10 Most Common Reasons why Kids fight with their Friends

Kids are known to learn from each and every thing happening in this world. We learn from what we see and observe, and for these kids, everything is happening for the first time in front of their eyes! So, they have the capability to learn from a thing as small as a flying bee to a thing as large as an airplane. They have a creative and imaginative mind, which acts as a dry sponge to absorb everything in it! They are the innovators of the future. But they are also prone to a thing that is common in people of all age groups, that is fighting with peers. These habitats are just natural, which enhance with more experience and more exposure to this violent world. Children have feelings, but they don’t know the medium or the way to express them. This is where the elderly people play their role, that is by teaching them a proper way to behave and to handle any sort of situation. But one such situation, where they have to act first and then consult others is that of a fight! They have to learn to face it, and not get bullied! So, they get involved in fights with their peers. Top 10 most common reasons, as to why kids get involved in fights with their buddies are mentioned here.

10. Jealousy


Being one of the most common reasons, it is a reason that takes various forms and bridges conflicts between a kid and his peers and friends. Jealousy is a very common concept, not only in kids but also in grown ups. Whether grown ups confess it or not, but they are jealous from inside at each and every point in their life, where they come across a person superior to them. But in kids, jealousy is of a few kinds, like a few kids are jealous from their friends because their friends own some sort of new technology, which the other kid has not yet been able to get his hands on. Another such reason of being jealous is if his friend is superior in some particular co-curricular activity, but he lacks the skill to do that good. These jealousies are good till some point, but after that, it becomes an havoc in the heart and mind of the kid, due to which, he starts ignoring his friend, laying base for a fight between them! A solution to prevent this is the parents need to keep a hidden eye on their kid and manipulate him to stay in his limits, and not get tempted by seeing others! And if possible, the parents must fulfill their kid’s craving.

09. Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure has led to destruction of life of many youngsters and elderly, and now is grabbing the new generation. Peer pressure refers to the pressure by friends and relatives being levied on the kids regarding a particular task. The kid, sometimes under pressure, unwillingly performs that task, which sees a proper failure, leading to the downfall of morale of the kid! When the morale of the kid falls down, he blames their peer, and start planning for a revenge. This revenge sometimes take a negative morph and leads to a fight among the kids.

08. Money Issues


One of the most common issues again, which lead to a fight. Now, monetary issues can lead to a fight in n number of ways, out of which, the most common way leads to jealousy. Seeing money in a friend’s pocket provokes another kid to just grab that money. This is what they imagine, but cannot perform in real life, giving them a feel of jealousy. Parents need to keep an eye on these activities, and they ought to make their kid self sufficient, so that he does not look at someone else’s money. Another form of fights getting evolved due to monetary issues are when a friend borrows from another and doesn’t return or just forgets that he has some debt on him! This gives rise to fights.

07. Studies


Ah! Another point of developing rivalry among loved ones. This reason of getting into fights is a foolish one, but still exists in the society. My friend is better and more intelligent than me in academics, but I also want to attain this. This leads to an unhealthy competition, which further leads to rivalry. Now, everyone does not have same interest. Some might be strong in theory, while other might have a good grip in practicals. Getting involved in a fight with your friend, just because he is able to grab some text easier than you does not simply make it a reason to fight. You might have a slow grabbing power, but donot make this grabbing power restrict you from attaining any further knowledge.

06. Fame


Fame comes by your deeds, not by misdeeds. A negative fame is never of use, but fame attained by your good deeds, by your efforts is a fame worth enjoying. Satisfaction comes by this, and if some of your friend is getting jealous of this, you simply cannot do anything about it, but simple avoid a fight with him, as he is surely going to come and try having a fight with you in order to defame you. Just stay calm and peaceful, and try giving him a piece of your mind.

05. Bullies


Everyone among us has gone through bullies during our school days, as these are inevitable. In every school or I must say, in every batch, you would surely find a person who treats himself as the most superior person among all. These bullies although irritates everyone, but if we see as an optimist, these bullies give us a life changing experience. An experience that we are going to face such people in every phase of life, wherever we go! So, why not prepare yourself beforehand for the things that are going to strike you in the face soon! So instead of getting into a fight with these huge creatures, enjoy their bullying, stay strong, and have a methodology to face them and oppose them. They cannot do anything bad to you, you just need to get over our fear!

04. Fighting over a Toy


Again a common reason to fight, kids get involved in fights with their loved ones over petty issues like who will be the mother in their little “Role Playing Games” and stuff like that. They also involve themselves in a fight over a toy. Each kid tries to show its monopoly over the toy, as if they are their sole owners. If we observe these things properly, these petty issues remain in our life forever, and we always get involved in fights over them. So, why fight for them when you can attain a common conclusion, which would benefit both the parties?

03. Sick or Reserved Kind of Kid


These are the students who have the maximum probability of getting involved into fights. When a person gets sick, and starts vomiting in the class, instead of taking care of him, the fellow students start seeing that kid with a look of disgust. They start twisting their eyes to avoid any kind of eye contact with that kid. As a result, the kid loses all of his self confidence, and reaches an inference that no one likes him. Even if someone tries to talk to him, he starts seeing them with a look of hatred, leading to getting into a fight.

02. Girlfriend


This issue is going to remain a base reason of a fight as long as this world persists. According to surveys, females are the most common reasons of creating distances among male friends. The most common scenario in which, a girl creates a distance between two best friends is when both friends like the same girl, and try approaching her. The girl becomes non achievable, while the friends start seeing each other with a look of hatred. Within no time, they become enemies from best friends. Please do not infer that I am a male chauvinist guy, as I understand that it is never the girl’s mistake that both of the friends liked her. She didn’t attract them or something. It is simple and plain human nature. So, on an ironic note, saying that “Girls – Creating Distances between Friends since 1542” won’t be wrong.

01. Family Issues


A common topic of fight for kids with their friends is when they are stressed by the conditions of their family. Parents fighting in front of their children can be very commonly observed in almost every household. This creates a negative impression on the kids, as they learn from what they see! So, they also get involved in a fight with their friends! Another reason that leads to the kids fighting with their friends is the pressure that they get on their minds in young age. This pressure is usualy generated by family issues like divorce in the family, or something of this sort. Sometimes, they don’t get the desired love from their family, which makes them depressed and irritated, leading to a change in behaviour with their friends!


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