10 Absolute Wardrobe Essentials for Women

If you’re a woman yourself or if you are a man who has had to deal with a woman during any point in his life, you sure would’ve come across the phrase, ‘But I have nothing to wear.’ It doesn’t matter if she has an overflowing wardrobe, 20 pairs of shoes, boxes full of jewelry or a collection that could give any clothing store a serious run for their money. You might think all those 5 pink dresses look exactly the same, but you’re wrong my friend. To her, they will each be different from the other.

No matter how many clothes a woman has, they’re never going to be enough. But even after spending the major chunk of her earnings on clothes and accessories she will never feel that she has a suitable collection of outfits that could save her at various occasions. Here it is essential for a woman to realise the number of clothes she has will be of no use until she has a few key pieces in her wardrobe. These items can help her mix and match other things she already owns and help her put together different outfits for every occasion. So let us discuss those 10 absolute wardrobe essentials that we feel every woman needs.

  1. An adjustable bra:

Before spending your bucks on numerous outfits, it is important that your innerwear fits you properly. More specifically, a bra, if not of the right shape and size, can make any outfit look unflattering. So every woman must invest in a good bra, preferably in a neutral colour. So before you start out to get yourself some fancy clothes, make sure you have the right stuff to wear underneath it. As an essential piece, get one with detachable straps that can be worn under outfits of different styles.

2. Black/White camisole:

A camisole or a spaghetti tank top in a black or white colour has the power to save you during disastrous times. Whether to be worn by itself during summers or layering it with something like an open shirt, this piece is a wardrobe must have. Many a times just when we’re about to go out and our putting on our clothes, we may find a top or a dress that has a rather revealing neckline or something that is see-through. A camisole can easily be worn under it to prevent you from being uncomfortable and saving you from a possible wardrobe malfunction.

2. An LBD:

When in doubt, wear black. The little black dress has been a wardrobe staple for countless women across the globe. Brought to life by Coco Chanel, it is probably the most versatile piece you can own. From Audrey Hepburn to Alia Bhatt, all stylish ladies have been sported wearing an LBD at some point or another. It saves you the last minute trouble for any event that you may have to go to. Wear it with a killer pair of heels and you’re good to go out clubbing, team it with a smart blazer and you can ace that office meeting, wear it with a pair of converse or flats and it becomes the perfect outfit for a day out with your girlies. So it’s safe to say that you need at least one of these in your closet if you don’t already own one.

LBDs-Editors-Picks24. Nude heels:

‘The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.’ Every woman needs a pair of classy heels and it’s a great option to get them in a nude or a blush tone since then it can be paired with all sorts of attires. Whether it’s your skinny jeans, a glamorous dress, your office formals or even a pair of chudidars, a pair of nude heels will go with everything and add that instant poise. They aren’t boring like your black heels but aren’t too in the face either. If you want to own just 1 pair of heels, it has got to be this one. They will be your saving grace on various occasions.

michael-a-love-me-suede-2-nude_THUMB_L5. Pair of jeans/Jeggings:

It’s really a case of apples and oranges when it comes to jeans or jeggings. If you’re someone who likes her classic denims then a pair of well fitted jeans that suit your body type are a must have for you. They are not only flattering but are one item you can’t go wrong with. If you’ve jumped on the jeggings bandwagon and have far ditched those jeans then a pair of black jeggings are what you need. Either of these based on your body type and preference is perfect from day to night, formal to casual.

1_156518_ZM6. Basic V-neck t shirt:

A basic V neck t-shirt in either a black, white or grey is a safe option for casual wear. To be worn with skirts, jeans, palazzos or shorts. A great option for girls for an everyday look. Make sure you invest in a comfortable one since it’s going to get most use during those off and about days.

7. Tote bag:

Women are prone to carry a bucket full in their handbags. Hence a good and spacious tote bag is an essential while going out for the entire day. A lip-gloss, sanitary napkins, an extra pair of shoes and a lot more. It is important to have a bag that has the appropriate amount of storage for your stuff. Even if it means shelling a few extra bucks, it’s a great investment option since a good quality handbag can last you a really long time whereas if you go from a flimsy one, you might have to buy a new one every now and then.

coach-tote-bag-coral-718715-0-08. Trench coat/Blazer:

Depending on the sort of weather conditions you have around your area, A Trench coat or blazer should be of utmost priority. A blazer can make you look chic and can be perfect to make even a simple casual outfit look super classy. Over jeans, trousers or a pencil skirt, if you want to give your outfit a little more structure, a blazer will never disappoint you. On the other spectrum is a trench coat which will be your best friend during unkind weather. Put it over anything, it’s a step ahead than wearing a regular jacket. Casual or formal, a trench coat is not only warm but also looks super stylish.

2015-New-font-b-Blazer-b-font-font-b-Women-b-font-font-b-Fashion-b9. A scarf:

At first this might not seem like a wardrobe essential but you’ll quickly realize its importance once you own one. A great pick me up for many outfits, it’s a great layering accessory. A thick warm scarf for the winter time or a light and breezy one for the warmer weather, depending upon the climatic conditions, a scarf is a must have. You’ll thank yourself when you have a scarf on on those chilly windy days.

10. Clutch:

Lastly, to finish off any formal outfit, every woman needs a clutch. For times when you’re going out on a date to a fancy restaurant or attending your best friend’s wedding, a clutch will hold your essentials and glam up your outfit. A huge tote bag will not help you on those special occasion and it is then that the clutch will come in handy. Many options to choose from, you could get anything from blingy ones with rhinestones on them or even plain leather ones in solid colours.


This list may include some things who already own while a couple others might not have seemed like an essential. Nonetheless, including these staple items is sure to help you out. A decluttered wardrobe leads to clearer space and in that way you will be able to easily put together different outfits by using up everything you have in your wardrobe.

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