10 Reasons Donald Trump shouldn’t win the US Presidential Election

We all know this man, right? I am talking about a jest and a bad one at that too. An unintelligent dolt who inherited his wealth from his father and made a name with it. Yes, I am speaking about Mr. Donald Trump, who is the prime contender from the Republicans party for the presidential election for the POTUS. As the election approaches, the Republican Party, are hoping for a win against Mrs. Hilary Clinton, who has been nominated as the Presidential Candidate from the Democrats after Bernie Sanders dropped out. The Republican side was a mess, and everybody suddenly wanted to contest for Presidency. There were initially 17 candidates from the republican party, with respect to 6 of the Democrat. But the Republicans started dropping out as soon as they realized the heat of the issue. But, Mr. Trump did show some backbone (which he doesn’t have) and is now the most serious prospect for the Republicans.


With the media hype and the coverage Donald Trump gets for his stupid and senseless comments, the entire world knows him by now and has acknowledged he is nobody but a wealthy man, with a bad hairstyle. Still, some people in America do believe that he should be the next president, and here I list 10 reasons why Donald Trump should not be the next president of the United States of America. Maybe this article will change your mind about Trump, and if it doesn’t, my best consolations for you!

10.He has no idea about what he says.

You cannot think of him as a President because, he says Idiotic things that don’t even make sense. At any point of time, he himself doesn’t know about his position on things. Just because he doesn’t have to back up what he says, he makes the stupidest of comments in public. My question to you is, “How do you believe a mere real estate guy to be the president?”. Maybe in American History, this is the first candidate who knows nothing about how a government works and came so far in the presidential race. Ban on Muslim. Ban on Immigration. What the hell? Most of the America is run by immigrants. Don’t believe me! Here’s a fact, 40% of all Fortune 500 companies are founded by Immigrants.

9.He’s a racist and Hates Muslims.

Donald Trump has also disgraced himself in Twitter, with his racial tweets. In one of his tweets he has said that, black and Latino people, commit the most number of crimes in America. He also went on to said that, he has no problem in the immigration of Europeans to America, but he strictly said that, people from the south of America, shouldn’t be let inside the ‘great country’. Why, sir? Why do you have so much of hate for minorities? I am not saying he is a blatant racist, but he walks and speaks like one.
He doesn’t seem to like Muslims too. He called for banning everyone, who is not a Christian from the country, but he seems to have a special disdain for Muslims too, when he said that, Muslims will not be allowed to the country if he is the president, because of security issues and to prevent terrorism. Seriously, Sir? Did George Bush invite Osama Bin Laden to America and bomb the twin towers? You don’t need to give terrorists permission. They just come and bomb you, and that is why they are terrorist! The banning of Muslim is a pure disdain of Donald Trump against Muslims.

8.All he cares about is Immigration.

As a responsible American, do you think that Immigration to America should be stopped? I think, that there shouldn’t be any type of restrictions based on the movements of Immigrants to America. Some people from troubled states, move to America, for shelter and safety. While being responsible Americans, people should try to assist the immigrants. Immigrants built 40% of the Fortune 500 companies, and that is what make America, what it is today. Their blood and their meat, are connected with the advancement of America today. This is another reason, why he shouldn’t be the president of America because he doesn’t know the facts that make America stand like a pillar.

7.A Joker by Heart.

We don’t know, that if he is serious enough with the Presidential Election, or if he’s just showing off. But, one thing for sure, Donald Trump is a great on-screen joker. His face and hair support the fact, that he is a jest.
Donald Trump is not a public figure, who deserves respect. Moreover, he is just a joker, who hosted a crappy show, and built lousy hotels and golf courses. He was once a punching bag in a roast and he has no shame for it. Not even a tint of professionalism in this man. How can you expect this man to be the President of United States? This man in the White House will portray whole of America as a joke.

6.He will stop the Progress of America.

Many of the republicans think that, just because he is a conservative when it comes to religion, he can force his views upon America. For the rest of the world, this thinking is scary. Donald Trump believes, marriage a closed affair, and should always happen between a man and a woman. Therefore, he is openly against the LGBT laws and the fundamental rights of homosexuals. He is a man whose thinking’s are from late 18th century North Americans, but he, unfortunately, lives in 2016. So, if you are not white, or not Christian, or an LGBT, maybe it’s time to leave America if Donald Trump becomes the President.

5.He’s not a successful businessman either.

The President of America should have some qualities. I am not saying that he is illiterate, because he has a degree from the University of Pennsylvania. But, he has not got the qualities, people expect from their President. His profession was business, and he is not even successful in that. He did host a crappy show, and that is not at all funny. He inherited a large wealth from his father and started a real estate business. He has gone bankrupt several times, due to the wrathful wrong decisions taken by him. Today, most of his money comes through, by means of TV shows. Now, think about it, a man who is known for taking wrong decisions and goes bankrupt every single time, can be your president? Do you want to see America bankrupt after a year?

4.He is an Idiot and not intelligent enough to serve as the President.

He is not illiterate, because he did graduate from an Ivy League University. But is that all, for a potential President? Nope! He doesn’t know anything outside of Business. Though he is a dolt when it comes to business too, but he is an ignorant when it comes to Science Research and Development. With him as the president, we will see a decrease in Scientific advancements of America. He would simply stress on Real Estate business, because that is what he knows best, and will call upon inflating again. Can Americans afford another 2007 recession?

3.He is very Greedy

Donald Trump had a real estate business, and has a spirit of a Greed monger. America has a large number of Scholarship programs for exchange students, and International Students. In the recent days, they are also emphasizing towards social justice and caring more about the people. Donald Trump, being a hardcore capitalist, will rip apart the existing social welfare and scholarship programs, and will bring down an image of ‘Materialistic America’ to the world. Recently, he has left thousands of Scottish Citizens homeless, where he built a golf course. His creepy and greedy fantasies will impair the poor’s of America.


Challenging times brings forward the confidence in the leaders. Barack Obama has shown his spines, in showing his confidence in some cases where America was challenged. But, this man, Donald Trump, doesn’t need a challenge to be overconfident. In many speeches, he has described himself as “a really smart person”. He is very proud of himself, and brags about his educational background (which is nothing special). He is a joker, but not an intelligent one. Confidence is great, but overconfidence can destroy a man, and in this case, a country.

1.He is Imprudent

Donald Trump is someone, who has desire, and a spirit to pursue things, and that is the reason he has a history of multiple bankruptcies.  He has a history of taking bad decisions, because of his impulsive nature. He has a desire for money, and in the pursuit, took all these bad decisions. The president of America, cannot be rash and irresponsible, when it comes to taking decisions. The president of America, needs to be calculative, measured, and should compromise. Donald Trump’s dictionary doesn’t contain these words.
I could have gone on and on, about why he should not be the president of America. We cannot afford somebody as rash like him, in one of the biggest offices of the world!

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