10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eye

Do people often ask you about your black eyes? Or tell you how terrible your eye make-up looks? Do they assume that you are crying thus ruined your eye liner? If all these questions make you sick, then you are probably frustrated because of those devilish dark circles under your beautiful eyes. Looking at yourself in the mirror every morning is also a pain, since you can’t seem to get those dark patches out of your face. Your only option is to hide it under make-up, which takes up a lot of your time and is bound to get ruined anyway. You must be determined to get rid of those dark circles for good. If you never want to succumb to the dark side of the force again, then fear not, we have some easy home remedies that will get you a pair of beautiful under-eye skin. But in order to see the results, you must be patient, as perseverance is the key to success here. Using these remedies just a day before your big date won’t show results. Because these remedies need time to work and may not miraculously work overnight, you need to be consistent.

1. The cold wouldn’t bother you anyway

The major cause of those dark patches is inflammation of blood vessels near your eyes. Nonetheless, having a cold compress against your puffy eyes will inhibit the swelling and constrict the dark circles. Wash your face with cold water instead of warm water. You can ice your puffed eyes. Or else put a spoon in your refrigerator for some time and then apply it on the affected area. Do this twice everyday, once after waking up and once before you go to sleep, and you will notice the results in a few days.

cold spoon treat dark criclescold compress dark circles

2. Cucumbers

You must have definitely seen people putting slices of cucumbers in a beauty spa. That is not just an act of relaxation, but it also helps your under-eye skin. Cucumbers are full of nutrients like various vitamins and anti-oxidants that help in cleansing your skin and relieving you from that puffiness. For cucumbers to work best, refrigerate them for half an hour and then put it over your eyes. Let it sit for another half hour. This way your eye is treated with enough cold compress and also they are benefited by the cucumber slice.

cucumber dark circles remedy

3. Raw Potato

Who doesn’t eat potatoes? It’s present in almost everyone’s meal. But little does everyone know about its benefits in nourishing their skin. Thin skin under your eyes are more prone to develop dark circles. Thus using potatoes is advised, as it contains a lot of enzymes, vitamin C and starch. This acts as a bleaching agent for the affected skin and will also help in tightening it. Simply grate a potato, extract its juices and gently dab it on the puffed region using a cotton ball. Then soak a small cotton ball in the juice and put it over the eyes, let it sit for at least ten minutes. You can also make a paste from potato and some flour. Apply it under your eyes like a face mask for a longer duration and then wash your face with cold water. If this is very time consuming for you, then you can always just cut it into thin slices and put it on like you would put slices of cucumber.

potato dark circles remedy

4. Almonds and almond oil

Almonds are a very good source of vitamin E, which is the main ingredient in many skin care cosmetics as well. It helps in treating dark circles and wrinkles, especially for someone with sensitive skin. However, choosing the right almond oil is very important. Because bitter almond oil isn’t preferred for skin care, instead use a sweet almond oil. Dab a few drops of it on the affected area under your eye and massage it gently before sleep. Leave it on overnight. Surely your face may become oilier than usual, so rinse it with utmost care the next morning. In absence of almond oil, you can also crush some almonds, mix it with some milk and the apply this paste similarly for good results.

almond oil dark circles remedy

5. Tomato

Tomatoes contain lycopene in abundance which is a very helpful aid in making your skin glow. Using tomato peel on your face, especially around your puffy eyes can give you the glowing skin that you want. Take a tomato and extract its juice in a bowl. Add a spoonful of lemon juice, mix it well and then apply it under your eyes. Relax for the next 20 minutes. This makes your skin tighter, thus less prone to wrinkles and dark circles. Other than applying it on your face, you can also consume it directly, by making a concoction of some pepper, lemon juice and tomato juice/soup. Drink it twice everyday.

tomato dark circle remedy

6. Tea bags

You are probably drinking a lot of regular and herbal tea to detoxify your body. But the next time you drink it, don’t throw those used tea bags away, because you can use them for treating your dark circles. Just quickly dip two of the used tea bags in some water, take it out and then refrigerate them for a while. Apply it on your eyes like you would put on a cucumber slice and keep it that way for about 20 minutes. The caffeine and anti-oxidants in the tea will help in cleansing the skin, along with making you feel refreshed.

tea bag dark circles remedy

7. Turmeric

This magical condiment is the best method to get rid of those dark patches. Turmeric is widely used in skin care products and if used directly over you skin, then it would definitely garner good results. Make a paste of a few teaspoons of turmeric powder with milk or with any fruit juice. Apply it on the affected area and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Carefully rinse your under-eye area with cold water, doing this once everyday will give you a glowing skin free of dark circles. It makes your skin smooth, soft and glowing but needs to be done consistently everyday for good results.

turmeric dark circles remedy

8. Mint leaves

Use a paste of mint leaves and some lemon juice to mask the area under your eye. But this is to be done very carefully, don’t let the mint come in contact with your eye. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. Apart from making your skin free of dark patches, this will refresh your face and a cool breeze of mint will surround it.

mint leaves dark circle remedy


9. Careful with your under-eye

A lot of people suffer from vascular issues, due to which the veins are more easy to clot blood at any area and ergo resulting in puffy eyes. If you think your dark circles persist in spite of trying the earlier methods, then maybe you have vascular issues stopping you from getting good under-eye skin. Try sleeping correctly, put additional pillows under your head while sleeping. This prevents your blood from accumulating at one place under your eyes. Improving your posture and massaging your under-eye gently every now and then should also help. One must always be careful when massaging their under-eye skin, since it is a very sensitive area and some extra force can easily incur damage. Use your ring finger, because of its soft touch, it is safe to massage your under-eye skin or while applying any mask or paste.

dark circles remedy care ring finger

10. Sleep enough

Most of the people get dark circles because of their erratic sleep patterns. Your body needs rest after a day’s work, especially your eyes. Lack of sleep makes your eyes puffy, strain the blood vessels near the eye and lessens its circulation. Hence, it is best advised to prefer sleep over burning midnight oil, whenever your body demands rest. If you cannot manage sleeping for 7-8 hours at one go in night, then try getting an afternoon nap, this also helps in boosting your concentration and your eyes don’t have to look exhausted all the time.

sleep dark circles remedy


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