10 Cool Zodiac Tattoos that you can Get

The zodiac tattoos have become quite popular body modifications to depict your roots. In ancient times, tattoos were used for healing, spirituality and punishment. As centuries have passed, the reason to ink has evolved. Today it is a popular and silent way to express oneself. Many consider that God has bestowed their body as canvas to paint and personalize.

My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story “—Johnny Depp.

For some people the act of getting inked proves to be a journey of thrill and pleasure. The reasons may be different but this new culture has brought the concept of tattoo to a new light. Tattoos are now contributing into the mainstream society. Their popularity has outreached not only the social platforms but also major television networks. Tattoos will never make you feel vulnerable when you are naked, they will make you feel impregnable.  If you believe in the science of astrology and appreciate aesthetic sense; Then here are 10 cool zodiac tattoos which you may like.



The zodiac Capricorn signified by goat are patient and ambitious. They are ruled by planet Saturn. Capricorns are strong friend, independent and are always aware of their potential.  When it comes to family matters, they become responsible and protective. They believe in traditional values and try to stick to them. In matters of love and relationship, they always take things slowly to the deeper side. They expect their companion to be loyal and honest. If you fall under this zodiac, you can have a mountain goat inked which is quite earthy and edgy.

  1. Leo


It is symbolized by Nemean Lion, a lion with an impenetrable hide. Leo are ruled by Sun. Leo are natural born leaders. They are warm spirited, attractive and protective in nature. They don’t live in the past but thrive with time. Beating around the bush is not their way. They are considered as great friends and known for their forgiving nature. Leo can convert their failures into positive strides. A lion face tattoo on finger would be a great way to flaunt your star sign.

  1. Pisces


Pisces, a water element have zodiac symbol fish and is ruled by Neptune. Generosity and compassion are the characters associated with Pisces. They have a good taste in music and art. Deep inside they are spiritual beings and constantly engrossed in discovering the enlightenment and sole purpose of life. Purple Pisces tattoo on leg would be quite cool to have. She is water. Powerful enough to drown you. Soft enough to cleanse you. Deep enough to save you —Adrian Michael

  1. Sagittarius


Archer is the symbol of Sagittarius and ruled by Jupiter.  Sagittarius are adventures, enthusiastic and expressive. They are fun loving and experimental. Archers adore freedom and have strong ethics and opinions. The world requires the charisma and spontaneity of a Sagittarius. They freely give in a relationship but they usually freak out if it becomes bondage. If you are a true Sagittarius by virtue, a dark archer tattoo with planets can be the one you can choose to ink.


  1. Scorpio


Scorpio is signified by a scorpion and ruled by Planet Pluto. Scorpio are fiercely independent, introvert and possessive. The other attributes are passionate, caring and sporty. They are enigmatic like ocean and its difficult to explore the layers of their secretiveness. Clairvoyant nature can put them in adverse situations. Scorpions are dead serious regarding their love life and have highly demanding desires. The scorpion tattoo with flowers depicts the contrast nature of the Scorpios.

  1. Monkey


If you are among them who follow the Chinese calendar then this one is for you. Monkey is a prominent and earthly zodiac. There is a saying for Monkeys that “Give a monkey a boring book to read and he’ll turn it into a Musical”. At times, monkeys can be crafty and pranksters, but they don’t intend to hurt anyone. They are advised to be vigilant around people because they easily get carried away. People may have sweet or bitter things to say about them but they don’t give a damn about it. This tattoo exactly marks the care free, amiable and passionate nature of this zodiac.

  1. Gemini

zodiac ssm

Gemini is represented by The Twins —Castor and Pollux. They are the perfect example of balance between the Yin and the Yang. Mercury is the ruler planet. Gemini are versatile, intellectual and dynamic. Gemini are good at analyzing and inferring problems which lead them to targeting high positions. They are social butterflies and creative minds. No one can deny to their charming and congenial character which gives them advantage over other candidates. Gemini sign on legs would be cool way to declare your zodiac.

  1. Virgo


Virgo is represented by maiden and ruled by Mercury. They never go with quantity but quality in friendship, career and every other aspect of life. The vice in them is their possessive attitude towards their loved ones. Virgos are studios, energetic and modest. They are reliable, practical and critical. In pressurized environment, they can turn skeptic and make wrong decisions. The tailed ‘M’ tattoo is a better way to acknowledge the feminine nature of Virgo. Next time when you go for an outing or for a walk around the city, make a bun or high ponytail and let the tattoo alone do the speaking.

  1. Dragon


Another Chinese zodiac is the legendary animal Dragon. Dragons are dauntless, inflexible and splendor. They are generous, lovable and artistic.  Dragons love when their partner is intriguing and passionate. Once they get sure about their emotions, they get readily committed for the whole life. They like leading others rather than getting led. Along with it, dragons are cranky and temperamental. Self control and patience can lead them to prosperity. Dragon’s compatibility lies with people belonging to monkey zodiac. This fiery dragon tattoo itself speaks about power and might.

  1. Aries


Mars is the ruler of Aries. The people belonging to this zodiac are brave, adventure loving and energetic. Aries are honest, focused and initiative taker. The ability to manage people and originate bright ideas attract opportunities and employment. Impatience and lack of will power act as a major hindrance at their work place. They hate boredom and easily lose interest in their partner. Amusement is what they desire in long run. The head of ramp is the symbol for Aries. This zodiac tattoo will look eye-catching and make you more attractive.


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