10 Presents that Shout-Out your Love for Someone

Being in Love is such a wonderful feeling. There’s the skipping of the heartbeat, melodious songs playing in the background, the constant stalking phase, the wait for a beep of the phone! Everything becomes lovely and you seem to like things that were crazy at one point. You get to know a person, you feel powerful with love. Love has the ability to draw strength in people to do the unbelievable and it definitely has done that so for many, but the cross it bears, is scary too! Yes, it’s the great nightmare of confessing your love. We all want nice proposals, we dream of them! Yes, there are some real romantic guys and girls who shower love to a great extent and know the real deal but at times, you want your partner to feel special and there are times you don’t know what to do or how to tell them. Sometimes you are shy to express your feelings for someone and it can be a depressing situation. Crushing over someone can be painful sometimes, that is the reason why, I am here to help you out with a list of 10 presents that totally shouts out your love for someone. You can definitely try these out and they will surely know, how special they are for you.

10. A Night Beneath The Stars









Well, are you planning on telling someone how amazing their presence is in your life? Do you want to do that in the sleekest way possible? Try arranging for a rooftop dining experience for your loved one. Alright, let me clear the air, I do not mean, go out for dinner! Plan a dinner at your place, lure them with an excuse that does not hint about your intentions at all, and surprise them with a lovely and nicely decorated rooftop. Order some nice food and enjoy the time with your loved one. It’s going to be the cutest surprise they’d get, and maybe if you feel lucky, you can always say the magical words and propose or confess your love. To be honest, you don’t need words after the gesture, they’d know it for sure after it.

9. The Fragrant Confession







Old but definitely gold, try the gentleman way to let someone know how loved they are. Aren’t flowers the ultimate go to choice? They look pretty, make people feel good, they liven the place up and also define the beauty of being in a relationship. Try giving your loved one, a flower every day, and something that they adore, so that they know you listen and are completely aware of their likes and dislikes. It also is a very nice gesture to make your presence felt, think of it as this, they see the flower and remember who gave it to them, smiling away their time for the rest of the day. Am I right or Am I right?

8. The Pleasure of Reading

This is for all the readers out there, but you can also use this with their favourite movie. So, all you have to do is get to know which romantic movie or book they love and for the sake of your love, read that book or watch the particular movie, re-create a scene for them, a proposal of sort, who knows, it might get them tearing up a bit? Would you not love to have your fantasy to come true, for something so adorable, to come true in real life? Try this out and that might be the best day of both of yours life ! I guarantee.

PS : Make sure the scene you’re bringing to life is possible or not! Please, do not go out of the bounds of science to confess your feelings.

7. The Doves of Love

The market is full of pendants and bracelets that are made for couples or best friends, these neckpieces or accessories come in pairs, all you have to do is, keep one for yourself and give the other one to your partner, these make great presents and are directly aimed at sending the message that they have half of your possession, hence to complete an entity, you require them. If that is not the sweetest thing ever, then what is?

6. Customised, only for love !

With the rise in online market, we see how easily you can get stuff that is customized to your need. It is as easy as this, get a tee-shirt, a badge, a mug or anything you like and get it customized to deliver a message. Okay, It does not have to be a cheesy comment, it can be really meaningful as a present. Remember this is only for them to know how you feel about them, get creative with your ideas as well.

5. The Way to your Heart











FOOD! I love food, you love food, everybody loves food but when you make food for your special someone, isn’t that something to die for? I’d die for it! You do not have to be a master chef, you have YouTube to guide you, make something they like, something sweet preferably and watch the wonderful happening in front of your eyes. It’d be a magical evening.

4. Our Song <3

There are a million romantic songs out there and I’m sure one of those speak-out the feelings you have for your partner or your crush or yoru wife or your boyfriend or anyone. Songs are real cute and they help you deliver your thoughts about a person. Much better, make them a nice album of songs, and send it over to them online. Better yet, share your playlist and let the songs do their job.

3. A Picture Bunch

Make them a nice album of all the beautiful pictures you have together and probably add notes in a few slots. This is something they’d drool over. The best way to express feelings is to make things with hands, putting real efforts and your soul into it. It’s lovely to get an album that speaks of the wonderful memories you have.

2. The Priced Possession

It’s the most difficult to part with things you love, but giving something that is your proud and priced possessions does volume on the expression scale. Wouldn’t a person be special if they recieve something that is so close to your heart? A beautiful gesture at your part will have love come pouring your way.

1. The Poetic Encounter

We are not William Wordsworth, or Sarojini Naidu. I get that, but I do not want you to be them, all you have to do is, write something that is simple, sweet and heart touching, something that expresses what you’ve been hiding, or not have said in a long time. It can also be a letter, if you can write a poem, that’s perfect. Writing is something that we have forgotten, and it’s time to revive the old days. It would be enchanting and would do wonders for you. All you have to do is believe.


Love is the purest form of expression and a effortless emotion, it speaks on its own and is beautiful in it’s entirety. All you got to do is, be there when you work magic with these presents, and see how adorable its effects are.

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