10 Reasons To Smile When The Going Gets Tough

Life is scaling up and down all the time, and it takes a positive attitude to deal with its ever-changing ways, you never need a reason to smile, obviously, happiness comes naturally to us all, but sometimes, grave circumstances make you forget how to smile, you tend to cringe and forget about all the good times, you have rejoiced, at this exact moment, it is necessary to remind yourself to think of all the while you’ve suffered and how you’ve always come out of it, and gain strength from your past experiences. We’ve all faced bitter moments in life, but the act of rising above your problems, and being bigger than the situation comes with time, each trouble that life throws at us, needs to be taken in the right spirit, and be fought head on, so is the need to find reasons to smile when the going gets tough, when I say, find reasons, i do not mean in the literal sense, all I seek to give out today, is the ability to see light, even in the darkest of hours, and I’m sure the human spirit is capable to do so, we’ve been blessed with such brilliant senses, we can obviously learn the great attribute of positivity in the bundle of talents we have.

So, let’s get going and discover 10 reasons to smile when the going gets tough,

10. To ensure success

What good a goal or an aim to you, if you fail to focus on it in your hard times? all the failures and nerve-wrecking times, should take you a step closer to your goal rather than backwards, use this, to pump up energy into your system, to not give up and face your problem to come out shining and successful even in the end, this way you’d have no regrets, for you gave your 100%.

9. For everything seems so easy


Don’t you think, when you have an optimistic and a happy approach, life seems untangled and easy? your troubles seems conquerable? I think for sure, why not? With a smile by your side, you would never think of problems as a hault or a stop, but an obstacle in your aim and you would easily try and solve it. Way to turn that frown upside down.

8. Everything has a way of working out

Everyone goes through hard times, everybody, we observe them in movies, we have real life examples, and we don’t need to go searching for someone who hasn’t had a bad phase in their life, they are present everywhere, well which to our advantage has been of help, letting us know that this time will not stay the way it is and likewise it is better to smile through it, for there’s always a rainbow after some rain.

7. For your greater good


It is a possibility for us to have hazy thoughts about what is right or wrong, on that note, it will always be to your advantage, to be positive and smile through out, being happy would never turn out to be bad for you, can it now? When life gives you lemon, won’t you rather drink lemonade than cursing it for the bitterness? Similar way, a SMILE will help you to embrace the positive side of life.

6. The strength gain

You would never gain strength to face your problems, if you forget to smile in your hard times, having happy thoughts give you the strength, the motivation and the will to fight against all odds and look beyond hardships and tackle it head on.

5. Spreading smiles to your surroundings



Doesn’t this sound like the core of a happy life, now? Okay, you need a reason to smile when the going gets tough? I’ll give you one that isn’t selfish, to spread smiles to your peers, that might be in the ditch with you. Does this not happen to you? The way when you’re feeling down and depressed, and there are others that are affected by you, or are involved in the same situations as yours, why could you not be of support to them? Why not make them realise the preciousness of a smile, and make things better for yourself and for them, encouragement is the key, here, now!

4. For menial has a new definition now,

For Example, you were not really appreciative of the ways of life, you end up in a crisis, life seems way too difficult to proceed, now the menial jobs, that you thought of as something not worth your time makes sense in your head, you become to see the right from the wrong and learn the value of not being judgemental, also ways to avoid that in life. If that is not a reason to smile, then what is?

3. For life moves on

Things happened to you, you suffered your time, or are still suffering, what would you get by being sad or depressed about it? Life moves on and so do people, you simply cannot keep on emphasizing on the fact, that you’ve lost a great deal, you need to move on, the way time did, the way certain people did, and when you simply cannot do anything about it, learn to smile when the going gets tough.

2. For the love of personal growth

Values learned through experiences are hard bound into our personalities and no amount of work can take that away from us, remember, each event brings with itself, a chance to grow, and learn with the obstacles, and that proves to make us mature than we were before, which is absolutely the go to reason to smile when the going gets tough. Isn’t it now? Do you beg to differ?

1. For the act of being grateful


Being in a tiff, makes you realize the importance and value of the things you’ve always taken for granted, which tends for you to forget the effect it has on your life and how necessary its presence is, now it can be a person or a thing, all your hardship teaches you is to be grateful for the things you possess, and so also makes you smile in times of troubles, it helps you understand.

Now, that you’ve read this list, don’t you feel you’ve figured out a way to deal with problems. The next time you get an issue in life, i hope you’ll remember to smile. Well, In cases like these, where I’m about to lose all hope, I look upto the words of the wisest of us all, Albus Dumbledore that ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of hours, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Isn’t he the genius we all adore, thank you, JK Rowling for helping me get out of hard times, I hope it works for you as well. Good Luck.


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