10 Obvious signs that tell that a Guy is flirting with you

So ladies, he’s flirting with you but have you taken the cue yet? Yes. Agreed, chivalry is so uncommon these days that it often passes for flirting but would you rather pass his attempts to gain notice as being chivalrous? His sly smile, leaning in to talk and being around you is not just friends thing, he is interested and its time you took the clue. So watch his actions and save the reactions, maybe it’s the beginning of a new story for you. Chivalrous guys who flirt are like the best thing to happen to women kind. Don’t disappoint him. Pretty please! Here are 10 obvious signs that that guy out there is flirting with you.


10. Cares endlessly, walks the extra mile

Does he keep track of everything you like and everything you do? If he’s going that extra mile by getting you your favourite flowers  (they may be burning holes in his pocket), or making sure you had your medicines in time when you’re sick (Isn’t that so considerate?) or perhaps just being there without you having to say it, maybe girls, he is interested. That sign of flirting, yes, the one you’d rather goes on forever.

9. Cancelling Plans to be with you

If he cancels an evening with friends just to be with you, he is really into you. Guys would never cancel plans for anyone but the girl they’re wanting to gain all the attention from. Sure now, do not expect him to keep those video games away when you talk to him, for that he needs to be in love. But if he’s making the effort to take out for the lady you are, he would never do it unless he wants you to notice.

8.Easy touch and eye contact

He’s casually maintain a slight physical contact when with you, never awkward or over the top, just casual and comfortable to ensure that intimacy does not intimidate you. He may just hold your hand and pull you to the cafeteria to get you some caffeine after a sleepless night, or perhaps just nudge you slightly to be sure if you’re comfortable. If his eyes look straight into yours and nowhere else, he’s sure interested and expressive about it.

7. Compliments you crazy

He’d compliment you beyond how pretty you are. He’d pick up smallest of things to compliment you crazy. From how you make his life a shade brighter to how you happen to master the art of convincing, he’d notice and appreciate it all. Blatant flirting may in fact be limited to your looks, but well, you’d know he’s flirting and truly interested when he notices and appreciated a side of you that you didn’t even know existed.

6. Gets Jealous, or makes you so

If he’s flirting or needs you to know that he’s interested in working out a relationship, he’d be slightly too worried with your relationship status. He’d tease you about other just friend guys and show a slight side of jealousy. He’d constantly border on possessiveness and well, if you still don’t get the clue, maybe he’d flirt too cheekily with other girls around you, or maybe just tell you how that ex from high school is still stuck on him. He’s totally judging your reactions, and its time you recognize his actions too.

5. Sides with you, and defends you

The most evident gesture of him flirting has to be when he agrees with everything you have to say, or atleast makes it a point to not disagree with you. He’d side with your argument and if the need arise even defend you for it. Yes, even if he’s pretty sure that your argument is pointless and the people he’s defending you against are friends. He may make up to them later, but at that point of time, he’d almost make every effort to woo you. And if you still didn’t realize, you just lost the guy!

4. Keeps you Laughing

He’d crack crazy jokes, make annoying faces and sing in the most horrible voice ever, but at the end of the day, he’d keep you laughing. Girls fall for guys who can make them happy, and well, guys know better. He’d may be talking downright nonsense or perhaps be making fun of that girl you didn’t like (he may have found her pretty okay) just to be sure that you are happy. He may not be giving you butterflies already, but he isn’t leaving stones unturned either.

3. Confides in You

Guys are secretive and they’d still expect you to know (Misery of my life!). Not as much as us girls though, but well the very fact that they won’t normally involve themselves in long talks can be downright annoying. But when he’s flirting, he’d talk for hours like it were minutes. He’d take your call at the middle of the night just to tell you that he knows you’d do well in that exam. He’d talk about how his childhood saw too little or too much of his parents, of how he dreams to have his own company with a billion dollar turnover. He’d tell you something as little what he had for dinner, as crazy as his wildest fantasies, as important as what his grandmother meant to him. There’d be no element to him you wouldn’t know. A guy would never build that level of communication with only a friend he has no romantic interest in.

2. Constantly talking: Morning until night

If you’re not in a relationship and you still wake up to a ‘Good Morning Love’ text and sleep to his voice while he’s still on the call explaining how his day was, he is flirting and everybody but you knows. Guys don’t let people linger on in their mind unless they really mean more than just anybody. They wouldn’t make sure that they keep you updated with everything they do, even if it’s just buying groceries from downtown. It’s time you start taking the cue instead of just getting used to that guy who’s keeping you busy from morning until night.

1. It’s in his eyes, and everything he does

The body language speaks volumes. He’d perk up at the sight of you. He’d specially pay attention and acknowledge you even when in company of friends. If his eyes brighten up when he talks to you, he smiles nonstop in a flirty and sly manner and he leans in every time he has something to say, he is really interested in you and girl, you’re in to be swept off your feet. He’d please you, blush when you’re around and impress you with simple gestures. They do not have to be cheesy, just plain sweet. Guys would never take that pain unless they want to give the clear hint that they are flirting and available!

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