10 Exciting Things about Festivals

Festivals, celebrations and merriment sum up our entire lives!

Every other day is a fiesta of either religious significance, civil or personal commemorations. The year starts and concludes with a joviality of new beginnings and a 365-day-ride of adrenaline rush for the concocting plans. As part of our human heritage, we celebrate each and every event with exuberance and devotion.


Here are a few exciting things about festivals that have you occupied in your euphoria all year-round.


10.) Holidays are coming around!

Let’s wake up, holidays are here!

This is the exact sentiment of a 9 to 5 work-bond or those sick of a routine! The pre-holiday season is the most efficiently functioning time and your pro-active version of the year, when you get your worked done- FOR REAL! The excitement builds up a positive environment, invitation messages starts pouring in and flight tickets are scrutinised for on the laptop screens. For children – no homework, no tuition!

Concluding, it’s mission rejuvenation!


9.) Time to meet the estranged relatives/ friends

Do you remember the last time you met the cousins living in another country or the cousins living in different states or the uncles who reside barely a few steps away from your house? Nah! This is an ideal excuse and ice-breaking occasion to garner some love from the long lost/ distant friends or relatives.

Therefore, festivals are the perfect and a less awkward time to connect again. Hail lazy lads, this is the official celebratory time of the year and rebounds are welcomed.


8.) Garish preparations

Booming, extravagant and elegant decorations can be seen throughout the community. Your house looks like a string of garland amongst many festoons of flowers. Lights gleam ecstasy during boring mid-nights and empty roads or otherwise add up to a lovely chatting-spree with cousins on rooftops or backyards! The beautiful Aroma of the flowers hanging throughout the walls add up to the celebration quota!


Flags hoisted in every building you stroll by and the voguish ones getting the imprints all over themselves, from their cheeks to nails! Pumpkin etching, cracking easter eggs, solving lantern riddles or the innumerable delightful traditions add to the buoyant aura.


7.) Festival incentives, finally!

Bonus, bonus, bonus!


Finally some money that wont fall prey to the bureau of ‘Safe future’ in the piggy bank! Time to be on the unbarred spendthrift! Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Prada, Versace or Victoria Secret, are the new financial consultants on board, incharge of all those credit cards you’ve been hiding! For others, its probably a new video game, Ps4, Netflix or iTunes gift cards or some sumptuous gifts for the special ones!

No matter what you buy with the money, it’s a guilt-free shopping spree!


6.) Time to stuff your stomach, and give dieting a break!

Remember the last time you couldn’t stuff your face with candies or a chocolate pastry or a ‘besan ka laddo’ or a croissant or a pan cake laden in maple syrup? Don’t drool already! The scrumptious times of dipping fingers in the plates are coming near my friend, felicitous to the occasion as well as the paunch. Ditch the gym, ditch the night walks, ditch the broccoli, so when you return with the regrets of a  double-chin, you don’t need no inspiration.


On a serious note, eat everything you crave but set a limit for the savouries. No one wants to return nauseous but refreshed.


5.) Prayers and the tranquillising essence of celebrations!

Oblivion is the current state of mind from all the disruption around. Festivals mean prayers and celebration, what better time could be to reinvigorate your senses! Pray, chant, meditate or listen to beautiful stories surrounding the festival. What better time could be to connect with your inner self, with the world around you, all at the same time.

No unsettling work-thoughts fog your mind, but cant help the vision though, since mom had to light  the entire box of incense sticks! Soul-purity, you know.


4.) Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Clothes, check! Jewellery, check! Gadgets, check! Gifts for inconsiderable relatives/ friends/ neighbours, check! Uncalled-for expenses, check! Tears-rolling-down-the-cheek-looking-at-the-credit-bill, check! Sudden-realisations/ sanity, check!


Festivals call for expenditures, some really big ones! There are gifts toppling all over the house and there are people toppling all over the toppled gifts. Everyone you stumble across, from the sassy maid to the plodding watchman, everyone yearns for their gifts and those better be good! You cannot afford to mess with them, so don’t even try! Just get supercalifragilisticexpialidocious presents, surprise all uncles and aunties and neighbours and relatives and helpers and friends and then close the doors, peruse the bill receipts and then maybe, cry!

On a happy note, the expense is worth the happiness of those concerned.


3.) Dressing up!

The best part! Nothing makes a gala more flamboyant than sparkling like glitters, literally!


No matter how heavy your choli is, how gaudy your dress is, how hefty your jewels are, how lurid and outlandish those occasion-specific costumes are, it is never too much for festivals. You can finally don those creasing clothes, stacked in the cupboards that you got tailored months ago, only to wear them on this specific occasion!

Wear your finest or weirdest from the wardrobe, might as well show off a tiny bit of curves and muscles! Wave your wands for the rest and Don’t forget to enjoy!


2.) Dance it out!

Bring those pub-moves to work, its a rebellion! You need to prove the nosy aunties that you got it all! After all, who else do we have to prove our worth to (Sigh!)! Amongst the Hrithiks and the Madhuris and Michael Jacksons and the hipsters, be the change! Please excuse the references but kindly focus on the originality of the content, in both cases, the article and your performance! Dance like no one’s watching is an expression suited best on your birthday or wedding, this world is a cruel-unforgiving place, do not intend to perform social stunts! Go ahead if you aspire to be the next meme on Facebook.

No humour intended, dance however you feel like, who cares what others think or say! (They are probably going to make the meme anyway!)


1.) Making memories.

50 years from now, with the dropping molars and canines, the only things that will count are the distinctively gleeful memories. With the nosy aunties out of the scene by then, you can finally glare and remark your staunch and flattering moves and eccentric style statement.

On a serious note, to see how gracefully you’ve aged, to flip over the un-fixated years and too see the demised in content, you need to capture those moments. Years from now, what people did to you wont matter, the only things that’ll matter are the cavorting memories you created and the good-natured banters you shared.

P.S.: Incase your memory is a little impeded, store those photographs and videos in 10 hard drives, they’re not worth loosing! (Suggesting from experience.)

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