10 Perfect DIY Valentine Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’re sure all love aficionados are going insane. To show their love and affection in the best possible way, I am sure they are leaving no stones unturned. With week-long celebrations, if you have been following the seven day ritual of mandatory gifting to your partner, then by now it must have burnt a hole in your pocket. To further save your fortune for the big day, we suggest you go for simple yet cute Do It Yourself (DIY) gifts which will not just depict your devotion and tenderness towards your dear ones but will save some pennies too.

Worried where you’ll find the best DIY gifts ideas? The genie has made you land to just the right place. Well, to further calm you down your curiosity we have compiled 10 perfect DIY Valentine gift ideas which are super easy to make and will make your partner go awe of you. The only important ingredient required is creativity! Let’s get started, without a delay:


Join the ‘Go Organic’ movement and gift this natural beauty product to your Valentine on the big day. Not only this DIY strawberry body scrub tastes delicious but you will definitely adore its fragrance. Soothing coconut oil, strawberry extract, and exfoliating sugar granules will make the receiver’s skin all gay and happy.

You’d require one cup cane sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, one cup of virgin coconut oil, and a cup of freeze-dried strawberries. What you need to do is simple. Just smash and crush all the sugar and strawberries once you get dust-like particles. Add coconut oil and vanilla extract to bind it all together. Result? A good exfoliator, a tremendous moisturizer and most importantly, an organic beauty product girls generally die for!

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Undoubtedly, pop-up cards have always been fascinating and alluring! We all are well acquainted with the fact that cards have always held a special place in all of our hearts because they are a perfect way to convey one’s feelings to the other. This one, in particular, is one guaranteed gift that never fails to impress! So, on this valentine day shower some love with cute little pop-up cards. With some paints, marker, colorful sheets and a pair of scissors you’re ready to make your own pop-up Valentine card.

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If you’ve tried expressing your emotions but failed miserably then now is the apt time to actually pen down all your feelings one by one. Take a deck of 52 cards (you can print the designs online) and behind each card write one reason you thought took you closer to your loved one. I know the reasons are countless! It might be some gesture or a meaningful conversation between you two that made you love him/her even more.

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Free love coupons anyone? With these personalized coupons, you can explore funny, romantic or even both the sides of your partner. Enjoy creating these exciting coupons which won’t take much of your time. You can either plan a romantic dinner, 10 minutes of body massage or maybe one day free from video games with these smart coupons. These can be redeemed for activities as humorous or as spicy as you’d like. Well, it’s your call! You’d require a pen/sketch pen/marker, rectangular-sized papers, and a bundle of creativity. Just jot down the wishes you have been yearning to be true for ages.

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Grow love each day by planting your favorite sapling in tiny little pots. You wouldn’t require some hefty materials for starting the process. Also, as the sapling grows day by day, your bond will also become stronger. You’ll be requiring a plastic container or earthen pots, soil, water, saplings, marker, stick, glue, paint brush and acrylic colors.

Let’s get on to the how portion:

  1. Decorate your pots with acrylic colors with the help of a paintbrush. Make those charming little hearts and paint them red or you can also write some lovely quote on it.
  2. Let it dry. After that put some soil, mud and fix that sapling into the container. You can add colorful stones to make it look visually appealing.
  3. With glue and a wooden stick, insert your message in the pot and water it daily!
  4.  Your sapling will grow day by day just as your relationship does.

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Chandeliers are usually high-priced, so one generally doesn’t think of it to be given for gifting purpose. But what if you create your own chandelier? We aren’t kidding! The idea is same while the design might change. Your partner is sure to cherish this DIY chandelier not because it comes lavishly adorned with crystals and lights but because all your precious sweet memories will be hanging from each of the balloons.  A tough competition to the store-bought chandeliers!

What do you need?

  • Helium tank
  • 4×6 photos
  • 5×7 cardstock
  • Curling ribbons
  • 12-inch balloons,
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hole punch


  1. Blow some helium gas into the balloons.
  2. On the cardstock, paste those captivating memories (you may want to write something beneath each photo, your choice).
  3. With the help of a punch hole, make a small hole at the center of each frame so that it is easily tied to the thread.
  4. With the same thread (the other end) tie it to the balloons’ knot.
  5. Hang those photos with the balloons.
  6. Arrange each balloon in a particular order in your room so that it looks clean and tidy.
  7. The not-so-expensive and magnificent-looking balloon photo chandelier is ready!

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If you or your partner has a sweet tooth then this colorful homemade creation will blow her mind. The candy bar card, ever since its inception has emerged to be one of the top picks for Valentine gifts. The names of the bars are utilized smartly to complete sentences on that heartfelt note written on a large white backdrop. Just have a look at the below picture to make it more clear in your head.

What do you need?

  • Candy bars
  • White backdrop
  • Creativity (lots and lots of it)
  • Packing tape
  • Marker

How? With the help of a marker, start pouring your emotions in the form of a message with some fill in the blanks. These blanks should be in sync with the names of the candy bars. With the help of a packing tape stick the bars to the board and your candy bar card is ready to be read!

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In the list of firsts, how can you not mention the first time you met her? Take a world map and with the help of a marker either circle the area and stick a tiny photo or frame that particular portion in the form of a heart shape with the title ‘Where we met’. I am sure you both will become nostalgic and within a fraction of seconds, a series of flashbacks will run in front of your eyes. Time to cuddle!

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Create your own version of envelopes and organize gifts in it which are to be given throughout the day. By placing a sweet card for each of the hours, wrap all the gifts in her favorite colored wrapping paper. The gifts might be a small pendant, a book, romantic love note, photograph, candies, candles, etc. Label each gift with the time it is supposed to be presented. “On The Hour” stickers’ collection is readily available in a stationary shop near you or can be ordered online as well.

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Women desire a man who can cook well! So, this one particularly needs no description. Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic dinner with home-made dishes, cocktails, and appetizers. What’s more than giving your time to the one you love the most! This is going to make her in awe of you!

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So which one did you like the most and are planning to go for? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, keep following us for more such interesting listicles.

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