10 Reasons Why Female Feticide is Bad

As quoted by Diane Mariechild, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” No matter how strongly a woman is portrayed in this quote, there still persist cases where women are being ill treated. They are not given the same kind of respect as men. Even in a developed nation, right from when a girl child is born, she happens to be suppressed by the male dominant society till the day she dies. In a country like ours, which is on the verge of being a completely developed one, the news of birth of a girl child still hurts the ears and feelings of many, to an extent that people try to get rid of the new born doll. People who detect the gender of the baby while still in the womb try to get it aborted, while few barbaric incidents have shown people dumping their new born daughters into the bins, or send them to an orphanage. Reason being, she’s just a girl. Cases of female feticide never seem to end, and there are the reasons why one should not indulge in such ruthless acts.


10. The procedure is not safe

We all know that abortion is an illegal act, but some people get their way to get it done. However, this harmful act of abortion is not generally done in famous hospitals, so people tend to visit local hospitals to get it done. These hospitals are unhygienic with doctors having little, or no knowledge at all. This leads to a lot of diseases that a woman gets prone to while getting her female child killed inside her womb. This, at times, also leads to the death of the mother.


9. Traumatic heart of the mother

After having killed her female child, the mother is left with nothing but trauma and despair. This traumatic effect leads the mother to the road of depression and other mental problems. The pain of losing her child gets to the mother and gives her psychological trouble that lasts a lifetime. While some women tend to get their life back to normal, some get stuck in the trap. This leads to the female population getting oppressed which tends to deteriorate the condition of female population.


8. Rise in Sexual Assault

With a steep decrease in the number of females in the society, the male chauvinist society gets a boost and the opposite sex finds it easy to pounce on the females. That is because; the number of females is becoming similar to the number of endangered species, so the opposite sex finds it easy to target the females, whenever they get a chance. This has become an alarming situation in most parts of the world, and if not managed, the world would become an unsafe place for women.


7. Education is deprived

With a rise in female feticide, the number of women on the work front has been outright declining. The numbers have shown how discriminating the society has become. The decrease in womenfolk has resulted into people not giving value or recognition to the work done by women. They are considered unworthy on the professional front, and hence, many have questioned the education provided to women, and believe that they get no fruitful results at the end.


6. No right to expression

We live in a democratic country where we are given some fundamental rights; one of them being the right to express. But what happens when even the fundamental rights are hard to catch? One of the most basic rights is the right to birth, which gets snatched away from the little girl even before she gets to step into the world and explore life.  This atrocious act is performed by people who fear no body, not even their God. They kill the child inside the womb, why; because she’s a girl.



5. Lead to an immoral lifestyle

With a decline in the girl children, the population scenario gets skewed. This would mean an atypical increase in the number of males in the society eligible for marriage. However, most of them are likely to live as bachelors due to an inappropriate number of the female counterparts. But, we all know that there are two sides to a coin. The disproportionate ratio of males to females with females finding it difficult to find them a suitor, would indulge into the illegal path. Some of the females end up adopting prostitution as their profession due to different reasons such as their poverty, or inability to find work due to discrimination at work places. Being unsuccessful at their workplace is also one of the reasons why they push themselves into such malpractices.


4. Illegal Act

Regardless of the fact that how harmful and heinous the act of female feticide is, or how it affects the women population or the societal economy, it is bad. It should be fought against as it is against the law. It is prohibited by the law to get abortion done which is done after gender examination tests. The law also abolished the gender examination tests which are done before the birth of the baby. Getting indulged into any practices of forcing women to kill her female fetus is illegal. It can land the person into jail or penalizing him heavily. In extreme scenarios, the person is also given a death penalty.


3. Decrease in population

The selective elimination of a girl child would mean a sharp decline in the number of girls as compared to boys. Keeping in mind that not all women can bear a child, the number of births will also decline. This will lead to a drastic change in the population in the country. The population of the country would remain static with boys outnumbering girls. So, the eradication of female feticide should be done, right from the roots.


2. Disproportionate sex ratio

Sex ratio is defined as the number of females to males in a particular year and region of the country. The acts of female feticide or even infanticide have lead to an imbalanced ratio. The number of females per 1000 males has been low in the last census reports. If malpractices like female feticide keep going on, there will be a further drop in the number of females in the society. This will increase the gap between the number of females and males, and thereby, reducing the population of the country.


1. Women lose out the essence of life

Due to an increase in the number of such incidents, and a lesser representation of women in the society, women are losing out on their place and standard in the society. They’re losing out on the essence of life because their opinions and thoughts are often oppressed. These practices instill the minds of the women with a fright. This is  leaving them locked at their houses, working in the kitchen. Women are losing out on the opportunities they might get if they get to explore. Women have to deal with a lot of criticism, discouragement that affects their self confidence. This leads to an unhealthy society for women to live in.



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