Top 15 Home Remedies for Gas and Indigestion Problems

Medically known as dyspepsia, indigestion is a gastrointestinal problem people commonly complaint about. Its symptoms can be bloating, belching, burning sensation and nausea. Gas and indigestion are problems occurring from the secretion of the digestive juices in our stomach. When the acid present in the stomach begins to irritate the lining of the stomach or reaches to our oesophagus, commonly known as acid reflux, one experiences discomfort and a burning sensation in chest and stomach. While indigestion and gas can be a result of eating spicy or oily food or overeating, at times it also signals towards an underlying serious problem. Here are 15 simple yet very effective home remedies you can try out to get some relief from indigestion and gas problems.

15. Coriander


Out of the many health benefits of this herb, treating indigestion is one. Coriander can help in settling your stomach and getting you relieved from the burning sensations gas and indigestion has been causing. You can add roasted coriander seeds to half a glass of buttermilk or use one teaspoon of dried leaves per cup boiling water.

14. Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

While suffering from gas and indigestion due to spicy or fatty food, having fennel seeds can help cure your problem. The oil contained in fennel seeds reduces nausea and controls flatulence. Dry, roast and grind fennel seeds to make a powder. Take half teaspoon of this powder twice a day along with water. You will see some results.

13. Black Pepper

black pepper

During the condition of lack of hydrochloric acid in our stomach black pepper can be very effective to cure the problem. Black pepper can increase the flow of gastric juices and thus help in digestion. Powdered black pepper with crushed jaggery can be taken along buttermilk during indigestion. Or a fine powder of black pepper, dried mint leaves, ginger powder and coriander seeds, all taken in equal amounts, can be consumed twice a day (one teaspoon) to treat gas and indigestion.

12. Cloves


The dried flower buds of Eugenia aromatic, clove is known to have a number of medicinal and culinary uses. Cloves can increase gut motility and gastrointestinal secretions thus helping in digestion and curing gas and indigestion problems. Pieces of cloves can be directly consumed or clove oil can be used to get rid of stomach irritability.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

A lot of medical journals will tell you how indigestion is not caused by excess acid on the stomach by due to the lack of it. This is why apple cider vinegar works in relieving you from both gas and indigestion. Apple cider vinegar helps in providing our stomach with the much required acid. To treat indigestion it can be taken with water and honey and it will give effective results. Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup water and add 1 teaspoon honey. Drink this solution two to three times a day.

10. Buttermilk


Buttermilk is a wonder remedy when it comes to treating indigestion and gas. It is easier to digest than milk and contains more lactic acid. Buttermilk is already recommended to keep yourself cool in harsh summers and its digestive benefits just give you another reason to drink up a glass of buttermilk.

9. Baking Soda

baking soda

To combat extra acid in your stomach baking soda is an effective and a commonly available antacid. The basic nature of soda neutralizes the excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach forming salt and water. Mix half teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water and drink the solution on an empty stomach. It will get you fast relief from gas and indigestion.

8. Herbal Tea

herbal teas

People drinking herbal tea right after a heavy meal used to confuse me. If you have already ate heavy then why would you consume something more? But herbal teas work effectively in easing digestion. Mint, raspberry and blackberry tea can be taken after a heavy meal to reduce indigestion. Peppermint and chamomile work as great stomach pain relievers too. One can dip a herbal tea bag in warm water and enjoy the warm herbal tea. Fresh mint leaves or dried chamomile flowers can also be dipped in water.

7. Garlic


You may run away from the smell of garlic that might linger in your mouth but this little ingredient has phenomenal properties to stimulate your gastric system helping you get relief from gas and ingestion problems. The pungent heating quality of garlic is what makes it work so efficiently. Consume garlic in a soup where the hot water helps it to get absorbed by your digestive system faster. Or boil ground garlic in water for few minutes and add some black pepper and cumin seeds. Strain this mixture and let it cool. Drinking this two or three times a day will get you fruitful results.

6. Ginger


Now I get it why my mother always insists on adding some chopped ginger to the Indian curries. Not only does it add an aroma and spiciness to the food but ginger is well accepted as a traditional cure for indigestion. Ginger as a food ingredient or in a strong ginger tea helps in causing stimulation of saliva, bile juices and gastric juices while all these play important roles in digestion. Drinking ginger tea is certainly much more beneficially to get rid of gas and indigestion problems than coffee and soda.

5. Cardamom


One common kitchen spice that can be very useful in comforting your stomach gas indigestion is cardamom. The volatile oil present in it helps to cure a number of digestive disorders include gas and indigestion. The cardamom seeds can be consumed alone or one can add roasted cardamom powder to the vegetables while cooking. Cardamom tea is also an excellent way to treat indigestion. Drinking the tea several times a day will speed up your digestive process.

4. Lemon


This tangy little citrus fruit is known to have a lot of health benefits. Preventing and curing indigestion is one of them. Mixed with hot water, lemon juice can help you get rid of nausea, heartburn and belching. It acts as a blood purifier, as a cleansing agent and stimulates digestion by helping the body to produce bile juices. Drinking fresh lemon water first thing in morning can help you prevent many kinds of digestive disorders and have a healthy digestive system.

3. Asafoetida


Another digestive spice also known as Hing, asafoetida is cultivated in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. It is an effective remedy that can cure many digestive problems like flatulence, stomach-ache and constipation. A pinch of asafoetida can be added to a glass of warm water and consumed two to three times a day.

2. Carom seeds

carom seeds

Exclusively found in certain parts of Asia, carom seeds, or “ajowan/ajwain” has been grandma’s recipe to cure indigestion since ages. It is one of the most useful herbs that can cure almost all the stomach problems. Carom seeds or ajowan facilitates the release of gut juices thus increasing the digestive function of our intestinal tract. The simplest way to consume ajowan is swallowing 5-10 seeds with a pinch of salt and washing it down your throat with water, it will give an immediate relief.

1. Warm water

warm water

Oh yes! Besides being the most used solvent to other herbs and spices, warm water alone can also get you some immediate relief from gas and indigestion. It helps cleaning our body by flushing out all the toxins present and also breaks down the food to make it easier for our body to digest it. Having a glass of warm water in morning is a healthy practice and will keep your digestive system on track. Also having warm water after meals proves to be beneficial for your stomach.

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  • Cheryl Lane


    Flatulence can be cured by using commonly used herbs and spices available in almost every kitchen; one of the most effective treatments is by mixing half teaspoon of ginger and pinches each of asafetida and rock salt in a cup of lukewarm water. Drinking this concoction can cure the problem of flatulence. Another very effective remedy to cure flatulence can be made and kept for regular use; it is made by mixing dry ginger, seeds of green cardamom and pepper, in equal quantities, and grinding it to form a powder. This powder half teaspoon in quantity can be mixed with a cup of water and consumed before every meal, this helps in improving digestive system to cure the problem of flatulence.

    Peppermint usually used for refreshing mouth after the meal is very effective remedy for flatulence and peppermint oil has been used since a long time to provide permanent solution to the problem. Chewing peppermint after meals helps in improving digestive system and soothes the digestive tract; it avoids bloating and abdominal pain after meal. Peppermint oil with caraway oil is used in various medications as a cure for flatulence. Sucking a piece of clove after meal, chewing fennel seeds after meal and using ginger in the food in raw or cooked form also helps in curing flatulence effectively and permanently.

    Increased intake of fruits like papaya, figs, guava, and banana helps in keeping the problem of excess flatus under control by helping digestion. Few people have irregular eating habit, such a routine promotes flatulence too, regularizing meals and not remaining hungry for a long time, eating smaller and regular meals also helps in curing the problem of flatulence permanently. Physical activity keeps digestive organs in shape and healthy which eventually prevents flatulence. Chewing food well before swallowing, sufficient amount of water consumption everyday and proper sleep are other factors which affect the formation of gas during digestion, ignoring these good habits can reduce the effects of remedies and one may not get effective treatment.

    P.S. I found the other 5 most effective gas remedies at

  • Joel Saavedra

    The information you have shared above is very informative & helpful to relieve the gas indigestion problem. Hot water, lemon juice can help you get rid of nausea, heartburn and belching. You should try these remedies for gas problem. Get more information check out my site:-

  • Kamalakkannan


    These information will better for me. I taken tablets for cough for 3 days. From that time, I was affected stomach pain and Gas problem. I am not willing to take medicines again. So that, I search these things. These are really remembering our home treatments to me. My mother usually told me about these from my childhood. Even now also we are using. These are commonly known by Indian family and using.

    • Angrez

      your English.. Sir.. Salute.. Respect!

  • Sudatta Pandey

    Thank you for these valuable tips. I have been suffering from this problem from a long time now after having consumed coffee in excessive quantities to keep awake at night. Have found some relief with cold milk but these solutions are great!