10 Dangerously Negative Impacts of Technology on Health

“Oh my God! I got a sore nose. I dropped my I phone 6 on it while texting last night!”

Yeah right, maybe it should have fallen on your upper lip and you’d have saved the cost for a lip job. Nevertheless that is for sure not the most negative health impact technology can have on you. It’s hardly a negative health impact… read on how horrible can technology be for your health and you’ll realize the not so shaped septum is just only the most ignorable thing to happen to you. No matter how many friends is Facebook giving you, no matter how many followers you have on twitter, I’d still advise get off it now… like NOW!

10. Blackberry Thumb: Tendonitis and all

So as much as you’d laugh off the term, a blackberry thumb is well… a Blackberry thumb, or an iphone thumb, or maybe just a smartphone thumb for that matter. Too much scrolling with your thumbs has actually lead onto causing stress injuries to your thumb. And this my dear mostly leads to tendonitis. Though if the pain is excruciating, it will keep you off texting, but once you return to your good old…oops bad old habit, the pain is bound to return too. So keep up your guards and maybe, just maybe you could do with index finger scrolling too.

9. Tennis Elbow? No, Computer Wrist

You’ve heard of a tennis elbow at god knows how many occasions but have you heard of a computer wrist? No? Then hear of it now and decide whether you are diagnosed of it already. People who type too much are prone to computer wrists or painful wrists due to Carpel Tunnel. Don’t know what it is? Google maybe! So maybe you want to ease up on the facebook statuses and take care of those wrists. Also, many a times the muscles weaken so much that you almost lose your capability of having a tight grip on anything. I repeat… Anything. So it might just lead you to drop that smartphone that cost over a thousand dollars in the gutter. Want that? Sure not!

8. Eyesight and Hearing loss

You know of it already ! Mom has bickered times so many how your eyesight would degenerate due to that constant staring at the screen. And well those spectacles? Weren’t they on just because you are a studying geek? Yeah? So eyesight you know but hearing losses are just as common due to the loud music and your video game audio your ear is just so fond of. I won’t really comment on how much should you stop relying on technology because you can live deaf and blind but without technology? Oh my god … that seems some challenge. So take your say because technology won’t aid your senses as much as nature does! Your say?

7. Warped sensations: The phone’s always ringing

A whole lot of people (me included) wake up in the middle of nights because they heard their phone ringing… and it might be important, except just that their phone was not ringing. A lot of people have warped sensations of the phone ringing, the phone vibrating or the led notification flashing. That’s alright, certain illusions are good yeah? Like Mr. Christian Grey was going to call you on that phone of yours, illusions are then bound to happen! So maybe it’s not that dangerous after all. You can still wait until you talk over phone endlessly on hours, just when there was no one on the other side. Maybe they are not illusions… just some ghost calling?

6. Nervous but dangerously: Neurosis

And you know what? I am not coining the term but there is this certain technology neurosis affecting people who are well… technology addicted. So the symptoms are mental and emotional disturbances, facing phobias, delusions and being anxious all the time… maybe by choice of words should have been anxiety struck. Never mind. But were they not all symptoms of general neurosis? Alright, so maybe technology neurosis has it different. Have you believed you’ve got this disease after you read about it on WebMD? Or maybe just believed that you are Johnny Depp after that video of yours went viral? That is technology neurosis.

5. Posture and cervical woes: Spondylitis

This one I am sure you know already, more than half of today’s youth has a bad posture, a curved backbone and cervical Spondylitis. And though it might right now seem to you so cool to have a disorder that everyone does just because it shows how tech savvy you are, let me tell you this, it is completely not cool. You’d know later when your movement is restricted to looking right ahead at 180 degrees. Or maybe you’d be too busy looking at your screen to even notice that your movement just got that restricted.

4. Fertility woes: Reduces Sperm count

Yes, that wi-fi on your computer is a potential threat to your unborn children!Those radiations can be highly degenerating for your sperm count and I don’t think you’ve wished for that exactly. Or have you? Keep that laptop off your lap to prevent damage to your fertility. Alright girls… no rejoicing… laptop radiations have been told to cause significant damage to your reproductive health too. From causing irregular menstrual cycles to leading to loss of fertility. So maybe that technology is hampering all your plans of pregnancy pampering. Beware!

3. Chronic Smartphone Stress

Excessive use of smartphones has lead to this new type of stress: The chronic Smartphone Stress. You feel anxious by the most ignorable notifications and even more anxious in case there are no notifications. You are constantly on the lookout for text message replies and other notifications from people. You start craving for virtual attention making you not only a narcissist but also not getting enough attention makes you stressed, and so highly so that it might in the future lead to even depression.

2. Too fat to fit the couch: Obesity

Obesity (Or Tech-besity like it should be called) is one of the most dangerous impacts of technology on health. Obesity is the unsaid symptom of most lifestyle diseases from blood pressure to diabetes and hormonal disbalances. So maybe you need to get off that couch and hit the gym or else you’d be too fat to fit the couch and stare at that screen. Another reason why obesity is linked to technology except binge eating while on the laptop and reduced exercise is staying up late hours. Your liver works its best while you are asleep and hence secretes certain enzymes that absorb fat, however with the liver function going topsy turvy, those potato wafers are bound to show on the circumference of your waist which would probably have too much waste.

1. Radiation Damage: Cancer

Though cancer cannot be entirely linked to technology but it is most definitely the most dangerous impact technology can have on health. Smartphones release certain radiations that are absorbed by human bodies and which might cause tumours. They say speaking too much with the phone against your ear rises possibilities of you getting a brain tumour by over 80%. Tumours, in the long run if left untreated cause cancer. So now you know what the radiations and free radicals are doing to you? Yes, chemotherapy uses technology too, so maybe you want to be really tech savvy or just hold back on the addiction.

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