10 Board Games That You Must Play At Least Once

Hanging out with friends is a great way to spend your time. But talking to them all day might not be the best way to enjoy. Next time keep aside your phones for a while and give board games a try. Surely, you must have played board games whenever your cousins or friends came over. Probably because board games ensure everyone’s participation and is simple to understand. Nobody feels excluded either. There’s more interaction, less automation and too much fun. Unlike sports, board games are also enjoyed by many of us lazy people. Who’d prefer sitting indoors, rather running out in the sun. Mainly because it usually has lesser restrictions, so as to who can play the game. The motto of many board games is to be simple and open for people of various age groups. It’s a misconception that board games must necessarily involve a board. Any game played on a tabletop with turns qualifies to be a board game. Do your friends think that playing a board game is boring? Then share this list with them. They’ll maybe want to try any of these with you. Especially at times when there’s no phone around to pass time.

10. Cards against humanity

The name of the game says it all. It is 180 degrees apart from the normal goody old board games. To play this game you’ll require the respective card deck. A good atmosphere, like a party or gathering. And some horrible people. Usually this game starts with choosing a card Czar. Czar picks up a black card. Black cards contain random sentences with some blanks. These blanks are filled by the contents of white cards, which are given to other players. The Czar picks out the most hilarious and/or politically incorrect combination. That particular white card holder wins. With every round, the Czar keeps rotating. Despite the decline in board game business, this game is picking pace.

board games cards against humanity

9. Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons(D&D) is a fantasy role-playing board game. One of the most popular board games among geeks. Several players can tag along without any limit to the number of players. All of them assume a character. The character’s class, status and abilities are noted down by dungeon master. All the moves are recorded by dungeon master, who moderates the game. Using a polyhedral dice, the game advances turn by turn. At every turn, a character is supposed to do some action. Some actions are obvious, like reading a letter or opening a door. While some actions aren’t predefined. A character can create his own action too. To do so he must rely on the outcome of rolling dice. This game is very popular and one of the best selling board games. But it is not suitable for kids. Mostly because of the violence and satanic references. Hence, it receives some flak.

board game dungeons and dragons

8. The game of life

A board game which takes its players on a memorable journey. The title couldn’t have been more appropriate for this board game. It lets its players transcend from one phase of life to another. Over the years, this game has experienced a lot of changes. But the basic outline is the same. The board has a spin-wheel in the centre. Using which the players make their next move. Each player has a plastic miniature piece representing him/her on the board. The game allows the players to travel to various places on the board. The game has a bank maintaining all the finances of players. Players get to choose their college, major, career, partner and many more decisions. The makers have also  produced a lot of variants for the original game. Thus making it more interesting.

board games the game of life

7. Uno

Perhaps the simplest game in this list of board games. Uno requires a special deck of cards. The deck includes coloured cards that are either numbered or an action card. The rules of UNO is pretty simple. After dealing the cards, every player plays a card turn by turn. But subsequent player must play the card with either same colour or same number as the previous card. Or else, they can also use some special action cards. Special action cards include draw 2, draw 4, colour change, reverse and many more. The player must call “UNO!” when he has just one card to play. After running out of all cards, the player wins.

board games uno

6. Battleship

A strategic naval war game that doesn’t require you to be a navy officer. Don’t worry if you couldn’t buy one of this in the store. Because you can play this even without spending money buying the set. Just be ready with some paper, pens and willing friends to play with. This game starts with all the players drawing the same square grid map on paper. Then they mark a few battleships of different sizes in their map. The locations of these battleships are not known by the opponents. After this initial prep, turn by turn, the players bomb a single square off the opponent’s grid. The game goes on until any one players finds all its battleships bombed by opponent. A very simple game, combining strategy and a little bit of luck together.

board games battleship

5. Checkers

Checkers is also known as droughts. This game has many variants. All the variants differ in some rules. The game of checkers is played on a square board with alternate black and white marked tiles. In some variants the tile count is 8×8, while some have 10×10 or 12×12. Regardless of the tile count, the board has two groups of coloured pawns, each for an opponent. With every alternating turn, a player moves one of the pawns to a diagonally adjacent unoccupied square. Only the dark tiles of the board can be used for the moves. If any diagonally adjacent tile is occupied with an opponent pawn, then it can be jumped over. Thus eliminating the opponent pawn from the game. The game lasts until all of the opponent’s pawns are eliminated.

board games checkers

4. Risk

One of the board games that guides you to global domination. Yes you read it right. This game comes with a board that includes the world map on it. You can gather around 2 to 5 of your friends to play this game with. Initially, before the turns begin, every player is given a fixed number of infantry. This initial infantry is used to conquer the regions before the turns actually begin. After the initial setup, the game moves on and players can attack other players’ regions. Attackers rolls a dice and for every such attack, the defender has to roll the dice too. Either the defender matches up or surpasses the attack number. Accordingly the losing team loses that many infantry. The winner is decided when a player drives out all the enemy infantry out of the map. That’s how you learn global domination.

board games risk

3. Scrabble

The best game to work up your vocabulary. The board contains 15×15 vacant tiles. All the players get a bag full of alphabets which they place on the board turn by turn. The only constraint being that the alphabets must be arranged to make a valid word. It is a very interesting game as vocabulary of the players is put to test. Thus, a classical game like this deserves a tight spot on our list.

best board games scrabble

2. Monopoly

One of the most played games in any household. If you have siblings and friends, then this would always be on the top of the to-do list. A game of monopoly is suitable for 2 to 6 players. It involves a special board that is designed to have different properties and assets on it. Using small plastic representative of each player, the games move on. With every rolling dice, the player moves ahead as many steps as the dice says. Before the game is started, every player is allotted some money to begin with. Using this money the player can buy the property they land on. From here on, if any other player lands on same property then he/she has to pay for it. The game goes on until all players go bankrupt, except for one winner.

board games monopoly

1. Chess

Perhaps the oldest board game that is still widely played. It is played on a chequered board with 64 tiles on an 8×8 grid. It is a two-player game that have 16 pieces each. 8 pawns and 8 other pieces with different ability to move on the chess board. Based on the ability of the pieces, it can either roam around the chessboard or eliminate opponent’s pieces. The game goes on until a player eliminates the opponent’s king. That particular situation is called checkmate. Chess is regarded to be the best strategic board game of all times. One needs to think ahead of the moves they’re making in order to win at chess. International competitions are held every year to determine the champions. Nonetheless, it makes for a very thrilling strategic game to play with your friends when bored.

board games chess


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