10 Cutest Things that Kids do

Kids are the cute little beings with the purest souls. When these tiny tots do something, it becomes the cutest thing that one could ever witness. Everybody loves kids. Except for the fact that they weep and whine for hours and don’t agree easily to go to bed, there is not a single thing that we don’t like about them. Kids can fill your life with immense joy. The cute little things that they do have the power to make you forget all the hardships and struggles that you’ve faced throughout the day. Keep reading to find out the 10 cutest things that kids do.

10. Giving flowers to the teacher





After their parents, teachers are the ones that kids look up to. Other than his/her parents, a teacher is the most valued entity in a kid’s life. Kids more often get psychologically and emotionally attached with their teachers as teachers are the ones who understand their different needs, make them learn so many things, cheer them up and create the very basic foundation of their cognitive processes and thus, pave their way for a bright future. This amount of love and affection is felt by the kid. Sometimes, kids see their teachers as their role models too. Thus, as a sign of gratitude and as a token of love for their teachers, kids give them a flower or a small bouquet of flowers from time to time. And this is an amazingly cute gesture. While giving flowers, the expression on a kid’s face is just priceless.

9. Asking for things

When kids ask for a chocolate bar, a Barbie doll set or a Hot Wheels set, the faces that they make are just worth dying for. It’s always a diplomatic move on the part of a kid to make such faces and actually, it works. Almost always. That cute puppy face takes everything away (even your soul) and manipulates you as if you’ve lost all your intelligence and are now you’re  ready to flow in the trance of cuteness. That was a bit exaggerated but, we do give kids whatever they ask us to get them. All thanks to that cute, little, chubby face.

8. Playing hide and seek


Hide and seek is a very interesting game and it becomes even more interesting when its played with kids. Because for us, this game might be just a game but for kids, this is a ‘do or die’ kind of a situation. Yes, kids take this game very seriously. When a kid becomes the denner and goes behind a tree or a door to count till 30, his/her facial expressions are worth noticing. The immense passion and dedication with which the kid counts and meanwhile, builds up different strategies in his/her mind about how to catch and where to find the ones who’ve hidden and the excitement with which the kids hide is just enough to give you a sudden strike of laughter.

7. While eating


A hungry kid asking for food looks very cute. But the sight of a kid eating something can instantly fill your heart with jelly beans, donuts, muffins, pastries of all sorts and what not. It boggles my mind whenever I see a kid eating because kids can’t chew properly. The effort they put into chewing and then swallowing the food is utterly visible which makes the kid look even cuter. They also accessorize this whole process of eating with leg movements, hand movements, not being able to hold the cutlery properly, etc. which adds to the overall cuteness.

6. While sleeping


When I see a kid sleeping, the degree of that sudden ecstasy that I experience can not be compared with any other feeling in the world. Lost in their world of dreams and fantasies, princesses and fairies and imagining themselves to be a part of their dream absolutely reflects on their little faces. The innocence and the purity that is clearly visible on their faces can even make a beast melt down. It is obviously cute but also, a beautiful view to witness.

5. When they solve puzzles

When you shuffle and scramble the puzzle pieces in front of the kids, they become very serious. It becomes a task for them. When they get up and try to pick the pieces in an effort to match the picture, it’s just incredibly cute. The dedication and sincerity that they show during solving puzzles is just amazing. Sometimes, even adults are unable to solve these puzzles. These toddlers are able to solve the most difficult puzzles in just a matter of a few minutes. This whole fact in itself is very cute.

4. When they get hurt and cry

This might sound rude but sometimes, when kids do not get that severely hurt, they still cry and they keep crying in order to seek attention and sympathy from their parents or whoever is present in their vicinity. That artificial tone and that fake crying expression is marvelously cute. The moment you give them attention, they would instantly stop crying and calm down and would come running to you to cuddle. Well, I don’t mind cuddling either.

3. When they sing

Kids have a very sweet and a very soft voice. A combination of such a texture of voice with that tiny body doing different actions while singing is worth watching. Firstly, kids don’t understand the pronunciations of different words and thus, cannot pronounce these words properly. Secondly, they don’t get the meaning of the lyrics. Due to these reasons, they usually sing without giving any damn to the world but there is always that degree of innocence on their faces when they mess up with their lyrics which just wins us over.

2. When they dance

Except for the ones who can do wonders from a very young age, the moves that kids perform during dancing is absolutely raw and don’t make any sense. And the simplicity and innocence with which they dance is wonderful. Those bizarre leg and hand movements make the whole thing look so cute that you feel like instantly jumping on the kid and cuddling. Seeing your own kid dance is enough to make you feel extremely nostalgic and can take you on a roller coaster ride to your childhood.

1. When they imitate adults

The reason why this category is kept at the first position should be very clear from the above posted picture. This kid wearing Alan’s sunglasses that are larger than his face in the movie, Hangover 3 is probably the cutest thing that has ever happened and can ever happen to the mankind. Any kid who tries to imitate adults like wearing sunglasses larger than his/her face can be a reason to laugh for the whole day. When they use any kind of adult accessories like shoes, watches, caps, etc., it can tickle your funny bone like anything. Funny with cute is equal to dynamite.

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  • Kids are adorable, even when they’re crying. The only time I can think of when a child is not being adorable is when they’re someone else’s, crying and/or screaming, in a restaurant I’m trying to enjoy eating in. 🙁