10 Famous People who have taken ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so far

Bet your Facebook news feed has been lately clogging up with posts of celebrities dumping freezing buckets of water over their heads, either in the privacy of their gardens or in full view of passers by on the streets. So what is the challenge in aid of and what should you do if you are nominated?

The Ice Bucket challenge is aimed at raising money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, the fatal disease also known as Motor Neuron disease in UK. This disease, which currently has no cure, progressively attacks the motor nerves in the body, leading to muscles weakening and wasting. The challenge started when former Boston College basketball player Pete Frates who was headed towards big success has his career cut short when he was diagnosed with ALS. He then nominated his fellow Boston College players and members of the Boston Red Sox to partake in the icy challenge.

Soon, the trend spiraled through the celebrity world, as each person who takes part in the challenge forward it on to other people. The challenge involves people pouring freezing water over their heads and posting the videos and images to social media where the name the friends they nominate for the challenge. The challenge initially stated that they must donated to charity or drench themselves, or if they fail to accept within 24 hours, they must donate a larger sum, but the line between the conditions has been erased as celebrities choose to donate as well as drench themselves. Not that the fans are complaining!

Since 29th July, ALS Association in the US has raised $4 million dollars in charity. In the UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and Motor Neuron Disease Association have taken on the campaign, asking people to donate at least five pounds after completing the challenge.  Here’s some of the 10 best picks from celebrities who have accepted the ALS challenge. It was a tough choice and I apologize if your favourite celebrity did not make it on the list, there were but ten places and more than 128 clebrities. Drop a comment or link below to let us know which celebrity videos you found interesting/funny and should have been placed on the list.


10. Taylor Swift and Jamie King


Taylor Swift, the international singer and Jamie King, American actress and model did their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together in the middle of the street. These two lovely young ladies did not just donate the customary $100 for the Ice Bucket Challenge but also donated on behalf of the entire crowd and crew that had gathered around them to witness them doing the challenge. Bless their souls! Taylor Swift nominated Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and Emma Stone while Jamie King passed on the challenge to Lena Dunham and to others. Then the two ladies, along with the crowd counted down to the moment when they poured cold water on each other, and then giggled and laughed about how cold the water was.


9. Matt Damon


Matt Damon, the Hollywood actor who has starred in several movies like the Bourne trilogy, Good Will Hunting and Monument Men, chose not to dump a bucket of ice water on his head. Instead, he bravely filled a bucket of toilet water to use for this challenge. He says this is because not only is there a drought in California but ‘because I co-founded Water.org and we envision a day when everybody has access to clean drinking water – and there are about 800 million people in the world who don’t – so dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy.’ That was the soundest thing anyone has done on the Ice Bucket challenge arena, apart from Charlie Sheen who dumped a bucket of money on himself. Kudos to him and his water conservation and cleaning drinking drive!


8. Robert Pattinson


The Twilight heartthrob was nominated for this challenge by his buddy Zac Effron, but seeing as he doesn’t really ‘have an Instagram account’ his fans would have to do with the video that was posted by Zac for us to see. Poor Robert could not find a bucket so he had to make do with a saucepan full of ice being dumped on him, and being hosed down by tap water. His friend or friends seemed to have quite a bit of fun at his expense from behind the camera as the video was shot as he had to keep dodging ice and red cups that were thrown at him.


7. Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire co-founder of Facebook, recently posted a video of him being drenched by a bucket of icy water on his site. This video has been linked and shared more than 300,000 times since it was uploaded. In this short video, Zuckerberg looks visibly shocked after the large bucket of cold water was emptied over him. Zuckerberg was nominated by the Governor of Nw Jersey, Chris Christie and in turn nominated Microsoft founder, Bill gates, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix founder, Reed Hastings.


6. Bill Gates


Trust Microsoft co-creator, Bill Gates to bring the fun and technique to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Gate’s video, which he posted on YouTube, shows the billionaire computer programmer and philanthropist devise a contraption to ensure that he is efficiently drenched in freezing water. He then nominated the ECO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, American television presenter Ryan Seacrest and Chris Anderson of TED to take up the bucket. This 90 seconds video clearly shows the nerdy and humorous side o the one of the richest men in the world who is well known for his generosity towards charity. The gates Foundation (BMGF)  is one of the largest private foundations found by him and his wife in 2000 to globally enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty as well as increase educational opportunities and access to information technology, interests and passions close to the hearts of the Gates family.


5. Tom Hiddleston


The 33 year old actor who plays Loki in the Thor movies, Thomas William Hiddleston was nominated by Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle for the Ice Bucket challenge and posted a video online of him being drenched in ice cold water in his backyard that has since gotten more than 1,300,000 likes and shares on YouTube. He asks people to donate to the ALSA website and goes on to nominate Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena Bonhem-Carter and Luke Evans for the challenge.


4. Ben Affleck


No one makes the ALS Ice Bucket challenge a family affair like the Batman hero, Ben Affleck. Nominated by Tyler Perry, he passed it on to Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harrison and Matton Damon, but not before pulling his wife, Jennifer Garner, along with him into the pool as their children laugh on. The cutest home video ever made!


3. The Beckhams


The only celebrity family to individually take on the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Beckhams were a treat to watch. David Beckham nominated Leonardo Di Caprio and Michael Jordan while Victoria Bechkam nominated Tom Ford, Katie Holmes and her son, Cruz. Brooklyn  and Romeo Beckham bravely took on the challenge but looks like they wasn’t quite prepared for it. As soon as the icy water was dumped on them, Romeo ran off into the garden shouting while Brooklyn yelled about how cold it was, while in the background you could hear little Harper call out for her brother in her cute baby British accent. Cruz Beckham seemed to be the only one who enjoyed the freezing water.


2. Benedict Cumberbatch


Nothing has been more anticipated than the birth of the royal baby Prince George, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket challenge video is finally here. And it was worth the wait because not only did he drench himself in freezing ice water, he drenched himself five times! Apparently because he had been nominated by five people. Not that the Cumbercollective minded that!


1. Tina Fey and Patrick Stewart

tina-fey-ice-bucket-challenge The-Ice-Bucket-Challenge-Is-Officially-Over-Thanks-To-Patrick-Stewart-

Well, technically Tina Fey didn’t do the Ice Bucket challenge herself, but tricked us into believing that the little girl standing over the trenches was her. But she did give us a good view of the Brooklyn skyline and donated to the ALSA charity as well. Plus managed to not get wet or catch a cold. So I guess we should let her have the challenge championship, clearly it took a woman to point out the win-win situation option here. Until of course, Patrick Stewart stepped in and taught everyone how to do the ice challenge right!

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