10 Absolute Summer Beauty Kit Essentials for Women

Summers are meant for bright, cheerful tones and hues. Our whole wardrobe, in fact our whole get up is the announcement that ‘summers are here’ as we shift away from the dreary winter wears. Not only our clothes, but also the way we apply make up, the skin care regime we follow before and after stepping out of home, and the food habits we follow, change according to the climate. Summers are more demanding when it comes to our ‘handy’ kit of beauty essentials as we step out into the unforgiving sun, because we know that the romanticised accounts of European summers don’t resound in a similar fashion with us Indians who receive sunlight for most part of the year. To protect our skin from the potentially damaging rays, dust and pollution, we must have some essentials at our disposal.


  1. Smudge-proof mascara

A lot of people can give a miss to many make up products but definitely not the mascara! Mascara is the quintessential make up product that most women swear they just can’t go without. In fact, the most basic summer look may simply consist of some tinted moisturiser with sun protection, a light lip stick/lip gloss and mascara. Since using mascara can be so important for us, it’s important to have smudge-proof mascara in our essentials kit always.


  1. Concealer

 Summers in the tropical lands can be very draining and this shows on our face. Prolonged exposure to the heat and spending long days under the sun can leave us looking tired and it also makes our eyes look baggy. To combat this groggy, baggy look, we should always keep a concealer handy. If we are headed out somewhere after a long day, a touch up with our concealers to hide the dark rings around our eyes can make a huge difference to our look. Be careful while choosing a concealer that’s suitable according to your skin tone. Choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone when you’re buying one.


  1. Stay-in place eyeliner.

 Nothing ups our game than finely using eyeliner to draw upon our eyelids. It’s very difficult to get it right but when applied properly, you don’t have to try to hard on your make up regime otherwise. But due to heat we are prone to sweating so we should invest in smudge-proof liners for the ultimate summer look. Always carry a smudge-proof eyeliner if it’s too hot and also if you have very oily skin. Smudged eyeliner looks unkempt and unattractive.


  1. Perfumes and deodorants.

Although required throughout the year, perfumes and deodorants become all the more indispensable in summers. We sweat a lot and the odour produced can be a real put-off. Not carrying these is a virtual no-no. They make us feel pleasant, more confident and a lot fresher as well. Use the ones which are long lasting, investing in a good deodorant is also important for your skincare as they come in direct contact with your skin. Avoid using cheap products when you can.


  1. Lip balms & lipsticks for touch ups.

Dry or chapped lips don’t only look unattractive but also make us feel uncomfortable, and can even be painful. So it’s important to carry lip balms to apply after a few hours whenever we feel our lips getting dried up. Also, a good idea is to carry lipsticks/glosses for touch ups to perk up our summer attire with the summery shades.


  1. Dry shampoo.

 A great invention for all my lazy soul mates out there! On most of the busy days we may not find the time to wash and dry our hair (also because a lot of people of our generation are very poor time managers). But our face isn’t the only thing that’s getting dirty and damaged from the heat and dust even our hair suffers the consequences. Also, stepping out of home right after shampooing can cause more damage to hair. Also, there are more chances of dust particles sticking to our hair when wet. Hence, unless we have secured a few hours in the morning to wash and dry our hair, or like responsible people have washed our hair at night, it’s advisable to invest in a dry shampoo. Just run them through your hair and get the clean, shampooed look with these dry shampoos.


  1. BB Creams/ tinted moisturiser.

BB creams (standing for beauty balms) are a standalone replacement for a variety of products like serums, moisturisers, foundation, primer and sun block. They can either be worn as it is and work as tinted moisturisers, or can be worn under powder- depending on the desired coverage. Rather than carrying a hoard of products, carrying a good BB cream with SPF protection makes our make up regimen hassle-free.


  1. Wet wipes for face cleaning/make up removal.

Our skin is not only exposed to UV rays but also to dust and pollution when we step out of home. If not cleaned, the dust particles may clog our skin pores. Keeping wet wipes handy is necessary to keep the skin clean and keep our pores clog-free to prevent skin breakouts. Using these also make you feel rejuvenated.


  1. Blotting paper.

 Thank god for these saviours! Blotting papers have become a nearly indispensable accompaniment in our on-the-go essentials kit. In the instances where our skin is prone to more shine than is necessary due to our sweat glands not cooperating with us, these come to the rescue. Blotting papers not only get rid of the excess oil and sweat on our face but, they also retain the required moisture and hence, it’s excellent for the makeup touches in summers. Always carry a pack of blotting paper when you’re on the go.


  1. Sunscreen.

 This is the most important companion of a woman in the scorching heat and unforgiving summer sun. The Ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause severe damage to our skin and sunscreens help in protecting our skin from these harmful radiations of the sun. Usage of good sun blocks can help in keeping cancerous diseases like melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma at bay and even delay early sagging and wrinkles caused by extensive exposure to the sun. It’s advisable to apply sunscreens on exposed skin at least 15-20 minutes before stepping out into the sun for it to be absorbed by the skin and function optimally. Also, people make the mistake of not reapplying their sunscreens during the day. You need to reapply the cream/gel regularly during the day. This is more crucial if you’re spending a considerable amount of time outdoors directly exposed to sunrays. So, keep your sun blocks handy always.


Summers are a time to indulge in bright clothes and light make up that set the mood for the weather. This is the time when people experiment the most with their looks, but we are also exposed to heat and dust that can cause severe damage to our skin. So always be ready with the essentials o keep you looking fresh, pretty and rejuvenated and enjoy the summers to the fullest looking your brightest and best.


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