10 Kinds of Comfort Food You Should Look For When Depressed

As the name goes, comfort food provides content and comfort to an individual. When depressed, you look for various kinds of things that can make you happy. Music and Food are two things that can lighten up anybody’s mood. However, if you are one among the “live to eat” individuals, food is definitely your go-to when in depression. Usually, you look for something familiar to eat, something which you love and are nostalgic about. Here are 10 kinds of food that will provide you comfort and help you feel better.

1. Pizza


Cheesy crust topped with another layer of cheese is the best kind of Pizza you can ever get. If there’s something that can comfort you anytime and any day, then its Pizza! This Italian cuisine can even beat Santa when it comes to spreading joy and happiness. Pizza is the most comforting food when one is fed up with life and wants to give up. So next time you have a bad day or have apprehensions about yourself, just order a Pizza and you will feel ten times better. You know why? Because Pizza will always be there for you, Pizza cares!

2. Cookies


Remember when you were a kid, you used to fight with your best friend for the swing in the park and come back home in tears? Wasn’t it a delight when Mama used to bring a plate of Choco-chip Cookies and milk to cheer you up? If Cookies helped you patch-up with your best friend then, they will definitely provide you comfort now! Whether you are  having a bad day in office or having a major relationship crisis; just go home, sit on your couch and treat yourself to tasty cookies and milk.

3. Peanut Butter and Jam


Bread & Jam was the most common tiffin you and your friends ate in school. However, Peanut Butter & Jam was a lavish treat as a kid. This is another dish which can take you down the memory lane and comfort you with memories of school. Tasty Peanut Butter and Fruit Jam spread on a loaf of bread is all you need when you are upset or feel low. Every bite of the richly coated bread will comfort you and give you strength to rise and live another day!

4. Chicken Nuggets & French Fries

chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are tiny bundles of joy which are baked and deep-fried to reach out to you in the time of need. You just cannot eat one chicken nugget, because that leads to eating another and the process continues. Nuggets and fries are an addiction which can make you forget everything else in the world. If Robin Scherbatsky could eat Chicken nuggets & Fries and find comfort in them when her boyfriend dumped her, so can you! So put on your baggy T-Shirt and sit with your bucket of nuggets next time you are depressed.

5. Ice-Cream


Now now! Remember when you used to scream for ice-cream? And just the thought of having an ice-cream used to make you stop crying! Well, this cold-frozen dessert is liked by the entire world, and there’s no way anyone would ever deny this fact that having their favourite Ice-cream has made them feel better. Be it a small cone of chocolate ice-cream, a stick Mango ice-cream or a huge box of Baskin Robins, Ice-cream can always comfort you and take away your tension and stress. Next time you feel like screaming, scream for your favourite flavor Ice-cream!

6. Cupcakes


Cupcakes can be categorized under that kind of food which can excite you with its looks itself! Cakes definitely remind you of your birthdays, and birthdays were one of the best childhood memories. Having a cupcake in the middle of your hectic work schedule can comfort and soothe you like no other thing. Moreover, these cakes come in so many flavours that you can throw away all your worries and wander away to a land of happiness!

7. Mac & Cheese


It’s Cheesy, it’s tasty and it’s soft. A cup or a bowl of Macaroni and Cheese can fill your hungry tummy, and can revitalize you. When you are outside in a restaurant with a bunch of workaholics discussing about the next business project, you might want to get away from there for a few minutes. Well, the best way to get away is by ordering a big bowl of Mac & Cheese and indulging yourself in the pleasure of the food they are probably unaware about. Oh, but make sure you don’t start licking your fingers after you are done, that might be inappropriate!

8. Waffles


Maybe your parents didn’t allow you to have more than one piece of waffle when you were a kid, and maybe you never had more than a bite of your favourite waffle because you wanted to lose weight, but today you can have as many waffles as you want. You know why? Because you deserve to be happy and if these delightfully delicious, chocolaty, crispy things can make you happy then go for it! Savour the taste of heaven and forget about your huge troubles for a while.

9. Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

Popcorn was a regular snack for your parents during movie nights. But, you always used to crave for caramel popcorn while watching movies, didn’t you? If you didn’t, then you should try them now. As the name reveals it, Caramel Popcorn consists of two  mood-altering ingredients; Caramel and Popcorn! The heavenly taste of this sweet and crunchy dish can do wonders to your mood and give you great comfort. Whatever be the reason for your discomfort and depression, Caramel Popcorn will definitely help.

10. Milkshakes


At times you don’t feel like eating anything because its so much work; the process of biting, chewing and gulping. For someone who has no energy to face their problems anymore, eating is too much of a task (especially if you are not a foodie). However, drinking is a more relaxing process, isn’t it? Well, that’s why we have Milkshakes! You can slowly suck it throw the straw or gulp it down your throat, the end product will be the same, comfort! It will make you nostalgic and remind you of that summer day when you had a milkshake drinking competition with your sister, and your mom grew tired of peeling mangoes and making more and more milkshakes. Be it fruit shakes or ice-cream shakes, this chilled and tasty drink will sure help you get your ass off and face the rat race!


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