jonathan Pollard is today languishing in a federal prison cell. Rightly so. Yet, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu demands that President Obama release Pollard and give the convicted spy a full and complete pardon.

    Meanwhile, in Israel, the public lauds Pollard as a national hero! Schools and streets are named after him, and his wife and children are handsomely provided for.

    I am convinced that as the years have gone by since Israel’s founding as a militant, anti-Christian socialist entity in 1948, the influence and reach of the Sayanim has grown. Today, our government is thick with Israel first operatives. Among them, I believe, are:

    Senators Joseph Lieberman, John McCain, and Charles Schumer
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
    Governor Sarah Palin
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
    CFR kingpin Henry Kissinger
    Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
    Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
    California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
    New York’s Koch Brothers
    Texas Governor Rick Perry
    Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
    Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
    700 Club host Pat Robertson
    Democratic Party Chairwoman Debra Wasserman Schultz
    Note: Amazingly, both President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are proven to be puppets of Israel and the Mossad. (See Texe Marrs’ The Evil Twins of Israel Tape or CD)

    Not every one of the above persons are of Jewish blood. But all are ardent, loyal Zionists in hock to the Jews. Each puts Israel first over his or her native country, the U.S.A.

    And Thousands More…
    Of course, this is only a partial list. To it we can add hundreds of thousands of other influential Sayanim—from Zionist talk show personalities Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Larry King, and Rachel Maddow, to corrupt Wall Street crooks like CEO Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

    Rich Jews own most computer communications, internet, and social media networks—ranging from Google and Wikipedia to Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, and Facebook.

    Just imagine all the surveillance these massive, Jewish-owned organizations are able to conduct over even the most minute details of our lives.

    From doctors, airline pilots, postmen, and lawyers to chefs, reporters, plumbers, police chiefs, and plain housewives, Sayanim are ready and responsive when they receive a phone call or visit from their superiors in the Mossad. Whether the assigned task is to steal nuclear secrets or to assassinate a designated troublesome “enemy,” the Sayanim respond.

    No other nation on earth except Israel is able to marshal and “multiply” its secret intelligence forces so quickly and effectively.

    A Plague of Parasites
    They are a plague on all of us, these Sayanim agents. I have personally been victimized by these devils in human clothing [skin]. And so have thousands of other good patriotic Americans.

    The Jewish/Israel Sayanim are today the single most dangerous threat to our national security. It is no wonder that in country after country, these Jewish parasites, at first welcomed in as “fellow citizens” and “neighbors,” are eventually found out and expelled. This is not true of Mexicans, Czechs, French, Germans, Italians, Argentines, Irish or any other ethnic groups and peoples.

    The time is coming when we, too, as patriotic Americans, must decide what we are going to do about the criminal Sayanim inside our borders. To let them continue doing their dirty work and selling out our country is unacceptable.

    We must act now before it is too late—before the parasites, like so much cancer, have eaten away at the vital organs of our existence and leave behind only a shell of a once great nation.”

  • victoria white

    Wow you people are so sad and you wonder why people are becoming more and more dehumanized, the Jews that killed Chris are the Jews you’ll meet today. You cant blame the present for the past, every religion has had its ups and downs and just because someone doesn’t believe in what you do that doesn’t give you the right to belittle them, as long as they are not hurting anyone it shouldn’t not matter if they believe the sky is green and I believe its red. I’m Catholic and some Catholics are hypnotics and bad just like some Jews are hypnotics and bad and Muslims, no one is perfect and maybe we should try to stop acting like we aren’t all sinners in some ways more than others. God doesn’t want us to hate each other he wants us to forgive one another like he did.

    “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

  • Rashan

    Man, I took you racists seriously for a minute there – you are so biased that you are looking for nothing than a justification for all of your hate.
    I’m trying to work out if this is KKK land or just some Neo-Nazi talking going on here. No point in arguing with a lot of blind people.
    Seeya – I’m gonna go have a chat with one of my Jewish friends.

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    The author is uninformed and sentimental. If you want to know the reason listen to a Jew explain it himself:

    They do not acknowledge or respect other peoples religions and nations. As a result, they are a sociopathic force of destruction in non-Jewish societies.

    • Tiwaz

      Talk about an honest one! Did he have too many bar drinks? Hah!

      If the Jews want to know why so many people dislike them, he said it. If they stopped doing what he said, no one would dislike them.

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    Rhea Samyal is a Kashmiri. Note in her bio, the shades of sentimental glorification of her homeland arising from devotion to ethnicity.

    There is a long tradition of some Kashmiris believing they are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. In fact, many Kashmiris believe they are Jews who wondered in the deserts of South Asia for 40 years and arrived in the “promised land” of Kashmir. I believe the authors pro-jewish bias extends from this.

  • Concerned stock holder

    Well wasn’t God angry with them throughout Samuel and Judges? Why? Is it really any different now?

  • stone wyoming

    wait remind me… was it the jews who flew planes into the twin towers…or were they devoted muslims

  • HeroinDad

    Jesus was a litlle bitch! He is not our Messiah! He is a whining little cunt, who fyi was a jew and probably gay. Also, he took it in the ass. He belong in hell for lying about being Gods son. He probably sucks Satans dick daily, while being pounded by a freaking minotaur.

  • Joel

    This list really brought the anti-Semitics out of the woodwork. (>.>)

  • Cynthia Perkins

    A lot of Jews I have known are a bit arrogant, superior and condescending They tend to think they are smarter than others and therefore better than “Gentiles”. I have had conversations with them and they have mock non-Jews to my face. On the whole they don’t seem that likable and I think Hollywood accidentally encourages that by the annoying Jewish actors, directors and producers populating it. I just don’t like them though I find some I’ve met unintentionally amusing.

    • Paul – Canada

      Now be a good gentile, and shut up.

      • Cynthia Perkins

        now be a good jew and go back to counting your pennies….

        • Paul – Canada

          Don’t need to, I have gentiles doing it for me.

          • Cynthia Perkins

            so you you admit it…. An honest Jew. What a surprise.

          • Paul – Canada

            Lying is for gentiles, like yourself.

        • Paul – Canada

          No need, I have gentiles doing it for me

  • klauss

    God do not prevented that Hitler was born, and too, that he had made the WWII, then God will no prevent HITLER come back and make other war, mainly against the jews.

  • elizabeth Eva Young
    SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD
    Teachers … Be careful of what you teach
    Leaders … Be careful where you lead
    Followers … Be careful who you follow
    Role Models … Be careful which role you play
    Sony – “STANDARD OIL of NEW YORK” – those who Michael Jackson faught. – The Bush clan are Jews, and Hitlary is the alleged daughter of Bush Snr.

  • WideGapingHole

    Wow, that’s a lot of spin, right there.
    The jews have never able to coexist peaceably with anybody, anywhere in the world they’ve ever gone for 5,000 years. You can try to blame everybody else (Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Poles, Germans, British, Spanish, Russians, Arabs, et al, ad nauseum) and claim that all those people from different cultures, with different religions and languages, at different times throughout history all share the same “irrational” hate of one little innocent perfect tribe who never do anything wrong, but no marginally intelligent person capable of any kind of critical thought buys that.
    If an individual man spent his whole life being hated, kicked out, barred and reviled by everybody he ever met, everywhere in the world he ever went, all the time and he attempted to claim that he was just a poor, innocent victim that has never done anything wrong and everybody else is “dumb, primitive and bigoted” and, in fact, even to try to criticize him is an act of hate because he’s above criticism, that man would rightfully be thought delusional, neurotic and sick and probably be put in an asylum where he belonged.
    A group of people who cling to an ancient tribal “survivalist” belief in their own election, their own “chosen-ness”, their own “special” place in the word and their own superiority over the rest of humanity might just also qualify as delusional, neurotic and sick. The neurotic, anti-social canard of “election” and that alone is the sole reason that jews have been incapable of living peaceably with their neighbors. It continues even in this day when no modern, civilized nation on earth can claim to be a democracy that belongs only to one race, ethnicity or religion, except Israel. And that hasn’t worked out too well for them either, has it?

  • Poo

    How do you make ove these

  • Lex Xi

    Some people are writers, some just dont have it in them. Dearest author of this article, you suck on so many levels. Your “reasons” sucks. Maybe you should take up real weaving instead.

  • PeninsulaTruth

    Cream cheese with bagel is good with Starbucks coffee.

  • Sebastian Arminta

    I am not an Israelite or a Jew, but that race has done me nothing but good. All of my Jewish teachers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, neighbors etc have taught me to love and fight racism. I marvel at how God blesses them. They were chosen through Abram (then later Abraham) from the land of Ur of the wicked satanic Chaldeans to follow God in faith and be blessed financially. The unexplainable monetary and worldwide influence of all facets of industry by such a persecuted minority is nothing less than magical. God truly chose and is with this persecuted nation. Bless them now and forever. And whomever persecutes them shall have their retribution now and in the afterlife. God bless Israel. Shalom

  • whaa whaa

    Are you freaking kidding me???? Obviously written by an arrogant new. Hey shithead, Christians don’t believe that Jews killed Jesus, they believe it was pontious Pilate and the Romans. So that shows how bright you are, know it all. But then again, all Jews know it all, don’t they?? How dare you assume that Jews as a population do everything successfully over every other race? That shows right there why people hate Jews. I am SO sick of seeing fucking holocaust memorials all over the place. You people seriously think that you are the only race that faced genocide? How about Rawanda in the 90’s or the Armenians so many years ago! And by the way, genius, hitler murdered Catholics, blacks and ANYONE who wasn’t a white Protestant. The Jews are arrogant and have always thought they were better than any other population. They are exclusive, not inclusive and if something horrible happens to another religion or culture, they could give two shits. When has Isreal or any Jews ever helped anyone but their OWN???? Give me ONE example of Jews gathering to help anyone other than Jews???? And yet God forbid something happens to Jews and the world doesn’t gather to defend, help or rescue them!!! THAT is NOTHING to be proud of!! You are not God’s chosen people. God doesn’t like self centered narcissistic people. You people are nothing more than a boil on the ass of the world. You deserve to be hated and massacred acting like that.

  • victor

    Jews are too stupid at too many things for me (or themselves) to consider jews smarter.
    just a few thoughts.
    the greeks coetanean to the ancient jews were faremore intelligent, smarter and more developed than the jews in all areas of human achievement.
    Just look:
    philosophy (the use of reason to understand the world and humans), instead of believing in a magical god with all the answers and no need to try toeunderstand anything. the greeks cut the gods down to size.
    unfortunately the masses found, like jews do, the jewis magical god too tempting (no needeto think) and the roman emperor decided to adopt christianity, a copy of judaism.
    math, geometry, sculpture, painting, architecture, theater, astronomy, medicine, music, acceptance of the human nature, including the body (instead of the shame of the body judaism carries within), democracy, literature, poetry, academic institutions instead of limiting all valid intellectual life to praying and trying to understand what god “told” moses in moun sinai or whatever the prophets wrote.
    christianity basically prohibited the descendants of greeks and romans from thinking until the non jews of florence reconnected with ancient greek thought and started to push the jewish-christian god back. that god has been in retreat since galileo and copernicus decidedeto think again like the greeks using reason. the job is not fully done yet but is not far the god gently dies its ethernal death.
    Jews never in their history created a civilisation, all the accomplisments of jews historically happened within the intellectual structures and physical means created by other civilizations. there would be no einstein without germany, there would be no bob dylan without the us and on and on.
    even whatever israel has of a modern country it owes to to ashkenazi (german jews) by the way, germany with no jews and 90 million people packed in land smaller than california and no natural resources other than water has managed to set up a society with far better quality of life, health care, all sort of public works, free university, education, more vacation and workyear of 1400 hours for the 1700 (8 weeks).

    so jews are not so smart as never in their history have created a model society for otherssto look up to.

    furthermore, germans have no need to emigrate to israel (even if they were allowedeto) while israelis do emigrate to germany, what a humiliation to have to earnea living among the descendants of those who murdered millions of jews and couldedo it again if they become fed up with the jews.

    If jews are so smart howcome their way of making a living always requires them to live among people who do not like them and practically always end up puttin them in ghettoes, expelling or murdering them.
    if jews were smart they would have set up their own stable, safe and prosperous country long ago, a true light to the nations like the italy of the renaissance was and now are others in europe, partioularly in the north.

    If jews were smart they woul not bank the survival of israel on support by the west putting themelves again at the mercy of non jews. ancient israelis lost their country whenethe the romans got fed up withe the jews and now they will lose it when the new romans, the us, gett fed up with israel and the us jewish lobby.

    If jews were smart they would have developed a way of life tha does not trigger the evil antissemites over and over and forever.

    If jews were so smart. they would not have their terrible history at the mercy of others.

    If jews were smarter they would have sparked the renaissance, the industral age and on and on.

    Jews are high achievers because they are driven to succeed and also as outsiders they can look at some things in better ways buteaslo as outsiders they do not really understand the host society to really improve it.

    If jews were so smart they would have notecome up with communism, an evil greater than nazism. to believe that communism can work as sort of promised landeis nuts.

    If jews were smart they would know the next big wave of antisemitism will hoappen in the us, the early tremors are all over the place yet the jews are in denial, somehow they seem to believe the holocaust , hollywood movies, books and holocaust memorials protect them. on the contrary, they accelerate antisemitism. there are alsready some 45 million hard core antisemites in the us, you alredy saw the words of many during the occupy wall street protests.

    So, overall jews ar not smarter, it is obvious.

    Well, i could go on. the day we do away with christianitys and fully reconnect with ancient greek thought antisemitism will largely dissappear because one of causes of antisemitism is the silly idea christianity (or islam) can be “truer” than the judaism that gave birth to both.


    dont get what every one is against jews for

  • Jodi Bondy

    They say Knowledge is Power. Sometimes, it’s better to be naive.
    Sometimes the less you know, the better the chances are that you will judge each human being by their own thoughts, words and deeds instead of based on what ‘their people’ have done in the past.
    I personally don’t want to know ‘reasons’ why I should hate others. I’m Christian. I knew about the ‘blaming Jews for Christ’s death but I never felt that was a reason to hate, since nobody alive today was even there?!
    Wasn’t it God’s plan to sacrifice his son? It was all part of God’s plan, the way I understand it.
    And if Jews have money and are successful, who cares?? Good for them I say. We all must make our own way anyways. It’s easier for some of us rather than others, so you just try/work harder for what you want.
    To tell you the truth, today I personally need help with the being more tolerant of Muslims :( I don’t want to be a part of any holocaust but it scares me not knowing which ones are ‘ok’ & which are ‘pretending’ until the right moment presents itself for them!

  • Stone

    It is an untrue statement to say that Christians hate Jews. I am one and I know a lot of Christians. Many of us feel great appreciation for the Jewish people. While we disagree about who Jesus Christ was and what he meant, we appreciate the legacy of spiritual truth that the Jews received and preserved. American support for Jews is strongest in evangelical Christian circles. In fact, my favorite person ever was a Jewish carpenter.

  • Jason Rhoads

    I live in the united states of opposites and I am disappointed that our government is influenced by the Jewish pedofiles.for thousands of years the kikes have been kicked out of almost every country.911 is an example. Bush was at a school(Zion).there are so many examples of the Jew there bible says that Christians and catholics are not the chosen ones (that’s probably why they sold out Jesus).you don’t have to look to hard to see their influence in the world everywhere they go trouble isn’t far behind

  • Daveeed

    The Holocaust is Total BS-Period, the Parasites will have to repay Germany (IN FULL) and Damages to Germans worldwide! One word Kike- KARMA!

  • Aquiles Castro Ehlanoh


  • kawtalaga

    What kind of dumb fuck statement is this shit???
    The obvious need not be stated-the Jews in Israel are inhuman, the Arabs are the victims, power monopoly and genocide of the Arab race from Palestine and their extreme control of West Bank which is an open Prison are evidence of a situation that needs to be resolved

  • Ihatehumans

    hasbara troll, you do not understand why ppl hate jews

  • Graham Cameron

    I couldn’t read this. The grammar was atrocious.

  • vondalin

    Each religious group thinks they are right and the others wrong and this continually leads to hate and intolerance. Religiously motivated again and again.

  • boconcept

    I think all should convert to Jewish

  • Abdul Hakeem

    Racism has two butts, one on each end!!

  • Sal Monella

    Do any historians with common sense still believe that the Germans intentionally instigated the U.S. into reluctantly entering WW1? For all intents & purposes, Germany had the UK, France & Russia on their collective knees when they supposedly sank the Lusitania full of American vacationers(which still didn’t convince President Wilson to act) & then attempted to drive the nail home when they offered the Mexicans all the means to attack the U.S. & regain the Southwest

  • dom

    On top of being ignorant and false, this article and author are unprofessional and biased.
    A shame.

  • Danny_Sunset

    You forgot
    11. metzitzah b’peh

  • Zachary Holbert

    They don’t use the Torah. They use the Talmud. This article is debunked. In more then one major way.

  • Cassidy C

    How could the holocaust be a hoax. I mean the Nazis themselves fully admitted to their crimes. And why would the jews, romas, and other groups Hitler hated go so far as to tatoo and permanantly scar themselves just for what many ignorant people believe is a “silly hoax.” And I can tell you right now, there is nothing silly about the holocaust, in fact, it’s dead serious. And I really do mean DEAD. Actually, when I found out holocaust denial existed I asked my self, and I quote, “how is this even a real question?”

  • Andrew Carolan

    You talk about deicide being a major reason – well even non Chrisitan nations have ousted Jewish people, so it’s not accurate. as for talking about success and insinuating a disproportionate amount of success, well Britian, Germany, Japan, and China have excelled without many Jewish people so is not correct. A reason that you failed to mention in the list, as it doesn’t put Jewish people in a good (or persecuted) light, is that they have on the whole been insular and blamed everyone but themselves for their problems (much like a child or immature person does). When they do charity it is only for their own people not the generous European (& Amercian) people that they live amongst. Higher moral Torah – have you read the Torah ( Tenach, Old Testament?), it talks of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and in destroying the neighbouring lands etc…. (Look at what Isreal are doing to Palestition people, they overtook a land that had 75% palestitions in the name of mercy and persecution them overan them, and now treat them like dogs…. Not a recipe for world popularity). Also America does not love Jewish people, it merely loves controlling the Middle East and it’s natural resources through proxy, Isreal is it’s sexual puppet….. And very few so called Jews are Related to the original Old Testament Israelites, but are mostly Ukrainian, Russian and intermixed Germans…..

    • Andrew Carolan

      And America was doing exceptionally well without Jewish people up to the 2nd world war, and even now the country is still 90% Christian – so don’t take credit for what’s not yours. Look to Israel a country 90% Jewish and see the state it’s in…..

      • Paul – Canada

        Umm, America ain’t doing so good either… Do any recent pointless wars ring a bell?

  • sinredml85 .

    The real reasons people hate jews are:
    1. Israel
    2. USA
    3. Banking and Usury
    4. Communism
    5. Ethnocentric culture
    6. Diecide
    7. Disproportionate success
    8. Self-deception (Inability to accept criticism)
    9. The slave trade
    10. Double standards concerning racism

  • Paul – Canada

    So much hate for Jews. Yes, some Jews did bad things in the past. As did some Christians, Muslims, etc, etc. This doesn’t mean the majority are bad.

    There is a good reason Israel maintains this unfortunate status quo. Let’s explore future options that can be taken and their results:
    1. A Palestinian state is created with nut cases still present. Israel would now face a more powerful attacker.

    2. Israel moves the majority of Palestinians to the main part of Israel (i.e. opens up the internal borders). In the short term, it now has to deal with terrorism. In the long term, it might have to deal with Jews becoming the minority. Given how nuts the nut cases are, Jews are sure to loose out.

    3. It annihilates the people trying to kill it. Now it faces wide spread criticism from the entire world.

    So basically, don’t expect anything to change too fast.

  • Jesse Phoenix

    This one of the most well defined summation of the facts I have read.

    Sadly, as I read the responses of antisemitism, the accuracy of this article becomes ever more true. Complaints about grammar and spelling are salacious and show how easily indoctrinated and uncritically accepting the racist mind is of rumor, propaganda and hate.

    Rabid racism survives within a vacuum devoid of facts. As proven here, antisemites have no intelligent response for their racist argument clearly proving every point of this existential informative as well as the difficulty for any antisemite racist to swallow this 10 point composite jagged pill.

    However, their are some good points for discussion in this article….

    For instance, it would be more accurate to state that the Israelites did in fact murder Jesus. Yes, the Romans did the actual deed of ending his life but without the Jewish frame-job and conspiracy, it never would have happened. THAT TOO, shows the astounding ignorance of mob violence, peer pressure, racism and the immature weakness of “going along with the crowd.

    Jesus was an innocent man and the Jewish held trial that convicted him, it itself broke the rule of law of the Jew’s own court system! Only in this wicked twist of laws and minds could they manage the conviction of this innocent man

    The “exoneration” by the second vatican council of ’63 is a farce. Many of the Jews at the time of his murder succumbed to the propaganda of the Scribes and Pharisees (religiopolitical leaders of that time), Jesus new that. That is why he said to forgive their brainwashed indoctrinated ignorance. That is why all should forgive. Not because of some politicized vatican entity.

    While particular points such as that make for good discussion, the facts supporting this article are undeniable to the mature empirical mind who refuses to be so utterly weak as to be led by propaganda.

  • mia

    I find these comments very ironic. People are saying that Jews are evil, genocidal, liars, that manipulate the world order (I’m not denying this) — wouldn’t this sort of belief lead people to ethnically cleanse the world by massacring the Jews? Then, these people go on to comment how the Holocaust was a fraud, but, according to your beliefs of the Jews, WOULDN’T THE HOLOCAUST BE A GOOD THING? If you agree that Hitler was right (about the Jews), than wouldn’t it be plausible that Nazi Germany deliberately killed the Jews in a genocide (or at least tried)????