10 Essential Tips for Having Long Lasting Relationships With Friends and Family

Relationships can be the most vital part of our lives. Love, support and appreciation are things that we all require from the people around us.

It is natural for people to have the need for relationships and a sense of belonging. But with busy schedules and extreme situations in our day-to-day lives, we are faced with tougher relationships and difficult decisions.

Wouldn’t you just love a go-to guide for all your relationship issues? We help take you one step closer to better and longer relationships.

10. Be real


Being your own true self is important in any relationship. You wouldn’t want your loved ones pretending to be someone they’re not, well they wouldn’t want you to do the same either. People will love you for who you are, if you are true to yourself.  Accepting who you are will also help others around you to do the same. So don’t ever hide your true self, its the best version of you. We’re all unique and different, with our quirky habits and distinct ways.


9. Trust him/her


Trust your friends and partners immensely. Even a sliver of doubt can be infectious to your relationships. The person that you’re so close to and love so dearly, loves you too. Trust them to do right by you. In most cases, we doubt people without any facts backing our doubt. Give your loved ones the benefit of doubt. Discussions with them will help you feel more secure as you will know what they are thinking. All the decisions we make are due to some reasoning that favoured our decision and we should trust that our loved ones had their reasons too, for any decision they might have made.


8. Loyalty counts


The feeling of support and allegiance comes naturally to us all. Devotion towards someone whom we love is something we practise and also hope to receive in return. In all situations, always be loyal to your people and never speak ill of them to anyone or act in a way that may be unfaithful to your relationship. We tend to get lost in the flow of discussions and unintentionally say negative things about people we know. This we do without realising that if they were to hear of it, it would hurt them a lot. Being faithful to a relationship is key to its longevity.  Its important to remember that the way we wish to be treated is how we should be treating others as well.


7. Defend and protect


Standing up for the ones we love is instinct. Its a built in value that we cannot erase. But sometimes we need a gentle reminder to protect our people from any harm, physical or emotional. We love when people stand up for our honour, well its important to do that for others too! Making people feel protected and loved is the best way to let them know that you care and that you’re in the relationship for the long haul. Don’t hold back on your protective instincts, let them know you’re their own personal bodyguard. Nobody gets to them unless they get through you first.


6. Give space


All good things have time and intensity constraints, so do relationships. Keeping the right balance between your personal time and friend/family time is essential. It is important to give people the necessary amount of alone time that they need. An overdose of your affection or presence will not help either one of you. Those in-depth times when you’re sipping on coffee and thinking about life, are the times you need to be alone with your thoughts. Give people their thinking time. Chances are they’ll just miss you more when you’re not around!


5. Voice your feelings


Keeping your emotions and feelings bottled up is not a good idea. There will come a day when you are faced with a situation that just pushes you to your saturation point. Its like when you add a mint candy to a Coca-Cola bottle and shake it up. When you open the lid, the Coca-Cola comes pouring out and its not pretty. So if you do decide to be like the Coca-Cola bottle, prepare for a gruesome show down of feelings that should have been voiced a long time ago. Talk about things when they happen and move on, its the mature way to handle things.


4. Humour is the essence


As long as you can manage to make someone laugh, you’re doing something right. Humour helps to fix awkward situations, to end fights that seem endless or even just to keep the entertainment levels high. It doesn’t matter if you choose to humour each other or be humoured by an actual comedian, just being in the presence of laughter helps most situations. If you use humour to diffuse a difficult situation, you could never go wrong.


3. Do fun things


Most people get stuck in a rut after having known each other for long. Its only natural to have a routine and particular things you like doing together. But it is also important to remember that change is good. Its good to try new things together like taking dance classes, joining a book club, going to the gym together, trying adventure sports or even visits to places you don’t usually go to. Before you get bored with a certain activity, make sure to discuss other fun things you could do together.


2. Make & relive memories


The memories you make of the time you spend with your loved ones are always cherished. Its important to communicate with them and spend quality time together in order to make such memories. Family and friends should always be on the top of your priority list. If you make someone your priority, you end up making more time for them. Make sure you have your group of friends or extended family together, at least once a year to make and relive beautiful memories.

1. Holiday in meaningful places


Holidays are essential parts of all of our lives. We need time off our busy schedules to take a break and not have so much on our minds. And these holidays are more special if they are well planned and meaningful with the right people in the right state of mind. If there are some tense times that you are facing with your loved ones, make sure you take some time off and plan a vacation.

To conclude, always have faith in your people and remember that mutual support is important for all relationships.

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