10 Easy Ways to Decorate and Liven Up your home

Home is where the heart is, and if you want your heart to keep beating the right way, you’ve got to have a magnificent home! Your home must be your perfect sanctuary, which is why home decor is of such key importance. Decoration is often dismissed as a frivolous and idle exercise, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your home is the backdrop for your life, and for it to look beautiful is of the utmost essence. It’s a reflection of your moods, your feelings, and your personality; which is why your space must be as comfortable and inviting as possible, to speak of who you are. It is however a time consuming task, and takes considerable effort; which is why this list gives you 10 ways to decorate and liven up your living space, to give your house the beauty boost it needs-


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It is a well known fact, that colours are the perfect addition for livening up any room in a house. But what we must learn is how to add these colours creatively. There are many ways in which you can do this. You could start small, by buying throw blankets, cushions and pillows of exciting, yet complementary hues and patterns; hanging a piece of artwork with vibrant colours; or even by adding an elaborate floral arrangement in the room. However, if you want to go for a more radical change, you could try painting your walls, buying furniture and kitchen appliances in different colours, or even painting your cabinets, floors and ceilings!

When you do decide to add colours, remember that they have a direct impact on your moods. For example, red stirs up excitement, yellow speaks happiness, and blue means serenity. Keeping this in mind would allow you to decide which colour you choose for which room, and which one best reflects your personality.


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Want to make your space look fresh and alive? Natural and organic elements are the answer! You can go the classic route by bringing in flowers and indoor plants into your home, which certainly help in creating a fresh and relaxing feeling; or you can get more innovative, by incorporating elements of wood, straw, stones, sea shells etc. Opting for wooden flooring gives a sleek and sophisticated look to any room, but you can also look for wooden accessories like wooden shelves, wall hangings, candle holders or coasters. Similarly, you can look for statues, vases and arrangements made of stone or shell.

You can also add touches of natural fibres, like wicker, jute and hemp, with lampshades, baskets, rugs made of those materials.


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Candles are a fantastic home decor statement. They exude warmth, light and beauty, are malleable into a number of shapes and types that only serve to make a room look more ornate. You can use candles as centrepieces to create a relaxing atmosphere, and for some interesting lighting during dinner. Candles in the living room help create a inviting ambiance that screams comfort. Candles are good for more than just decorative reasons. They have many spiritual and health benefits. In fact, spiritual leaders use candles to create a magical aura that promotes serenity, clarity and confidence. According to one study by Lund University, “candle smoke can help achieve a better heart rhythm. It’s the sodium and potassium the candle releases that helps regulate the heart.” They also help in stress relief.

Go for scented candles to please the olfactory senses, and to fill your home with a delightful and alluring smell, that will wow the guests and make for a happier home!


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Each one of us have a unique take on a variety of things. Why not invite that unique take into your home decor? Style is an extension of your personality, and in order to reflect that, your home style should include items of your own creation. This type of decoration is called D.I.Y (do it yourself) Home Decor, and it gives your space a distinctive look. You can play artist in any way you want, but a few popular suggestions include- giving your tables a cheerful twist with placemats designed by you, creating coasters from old sweaters/coats, creating pretty Papier-mâché table toppers and ornaments, or attractive decoupage boxes. Not only are these personal contributions adorable and amusing, they are also cost efficient, and environmentally friendly, for it heavily involves recycling materials.


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As we plan to add more items of interest to liven up the home, it’s also essential to re-arrange existing items of furniture or accessories. All of us tend to accumulate a variety items in our home, regardless of whether we need them or not. Many of these go unused, and are left in storage for long periods of time. Unused and unorganised items lead to building up of stagnant energy,  that has a negative impact on your mood and self esteem according to a study by the University of California (UCLA). So it might be a good idea for you to get rid of all the excess, and de-clutter your space to fill in more positive energy, which will definitely liven up your home! Plus, if you get rid of all the things you don’t need, you’ll be able to decorate in more innovative and variant ways.


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A good selection of fabrics can give a completely new look, without doing much. Fabric adds a much needed touch of texture to your home decor. The benefit to fabric, is that it comes in a variety of patterns and colours. Set a colour scheme, and pick sheets, rugs and upholstery to fit that scheme. You can pick out patterns that fit the colour scheme as well. Allow yourself to play with different textures and patterns of textiles; choose your pillows, rugs, curtains with this thought in mind. Re-upholster your furniture, like sofa’s and dining chairs, with exciting patterns of textiles. Differently coloured and patterned fabrics can create a dramatic effect.


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Lighting plays a crucial role in room decor. The right kind of lighting is a big determinant of the ambiance and mood of a room. Different types of lighting define different types of rooms. A good tip is to have different types of lighting sources to create a flattering glow. For the living room, you can use a combination of floor lamps and table lamps in unique shapes and designs, that complement the decor, and also make for a well lit and calming atmosphere. Go for low wattage bulbs and bedside lamps for the bedroom; since it’s a place to kick back and relax after a long day, you may not want something too overpowering. Use overhead lightings for workspaces. Adding a good old chandelier over the dining room is a great way to invite a royal feel to your space, and to gain some serious compliments from the guests!

If you’ve already decided on your lamps and light fixtures, you could try out changing the shade of the lamp to exude a new colour and lend a new look to the room. Another creative and interesting tip, is to use fabric canopies over wall and ceiling lightings in order to give the room a dramatic and enigmatic aura. An increasingly popular trend these days, is to decorate rooms, and even outdoor spaces of the house with fairy lights. They can be affixed inside other lights like paper lamps, but an arrangement of fairy lights is a subtle way to enhance the beauty of a room, and give it a soothing feel.


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First impressions are often the last impressions. Which is why, the entrance to your home is one of the most impactful aspects. Let’s start with the door itself. A colourful door makes a bold and fun statement, and you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated wood finish. If you’ve got a pathway or corridor leading up to your house, line it with garden accessories or house plants, to give a fresh and inviting feel. Apartment dwellers can try hanging planters over their door. You can even add hardware elements like door knockers and house numbers in cool designs. An interesting house plate with your name on it, assures a memorable introduction to your sanctuary.


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In this era, quirky is cool. The conventional is great, but why stick to what you know, when playing around with a bunch of different things is so much more fun? Try giving your home a touch of quirk, by using differently sized dining chairs, hanging an antique door panel on the wall which leads nowhere, using broken old baby chairs as planters, hanging pop art instead of fine art on your walls, etc. Go wild with your imagination, and make your home the most vivid and vibrant of all.


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Mirrors are a very effective element in home decor. Mirrors help reflect light, and give a sense of enhanced space. You can add mirrors of different sizes along staircases or in corridors, you can even use mirrors on doors of closets and cabinets to give your space an enlarged feel, designer Stephen Sclaroff calls this a“welcome hit of muted traditionalism”.

Mirrors are popularly used as decorative windows, as focal points for the room, as art and statement objects for dramatic effect, in entryways for reflecting natural light.

These easy tips are a surefire way to make your house a home. Make your decor dreams come true, today!

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