Top 12 Dog Breeds that Bite the Most – The Aggressive Dogs List

Many things in this whole wide world have been termed as man’s best friend, from good books to diamonds. But nothing or nobody can befriend man more than a dog. Dogs are that unique gifts that only the blessed ones would understand. A dog would do anything and everything for its master till its last breath. His owner’s family becomes his own and doesn’t even complain if we are not able to take him out anywhere or give him much time. A dog’s love is unconditional in the true sense.

All said and done, time to move on to the not-so-lovely breeds of dogs. The violent and killer ones. Umm, well, they are not so desirable. Who would want a dog at his household that goes around biting and poisoning people? This list guides you through those dangerous breeds of dogs from which it is advisable to stay away. And if you are planning to buy one, well, it is at your own risk!

12. Great Dane


When you have the tallest and largest dog in the world, being 44 inches long, it is quite obvious he is not going to sit calm. This German breed of dog has seven fatality cases to its name, so it is not-so-dangerous. In fact, Great Dane can be very loving if they are well trained and taken very good care of. So get your Great Dane only if you can devote enough time to train it and play with it. The dog seeks physical attention and pampering from its master and that is what makes it dangerous at times. Earlier, it was referred to as German Mastiff because such a handsome dog deserved to be a luxury dog and not the one meant for working and doing chores.

11. Chow Chow


This breed again depends on how you treat and train it. This Chinese breed has recorded just eight biting cases till date and looks nothing less than a teddy bear. It is one of the very ancient dogs that still exist today. The problem with this otherwise well behaved species is that they are extremely protective of their masters and have an aversion towards strangers. So in order to avoid this aggressive behavior, it is very important that owners let these dogs socialize from a very early age.

10. Doberman Pinscher


This breed is known for its loyalty to its masters. They are very intelligent and smart and are often used as police dogs. This breed was originally treated as working dogs and was not really expected to be friendly. However, over the years the aggression has calmed down to a great extent and till date this dog has bitten about nine people, study shows. Most of the cases recorded were cases of the Doberman protecting their owners. They are a threat to other breeds of dogs because of their fearless attitude and quick learning capabilities.

9. Malamute


This moderately dangerous breed of dog is often mistaken as the similar looking Husky breed of dogs. This particular breed of dogs is the ones that we see running and carrying the sledge in snow covered mountain tops. Malamutes are known for their ability to work extremely hard in tough conditions and for their endurance. Nowadays this breed is even used as pets by many households. Malamutes have been known to have bitten as many as 12 people till date. History shows that Malamutes have the record of living in harshest of conditions, hence this breed is an owner’s pride.

8. Wolf Dog Hybrid


The name says it all. This breed is half-dog and half-wolf and possesses the characteristics of both the animals in it. All well and good if it is domesticated but you never know when it shows its wilder side and bites you, like this breed has done to 15 people till date. The problem with this breed is that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits. Wolf dogs are more destructible and active than any other breed of dog in this list. It is advised NOT to domesticate this particular species.

7. Husky


Just a look at it and you instantly know it is not on the safer side. Huskies too are used to pull sledges, much like the Malamute. But huskies are known for their speed, unlike Malamutes which are known for endurance. Huskies hold a record of 15 fatalities and after their work life, they are sent to households as pets in their old age. This breed suffers from heterochromia, which means that different dogs have different colored eyes. Remember those dogs in the movie Snow Dogs? Those were huskies, much to our delight. The level of their hard work can put most other living being to shame!

6. German Shepherd

German Shepherd laying on the green grass

These dogs are extremely trainable, though they have 17 fatalities to their record. These huge and heavy dogs which are specially bred for their intelligence and strength and serve as police dogs, rescue dogs and guard dogs. The sweetest thing about German Shepherds is that they are always willing and eager to learn new things. They perform high intelligence tasks like identifying criminals, holding suspects, patrolling areas of trouble. Like all other dogs, they are extremely protective of their owners and they take time to be friendly with strangers. I just fell in love with this one.

5. Bullmastiff


This otherwise well behaved and well trained breed can get extremely violent at times. The worst part about it is its unpredictable behavior. You never know when it gets angry and poses as a threat to you. This breed is known to be extremely sensitive and if one is not consistent in its training, then, well, you know what happens!

4. Tosa Inu


This breed is also known as the fighting dogs. This Japanese dog is a very rare breed and therefore is extremely well protected. They are large, but the Japanese ones are almost half the size of Tosa Inus outside the country. This dog is so dangerous that it is even legally banned in many countries like UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway and many more. This ban was to stop the increasing number of dog attacks on people, especially children.

3. Rottweiler


Rottweilers, with 39 attacks recorded till date, are also known as Rottweil butchers. They are extremely powerful and few years back they have been held responsible for killing four people.  This breed too, is banned in many countries like Poland and Ireland. They are basically very obedient, devoted and always eager to work but react to their environments in a very alert manner. Due to their extreme strength and power, it is very important to formally train Rottweilers by experts. They also need to be trained, socialized and loved, like every other dangerous breed of dogs.

2. Cocker Spaniel


With 59 fatalities, this breed comes at the second position. They were originally used as gun dogs because of their strong sense of smell and were used to track down birds for hunting. Cocker Spaniels are basically of two origins, England and America. Though the two Cocker Spaniels from two different countries have differences in their appearances, they are yet called cousins. The American one is smaller than the English spaniel though.

1. Pit Bull


With 66 fatalities to their name, Pit Bulls are the most dangerous breed of dogs in the world. They were developed as fighter dogs and need the same amount of socialization and training as any other dog to be tamed. But you cannot trust nature! Many countries have banned Pit Bulls too due to their not-so-good reputation. Who would want such an aggressive dog around? Many countries have even banned this breed to stop the illegal sport of dog fighting

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  • Matt Sharrett

    How has a Cocker Spaniel killed anyone? Blue Heelers bite more people than most dogs. I have an adopted one and it has bitten me and a few other people too.

    • Laura Boraks-bianchi

      That’s what I thought, unless its killing newborns!

    • AshenTech

      most common breed to bite humans (according to aspca agens AND my own first hand exp) is german shepherds, followed by retrivers)

      pits do more damage because they are so bloody stong but, they are not by nature any ore agressive then other breeds infact police dont use them for police dogs because its so hard to train them to attack people…

  • I smell a LIAR

    Ignorant people like you is why pits are given such a bad name!

    • Nextum

      Ignorant people like you is why Pitbulls are constantly at every bite list by statistics. Pitbulls are the terrorists of the dog world and if you’re so fond of pitbulls you should just go join ISIS.

      • OhShenanigans

        how about do a little research before you make yourself look stupid trying to make others look stupid, hmm?

      • Aroreiel

        “…terrorists of the dog world”? Wow. You do realise that the bad reputation and behaviour of this breed (and other breeds) have been caused by human beings? Deliberately over-breeding and changing their traits and behaviour at the expense of their sanity. We are responsible for these “statistics” you talk about. You and the author of this article are the ignorant ones.

      • Peaceriver

        Pit bulls are not dangerous. Pit bulls were once used as “nanny dogs” in England because of how protective and caring they are with kids.

        It’s disgusting how low life PEOPLE exploit these dogs to fight and turn mentally ill, all for the sake of money. These poor pit bulls are drugged, beaten, lay in their blood after fights, have their ears snipped off (no anesthesia, just plain raw), live in cramped, dirty (in their own feces), dingy spaces where they are taunted and beaten so that they may become angry and fight.

        This practice should be banned. So far it’s not and it doesn’t seem it will be anytime soon. Instead, idiotic people will continue the practice and then idiotic writers like
        this one for this article, will blame the breed rather than these horrible practices created by people.

        And you, Nextum, belong with ISIS since you are the moron defending illegal dog fighters just like this idiotic writer who give these pit bulls a bad name and are spreading more misinformation.

      • Aileen

        I have a pit bull she has never bit anyone she she is a very calm playful dog

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      • kangtroll

        Terrorists of the world? Stop reading all that facebook news, it’s making you retarded

      • AshenTech

        they have higher fatalites, but they are not the most prone to bite humans, having worked at 3 humansociety locations over the years (volitiering helping with intakes and such)

        german shepherds bite humans more often….they do alot less damage on average because they arent as strong as pits…

        you need to look at why pits have this rep.

        the media makes up the hype, driving macho idiots to buy a pit and many times they either do not socialize it, or the intentionally train it to be mean/aggressive they then either abandon it after it harms somebody OR it becomes to much trouble for a status symbol….

        this isnt really a breed issue so much as a shitty humans fucking shit up again.

        read that, work at a shelter, get to actually know breeds and people who work with they daily, alot of preconceptions will fade away.

        yes pits can be dangerous, but as the ASPCA says, its not really their nature…if you raise a dog right, to love people and other dogs/cats, its very unlikely it will hurt anybody who it dosnt see as a direct threat to itself or its family….the sames true for rottys…who are in most cases just fucking teddybears…

        the only breed in all the years working with animals i warn people about its chows, and its because 50:50 they can be incredibly loving and friendly, or….means as hell….and we (who worked with them) speculated that part of the problem is shitty breeders who will breed a bitch with her pup without even thinking about it…..

      • Nextum. You are a moron through and through. Pitbulls make lists like these because owners don’t train or socialize their dogs properly. Pitbulls are one of the best family dogs out there. They’re actually nicknamed the “Nanny Dog” because they love kids so much. I worked at a vet for 7 years. We had dozens and dozens of Pitbull patients. They were all lovely animals. The worst injury I got was a busted lip because one of them got so excited to see me that it nipped me on the lip before tackling me and licking me to death. The worst bite I ever got was from a Chihuahua that tore the pad off of my thumb. Your ignorance and the ignorance of people like you are why Pitbulls have such a bad reputation. Do some actual homework instead of spouting drivel, you ignorant fool.

      • Donald Jeffries

        Pit bulls are terrorist? You stupid kers. This is why our nation is so messed up. Most people have 10 kids, most of which grow up to do time in prison. So the fact is their fault? To an extent yes it may be, but I am hear to say, bad parenting plays a major role in that. Children only know what they are taught, just like a pitbull. So if you abuse any living thing, you can expect retaliation. Throw me on a log chain and starve me and see my reaction. Needless to say it won’t be pleasant. The only problem I have had with my pitbull, is he refuses to move over when I get in bed. Give lover, get love back. Plain and simple people abuse power, and a pit bull is a powerful, but very intelligent animal. When I sleep at night, I have no worries. One of the most decorated war animals in history is a pitbull. He literally saved a whole battalion from a poison gas attack. He refused to leave his comrades sides. He’s not a ker, pure blooded warrior. I’m relatively harmless, but you fuck with any of my family or friends, I will get your ass, plain and simple. So humans are to blame for the mass majority of all dog attacks. I’ve been around pits my whole life, and I would never have another breed. Loyal to the fucking end, unlike you pussies that run and hide when shit starts getting deep. So you are the terrorist, for profiling a breed of animal to be bad creatures. So when you show me a stafford shire terrior that willfully signed up to fight other dogs, get at me.

  • Jason Bokow

    this list is absolute crap. If were talking biters then start with chihuahuas. Move on from there. Deadliest breeds? Maybe. definitely not biters though…and number ones NOT a pit. Its a bully. do some research before you put stuff up……

  • Creg Crones

    What a load of crap! Meant to horrify people with misinformation, like for instance Rottweiler’s have never been known as Rottweil butchers. The dogs were known as “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” (German: Rottweiler Metzgerhund) because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market. (I found this after five seconds research on Wikipedia). I guess that’s what journalism is all about these days, sensationalism with no facts. Better stick to fiction…..


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  • tanner


  • greg price

    Douche baggery. Have fun working for the gossip mags. Clearly that is where your,”journalist” skills will take you.

  • Honest Abilene

    Pitbulls are fantastic dogs until the ghetto gets a hold of them. sad

  • OhShenanigans

    actually, pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs when they were brought to this country, not to be fighting dogs. idiots breed them to fight. not only that, pit bulls, rottweilers, and german shepards all score very high on the temperament test, and they repeatedly pass with flying colors. many times they score higher than golden retrievers. how about we do a little research next time

  • Abigail Boxman

    The picture of the “cocker spaniel” is actually a pic of a cavalier king Charles spaniel. If you’re going to write about dogs, you should learn about them first.
    Pitts are NOT the most likely to bite, they are more likely to kill when they do bite. Dachshunds, jack Russell’s & chihuahuas are much more likely to bite.

    • Laura Boraks-bianchi

      My jack russell wants to kill anything/anything that might or does come in her yard. An angel in the house. When we get pizza delivered,my 2 small dogs want to get him at the doorstep, I ask him to step into the hall they couldn’t be less interested!

    • AshenTech

      true, but from my exp and the exp of many ASPCA agens i have met, German Shephers are the most likey to bite a human, m+ny times in the back of the legs taking them down then mauling them…BUT sheps arent nearly as strong as pit so they lead to far less fatalities or even people going to the doctor….(been biit hundreds of times, only seen a doctor once and that was a cat bite…never let a catbite go untreated…ever….)

      the ONLY time i have seen a well raised and trained pit bite anybody is in defense of his family or when somebody attacked him….once saw a cop pepper spray a dog then when it broke it chain and mauled his ass, the other cops pulled guns…but couldnt fire….

      i was not the dogs owner, but, I walked in, gave it a firm command, and pulled its chain….and kept myself between it and the cops….luckly one of the cops knew me and told the others to back off….

      the cop who got pwnt needed 20+ stiches but, other then that, he was fine….he even ended up paying the vet bill since the dog had to spent a week in the vets office due to the damage the pepper spray did….(fucked the poor girls eyes and breathing passages up bad…)

      the ONLY breed i have seen that i would lable as dangerous, would be chows, and thats because they can look friendly till they attack you….and 50;50 they are friendly and loving:psychotic and horrible….

      not sure if thats breeding, or upbringing, but eitherway, im always careful around net animals, till they know me….

      but i worry very little about pits when i see them running loose…

  • Laura Boraks-bianchi

    Are the # of these dog attacks/killing over the span of a year or more?

  • Laura Boraks-bianchi

    Very few bad dogs, just bad owners

  • Aroreiel

    Wow. This article is an ignorant, misinformed pile of crap. That second paragraph of the opening article is completely ridiculous, typically unfounded scaremongering. If I were you I’d write articles on subjects you actually know something about. Or find another vocation.

  • What a bullshit you wrote in this article
    Almost no dog breed, out of these 12 breeds is really agressive.. there are way more agressive and dangerous breeds in a world, than these..

    Kai |

  • Thea Biranji

    Pitbull’s are probably the most loving and sweet dogs on this list. The only reason the statistics are so high is because people saw their muscle size and decided to make them fight each other. Pit’s are not meant to fight and if treated the way all dogs are supposed to be treated they can be the best pets you’ll ever own. What you wrote is ignorant and prejudicial towards all of the dogs, but mostly pits. You obviously don’t spend a lot of time around dogs, because if you did you’d know that the most aggressive dogs that even end up turning on their owners are chihuahuas and malteses. Maybe next time you do a little more research and soul searching before you write shit about breeds you know nothing about.

    • AshenTech

      the media CREATED the problem with pits and rottys, they made this shit up early on, and it got macho idiots/assholes thinking they had to have one, and it had to be agressive/mean because thats macho…so millions of stupid fucks who have no business owning a pet rock have dogs that they have made dangerous…..its sheer numbers to….

      no breed i have been around is as reluctant to bite a human when properly raised….

      german shepherds are FAR more likely to bite humans and far easier to train to do it, thats why they are so popular as police dogs.

  • Peaceriver

    Pit bulls are not dangerous. Pit bulls were once used as “nanny dogs” in England because of how protective and caring they are with kids.

    It’s disgusting how low life PEOPLE exploit these dogs to fight and turn mentally ill, all for the sake of money. These poor pit bulls are drugged, beaten, lay in their blood after fights, have their ears snipped off (no anesthesia, just plain raw), live in cramped, dirty (in their own feces), dingy spaces where they are taunted and beaten so that they may become angry and fight.

    This practice should be banned. So far it’s not and it doesn’t seem it will be anytime soon. Instead, idiotic people will continue the practice and then idiotic writers like this one for this article, will blame the breed rather than these horrible practices created by people.

  • Jay

    Has anyone had a Malamute. My son has five and he shows them. They are the most loving and clever dogs going. Yes, they are a hard working breed, but with the right amount of exercise, love and attention they are loyal and loving. He works hard with his dogs and they have two dobermans too (his girlfriends). All are show dogs, but most importantly they are pets and family members. So how they can be on this list I’ll never know. Has the writer of this article even got a dog, probably a poodle! Oh! how does a Cockerpoo come in the ratings, being its a crossbreed effectively?

  • leosrme

    Even before I started the article I knew that the ignorant person who wrote this would claim that pitties were the most dangerous dogs in the world. This person clearly has absolutely NO idea what they are talking about

  • Mike Niemann Jr.

    “A film buff by birth, I was born to write.”, take up another career. Because you only do half of your research. Pitbulls are and were not bread top be fighter dogs. they were the Nanny Dog in the early part of the 20th century. They were bread to look after and be companions for young children. Have you ever seen the Little Rascals? What do you think Petey was. A Pitbull Terrier.

    Here watch this and learn something:

    Here is America’s Most Dangerous Breed!

  • Mary Zay

    Really? There are no words for how ignorant this is. ANYONE who knew ANYTHING about dog breeds and/or did their research will find that Pit Bulls are NOT aggressive dogs. It’s the way the people ( like you) treat them. No respect for what they really are.

    Pit Bulls were NOT meant for fighting. Pit Bulls got their names because their stocky size helped control Bulls in the ring. Why do you think bulls used to have a ring in their nose?
    Originally, they are of English origin. Cocker Spaniels are actually the worst kind of dog for biting. “To be Tamed” WTF. They are not wild horses. The only reason why dogs do get that aggressive is because they are trying to DEFEND THEMSELVES.

    I have a pit bull, and I have taken her to many, many outings and not once has she shown ANY aggression towards any one or any thing. Peaceriver is right, they where used as nanny dogs, and in some cases where better than Saint Bernards. As a matter of fact, Pitbulls can even be used as service dogs. EVEN soldiers can have dogs to help them with their PTSD. They are also EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOGS… Ya know, so people don’t die because of suicide because they don’t have enough support.
    The only people who have an issues with my dog when we take places are the conservative jerkwads who believe everything they hear and don’t stop to think about who or what it might offend.

    PEOPLE are the ones treating the dogs bad, and the dog’s natural ability is to defend itself. You would do the same if some guy was beating the crap out of you. PEOPLE are the ones giving these dogs a bad name. PEOPLE train these animals to be mean and aggressive. Pit Bulls are not aggressive dogs. ANY animal can turn mean if you mistreat it.

    If you spread false information like this, and only stick to your conservative ideology, then you’re not going to be a good writer at all. Unless it’s for the Onion… cause then it’s just hilarious BS.

    Journalists do their research, and are proud of what they wrote/reported on.. I’ve seen a 9 year old do more research than you did. .

  • oblio9090

    As evidenced by many of the angry, emotionally-based comments, pit bull fans are experiencing an upsetting phenomena called “Cognitive Dissonance” when faced with statistical facts that pit bulls are the most dangerous dog breed, as this goes against their internal false belief that “Because my pit bull is nice, then all of them must be.”

    Drunk drivers have a similar thought process; “I drove drunk and lived, so it must not be dangerous.” But the statistical facts show otherwise.

    It takes courage, and perhaps therapy to deal with Cognitive Dissonance. Perhaps there are support groups to help pit bull owners deal with their mistaken belief that pit bulls are a docile breed.

  • Donald Jeffries

    Bottom line, you can’t fix stupid. Profile my pitbull all you want. Try to take my dog, I will die for it, like it would die for me. This is nonsense. You make me sick to my stomach and honestly I almost feel sorry for you haters.

  • Jenna Gainey

    What a crock of shit. Disgraceful level of ignorance. If you ask the American humane society the most reported bite incidents every year are cocker spaniels. Stop spreading ignorance.

  • Enzi

    These are not the most frequent biters at all. Recent surveys found that Dachshunds are number one for bite frequencies, followed by Chihuahuas and then Jack Russel Terriers.

  • James

    where’s dachsund in this list? Oh I see they get away with everything because of their small weiner cute look.

  • Shut the hell up

    This is the worst list I’ve ever seen, do you’re research on the breeds before you get the idiotic idea of making a list of breeds that bite that disrespects the dogs and is misleading to people. Malamutes, Huskies, they’re one of the friendliest breeds to strangers, kids and other animals. Just because it “just looks like it’s not on the safer side” and you saw “Snow Dogs” when demon was like that,( it’s Hollywood dumb ass, grow a brain.) you remember it was his tooth that was bothering him? Huh? Then after his pain was gone he attacked him with love and kisses? Yea, Huskies and malamutes are amazing pets, along with most others on this list. So shut the hell up, and do your research.

  • Shut the hell up

    Do your research dumb ass, worst list I’ve seen.

  • Dmur

    I own two of the breed on your “list”, a Great Dane, who has been a certified Therapy Dog for 8 years and hold Senate Citations for his work and three “vicious” pitbulls. This article is laughable. Also you might want to know that while all dogs can bite, non can poison anything.Just saying. If you were born to write you may want to try a different approach. Your article is misinformed and offensive. Try doing some actual research first. That’s what good writers do!

  • Gord

    Everyone is entitled to there pinions. I thought these sights were to be conducted in a respectable manner. In reading some of the trash is worse then any Pitbull I’ve come across.

  • Jason Scott Mcgilvrey

    Where do you get your info from? Mis informed people like you should not own a dog your self. Your list is way off. Only dogs your right on is the spaniel and chow chow. Statistics show that the smaller dogs are the one with what you call bite agression. Only reason pits and other big breeds are picked on is cause of the damage they can do when they bite and idiots like you who use them for attacking and fighting. Anything with teeth can bite. It is up to us the owners of the dog to train and socialize so they dont become that way. food for thought pits were originally breed for hunting and nanny dogs. Before you talk shit about beeeds get your facts straight.

  • sam

    ha, yeah, cocker spaniels have killed 59 people…. does that really sound right to you? More dangerous than dobermans, akitas, wolf mix and rotweilers put together. The deadly cocker spaniel….

  • Stop Being Ignorant

    You have provided no statistical evidence of these findings. Even if you did, statistics can often be skewed to say whatever your want. The only reputable study conducted came from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. It spanned 1979-1998. Yes it did list Pit Bulls as being responsible for a high number of injuries/fatalities, but those dates also happen to coincide with the Pit Bulls becoming popular with criminals and dog fighting meatheads. The study also did not place the dog breeds in order of most-least dangerous. They stopped trying to do that decades before when they realized most statistics were wrong because dog breeds could not be identified accurately. The study also states that these injuries were caused by ‘pit bull types and Rotweilers’, not one single breed. Most of the general public cannot even identify a Pit Bull Terrier from pictures (you proved that by inserting a picture of what is most likely an American Staffordshire Terrier or an American Bully Mix and calling it a “Pit Bull”). Trying to put dogs in order of most dangerous (especially based on only one statistic, which no competent statistician would do) is pointless, or worse yet, practicing fear-mongering. It is always more important to judge a situation case-by-case, dog-by-dog, owner-by-owner. Most likely, there is a plausible reason or situation why a dog attacked.

    Here are just a few quotes referring to the study…

    “For example there was a distinct peak in American Kennel Club registration of
    Rottweilers between 1990 and 1995, and
    they emerged at the top of the list of ‘biting breeds’ for the first time in
    studies of bites causing hospitalization in the late 1990s and early 2000s.”

    “Owners of dogs that are identified by the community as ‘pit bull type’ may
    experience a strong breed stigma, however
    controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately
    dangerous. The pit bull type is particularly ambiguous as a “breed” encompassing
    a range of pedigree breeds, informal types and appearances that cannot be
    reliably identified. Visual determination
    of dog breed is known to be unreliable.
    As discussed witnesses may be predisposed to assume that a dog that bites is a
    ‘pit bull’.”

    I will applaud one thing…I’m glad you included Spaniels on the list, because they are responsible for a high number of fatal and non-fatal injuries. They are known to be aggressive toward strangers and non-family humans. I’ve been around all the dog breeds on your “list”, and can say without a doubt the only time I was ever unsure about a dogs intentions was in the presence of a Cocker Spaniel (subjective, I know).

    Your bio says you were ‘born to write’. If by that you mean ‘join traditional media and participate in pack-journalism’, then congratulations, you have arrived.

  • Jenny Cat Doll

    Shame on you! Pit Bulls are wonderful -funny-
    intelligent,cuddly & the most loving dogs I have ever known.
    It is the owners that you have to worry about ……and the media!
    The media spreads it -the people believe it. Most of the time the same people have never even met a Pit Bull but they are firm in their belief that they are killers & that they can turn on you anytime.

    This article disappoints me.It actually Infuriates me.Where did you come up with these stats?
    I have had 4 Pit Bulls and the only dogs that have ever bit me are my
    Shih tzu & Lhaso. Please educate yourself before you continue to spread misinformation
    on this majestic breed!
    The problem we have is NOT with the breed but with the humans that come into contact with this breed.

    Pit Bulls will DO want you want them to do- they will BE what you
    want them to be.Pit Bulls love you and will do anything to make you
    happy.Unfortunately these dogs often get into the wrong hands – bad people who want
    them because they look mean & tough.

    Humans make them fight!

    Have you seen what humans have done to the Great American Pit Bulls? the
    abuse! the horrible torture that humans inflict on these dogs for money & entertainment.
    Yet they still love us, so please stop misinforming people about this
    breed which clearly you know nothing about.
    If you really want to know what Pit Bulls are all about or what they are capable of -go & meet one in person or better yet adopt one.You will fall in love & realize that “maybe” you shouldn’t just follow the herd. Make your own decision based on fact instead..


  • Aria

    As someone who works with dogs, I have to call bull$#it on this list. I am very frequently in contact with more than half the dogs on this list. I have never, not once, in my five years on my job had any issues with a Pit Bull being aggressive towards people. (Towards other dogs, unfortunately, is another story altogether.) My coworkers and I get more injuries from Chihuahuas (little psychos) than any other breed. There have been some aggressive German Shepherds, Rotties, Chows, even Huskies. I’ve even been bitten by Shih Tzus and Cockers (which can be pretty damn mean), Schnauzers (also little psychos) and Cavaliers. Just about everything EXCEPT Pits.

    The reason Pits have such a bad reputation is because on the occasion that they do bite, they do more damage than most breeds and it is more likely to end in a fatality. The media has not helped at all. But in general, they are very sweet, loving and playful. And most of them absolutely adore children. (No, not to eat.)

    I’ve only encountered about a dozen Mastiffs of any kind, but the only unpredictable things about them were when they would decide to flop down for a nap or give someone a big, slobbery kiss right in the face.

    Aggressive dogs of any breed are almost always the fault of humans in some way, whether it is through bad breeding practices, abuse, bad socialization or purposeful training.

    By the way, that is not a picture of a Cocker that you have up. It’s a Cavalier.

    Born to write, were you? Fiction, maybe. Your article is, sorry to say, full of misinformation and not at all well researched. To see a real list of dogs prone to biting, I recommend much more reputable sources, like the ASPCA.

    And what on Earth are you talking about dogs poisoning people?

  • PitBullOwnerandDogLover

    This list is a crock of shit… Pitbull is not even a breed, dumbasses… it is a nickname given to multiple breeds. I happen to know that chihuahua’s are the most aggressive dog breed on the planet accounting for a vast majority of the dog bites in the U.S. but they aren’t on this list… I have owned 3 American Staffordshire Terriers (pitbull) and none of them have ever bit anyone… I have many friends who own and rescue pitbulls without biting incidents, yet EVERY chihuahua I’ve ever heard of bites… stop posting lies to further your agenda!!!

    • e small


      The Myth:

      “There’s no such breed as a pit bull.” “Pit bulls aren’t a breed; they are just a ‘type’ of dog.”

      The Reality:

      The term “pit bull” in lower-case letters refers to three closely-related breeds. The original breed was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a dog bred for pit fighting in the 18th and 19th centuries in the UK. After importation to the U.S. in the late 19th century, they continued to be used for fighting, but were bred to be taller and heavier. These larger cousins were then registered in the UKC as “American Pit Bull Terriers” (1898) and in the AKC as the “American Staffordshire Terrier” (1936). Note that these are identical breeds under two different names, and many individuals hold conformation championships in both registries. In addition, some of the original, smaller dogs were reimported from the UK and were recognized in the AKC as the original “Staffordshire Bull Terriers” (1935).

      A 2013 ASPCA double-blind study revealed that shelter workers were able to correctly identify dogs with significant ‘pit bull’ blood (‘pit bull’ = the 3 breeds above) 96% of the time, as confirmed by DNA tests. (click here to see the study).

      The American Pit Bull Terrier is actually one of the purest and oldest of registered breeds. The second-largest national kennel club in the world, the UKC, was originally founded in 1898 for the express purpose of registering fighting pit bulls. For approximately the first 50 years, a pit bull not only had to be purebred, but had to win 3 dog fights in order to be registered with the UKC. Today, these dogs’ descendants compete to win prizes in conformation, weight pull, and other sports. Thousands have earned the title of UKC Conformation Champion.

      Verdict: The three “pit bull” breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, are just as purebred as St. Bernards, Schnauzers or Dalmatians.”

      From Daxton’s Friends-Canine Myths

      • Terry Holt

        E has little choice but to peddle his lies and disinformation as there’s absolutely no evidence that breed specific legislation actually lowers dog bite statistics anywhere it’s been enacted and even if it did work it still ignores the 118 victims of non banned breeds over the last decade be the voice of all these victims and reject Bsl in favor of breed neutral owner specific legislation that protect 100% of the community?.

        • Funkasaurasrex

          Hey, put the bong down Mr. Run On Sentence. Nobody said squat about breed specific legislation! Were you triggered? Perhaps a safe space and some hot cocoa will help you.

          • Terry Holt

            lol, and yet another fake profile lol

    • Terry Holt

      please lock up your social media prior to responding to the gutless coward using a fake name or they’ll stalk your social media and steal and meme your pics then post them to their hate groups

    • Venusgal

      You are so right! This is such a BS article. I recall a story of a trainer who rehabilitated 2000 of these dogs that had been rescued; many from dog fighting situations, and was NEVER bitten. These are the most abused dogs, isolated, beaten and God knows what else. Forced to fight and if they lose they are murdered, hung and many other atrocities. People give them a bad name. The American Staffordshire Terrier was called the “Nanny Dog” due to it’s being used to watch over babies and children and they were also used in wars. It is not the dog it is the people that use and abuse them. Any dog trained with love and gentleness will give you years of unconditional love. When you have a dominant breed of dog you need to be extra cautious but they are not out to kill…I’m sure that there are many horror stories that led to these biting situations. AND cocker spaniels are the #2 …I laughed for 10 minutes…what did they take down…a mouse??

  • Terry Holt

    Why have you used a picture of an American Bully which is a breed as a demonstration of a “pit bull” which is a legal definition and not a breed the actual breed is an American Pit Bull Terrier, the term “pit bull” actually refers to 30 or more breeds/types combined?

    • e small

      American Bulldogs ARE pit bulls:

      “The many names of the pit bull over the course of history is why breed-specific legislation defines the pit bull as a “class of dogs” that includes the following breeds and their mixes: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and AMERICAN BULLDOG. Despite attempts by pit bull owners, animal welfare groups and dogfighters to obscure the name of the pit bull breed, well-written breed-specific laws always encapsulate the many names of the breed.”
      (from Dogsbite dot org)

      • Terry Holt

        well written breed specific legislation is not shown to be effective in curbing dog bite related fatalities in any of the places where it’s been enacted and even if it did work it’s still be responsible for and contributes to the ever escalating death toll toll with 118 victims of non banned breeds over the last decade and it’s quite plain that the American Bulldog were and have never been used as fighting dogs ever and this rant from a fake gutless coward is typical of the lies and deceit you’ll endure when opposing Bsl proponents as they have little to no evidence hence them lumping over 30 breeds/types of dogs into one group calling them pit bulls and they ignore 38% of victims according to dogesbite’s own statistics 118 died in attacks involving non banned breeds so please be the voice for the forgotten victims and reject Bsl in favor of breed neutral legislation which protects children and the elderly from all types and breeds of dog?

      • Funkasaurasrex

        Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Wake up! American Bully is the one that is NOT a breed. smh

      • Terry Holt

        so American Bully’s can’t be pit bulls if they’re not a breed?

  • Mary Ann Redfern

    Pit bulls have killed HUNDREDS of humans and tens of thousands of pets and livestock animals. The number quoted here for pit bulls, 66, would cover the fatalities for 2014 and 2015 and that is all.

  • Pink

    I also wanna point out the the dog you have in the picture isn’t a pit bull. It’s an American Bully dog the Americans decided to make. It’s a mix of every bull dog you can think of. That breed in the picture has probably only been around for 20 years or so. This is what’s so frustrating. People hate pit bulls, yet it’s not even a pit bull. Dumb.

  • ElleDunkle

    Odd, it was just published that more people where bitten bu cocker spaniels last year….where is the info for these lists?

  • James Gasber

    Husky’s are one of the oldest breeds of dog on the planet and are known for being especially friendly animals, if a bit aloof. They are not dangerous, so simply declaring “one look and you just know it’s not on the safer side” is, if I’m being generous, unscientific and not what I would refer to as journalism. Do you say that because the animal reminds you of a wolf? Do your standards for intellectual region supersede knee-jerk snap judgements on other subjects that are not canine related? People like you are responsible for spreading misinformation and fear about these animals, and many landlords therefore do not allow them on their property, forcing owners to give up their family dog to a shelter. Please educate yourself before you post nonsense like this in the future.

  • David Holmes

    “Pit bulls” American Staffordshire to educated people were breed as a working dog and was “Americas Dog” in the 1940-50 taking place as the common retriever does nowadays.

  • Gabrielle Breton

    You might need to learn how to research before you consider yourself successful.