10 Places known for their Hospitality

What is hospitality? In layman terms, hospitality refers to the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers. It refers to the relationship between a guest and a host. A lot of us travel and settle abroad which leads to barriers – language barriers, food barriers etc. The problem magnifies for those who wish to settle abroad. Your travel and stay abroad depends a lot upon the people of the country, upon how they welcome you and how friendly they are – basically, upon the hospitality of the country.
There are countries that would make you feel at home with their hospitality. We bring you a list of the friendliest places that are known for their hospitality. You’d find that in these countries, it is easy to befriend the locals, learn their language and blend into their culture.


10. Thailand

Thailand has been a popular tourist destination and no brownie points for guessing why. Thai hospitality and service is capable of meeting the demands of international travelers, which explains why the Thai tourism industry is surging in the recent years. Based on reviews, Thai locals have been termed as friendly and helpful. Thai culture is different from the western culture. Thais welcome each other by a salutation known as ‘wai’, which is also a sign of respect and gratitude. Hospitality is the essence of Thai people. Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, for you’ll see the Thai smile in every type of situation.


9. Portugal

A country located in Europe that you probably mustn’t have thought of visiting. We’ll give you reasons why you must visit Portugal. It is easy to communicate in Portugal, for the country has more English speakers than any other southern European country. Generally, Portuguese are nice and easy going people. They will ensure that you feel at home, something that you will realize as you move further north in the country. Portuguese love the sun, their drinks and a good conversation with friends. The nightlife of the country is unique as you’ll find people dancing on the streets, quite literally, if you’re in Lisbon.


8. India

Anyone who has been to India is familiar with not only its rich cultural traditions and heritage, but also the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means, the guest is God. Hospitality has been the ethos of Indian culture. Indians ensure that you feel at home and the warmth that you experience while in India is incomparable. While visiting an Indian household, you’ll be typically greeted with folded hands and sweet smiles. Food forms an important element of Indian hospitality. Be assured of the fact that Indian households will leave no stone unturned in serving you the best food you’ve ever had.


7. Mexico

Mexico, a country in North America, is home to charming, courteous and polite people. Mexicans are known to address each other with formality and respect, even in casual encounters. It is common, for example, to address people as señor or señora. With people they do not know well, Mexicans are polite and formal. When greeting someone in Mexico, it is a custom to make physical contact, rather than simply wishing. The most common form of greeting among strangers is handshake. Mexicans often treat each other with respect and courtesy. Mexicans like to please.


6. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located in Southeastern Europe, Bosnia is one of the most frequently visited countries in the region. It is known to have the third highest tourism growth rate in the world between 1995 and 2020. Bosnian people are kind hearted and generous and always willing to share everything. Coffee is important to Bosnians, and you will spot a number of colorful souvenir shops, coffee and coffee pot making workshops. Bosnians offer warm hospitality in abundance and welcome all with open hearts. Bosnia is a place where everyone makes you feel like a friend, as they believe that a man’s wealth is not measured by his material belongings but rather in his friendships.


5. South Africa

The South African people are friendly, welcoming and very proud of their country. Their smiles are genuine and they come from the heart. They will openly welcome you to their country and smile back at you. It isn’t uncommon for South Africans to greet each other and start random conversations with strangers. South Africans are very straightforward people. The South African landscape is spectacular; food is reasonably priced and delectable. The population is culturally diverse. According to Helena Egan of TripAdvisor, “One specific thing about South Africa is the people – so friendly, comes from the heart.”


4. Iran

Iran is known for its rich history inherited from one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Iranians are curious but extremely hospitable people. Typically, they would greet you with shy smiles and curious questions about where you’re from. Iranians’ welcoming nature makes them happy to see travelers visiting their country. Contrary to the myths portrayed by the media in an exaggerated manner, Iran is a safe travel destination. Iran is a developed and advanced country and it is safe to travel around Iran. Iranians are proud of their country and it makes for a great picnic destination as well.

3. Canada

Canadians are nice, polite and exceedingly friendly. Canada will welcome you with a sense of familiarity, ecstatically cool weather, and a pool of niceness. Canadian kindness is pure and abundant. Canadians, probably in an effort not to offend, will apologize for anything and to anything. Horn honking in Canada is considered as unnecessarily aggressive. Canadians are exceptionally humble people as well. You’re sure to experience a blizzard of humility and politeness while you’re in Canada. And not surprisingly, Canadian niceness is also known to be contagious.


2. New Zealand

New Zealand is the most friendly, laid back and welcoming nation ever. The hospitality and customer service is something you’ll remember. New Zealanders leave no stone unturned in making you feel welcomed and accepted. They greet visitors with open arms. You’ll find that the locals are extremely friendly who genuinely enjoy talking to visitors. New Zealand is a country of wide, open spaces, where everything comes alive. New Zealand is diverse and combines influences from the rest of the world. In New Zealand, you’ll make some of the lasting friendships that you’ll ever have.


1. Ireland

Irish people are known to be the friendliest in the western world. The tradition of hospitality to strangers has its roots in an ancient law. For a long time in history, Ireland was regulated by Brehon Laws. Hospitality was one of the Brehon Laws that became so ingrained in the Irish Culture that the tourism brochures proclaim ‘Cead mile failte!’ or ‘A thousand Welcomes!’ Modern Ireland lives up to their ‘Land of a Thousand Welcomes’ reputation, for if you’re travelling to Ireland, you are bound to find a warm and gracious reception there. Hospitality forms an essential and endearing aspect of Irish culture.

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