10 Reasons why New Year’s Resolution doesn’t always Work

As New Year’s resolution gives up its ghost, we can’t help but begin to fall back into our same, age-old routine. It doesn’t matter what your resolution is, what matters is if you are able to master it thoroughly. So anything and everything from ‘I’ll learn a party trick’ to ‘I’ll get a pedicure every month’ is more than fitting. In this list, I will discuss why your resolution doesn’t seem to favor you and along with it, I’ll give you some smart tips using which you can put an end to your resolution failures.


  1. Your resolution is idealistic and impractical

When making New Year’s resolutions, you have got to be your prudent self. Sure we all love to dream, but utopia doesn’t exist. And even if it did, we can’t differentiate it from dystopia just like Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. So instead of going for ‘I’ll top my class this year’, why don’t you go for something on the lines of ‘I’ll spend this much amount of time with my books at least 6 days a week’? This way, you’ll know about the exact amount of work involved and thus, form a habit which will take you towards your goal.

  1. Your resolution is not based on any plan

Okay so you want a BMW this year? Or you hope to buy your own apartment? There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, trust me I’ll all for it. But a trivial thing in the scenario would be: how would you like to pay for the car or the apartment? This definitely calls for some amount of intensive planning on your part. You can decide if you want to work two jobs or work over-time, it’s all up to you as long as you stick by whatever decision you take.

  1. Your resolution can’t be measured

You may be tired of all the attention your slim friends are getting at parties. So your New Year’s resolution becomes ‘I will lose weight’. But how much weight? How much do you actually want to weigh? If your resolutions aren’t unambiguous, you’ll fail to make them do you any good in the long run. You can make your future resolution ‘measurable’ and see the progress you would be making.

  1. You don’t believe in yourself to make the resolution work

How can you make your resolution work if you have no faith in yourself? You have to trust and be convinced that you and only you can make the resolution a success. When you let go of your qualms and your trepidation, you discover the immense potential that has remained dormant inside you for so long. A resolution is bound to fail if you don’t exercise your will-power, determination and the strength of your mind.

  1. You give up on your resolution very easily

You certainly have to face hurdles when trying to achieve your resolution. It’s no cakewalk. It’s natural to lose heart every time you can’t reach your French class on time, but does it say that you will never be able to be fluent in the language or that you’re a loser? No. The crux of the matter is whereas letting go of your resolution is a cup of tea, your zeal and your fervor can ultimately prevent you from giving up on your resolution. Always keep in mind that confidence is the key.

  1. The year, for which the resolution is, is just too long

Isn’t it? With so many things happening in a year, carrying on working towards your resolution for span of 12 months, 365 days can be well, phew! You may have a good start in January but consider this: as soon as you reach June, your target tends to falter. Notwithstanding a ton of other, obvious factors responsible for your resolution to come out with flying colors and really benefit you, the fact that new year resolutions are idyllically supposed to be among the top places in your priority list – is disheartening, to say the least.

  1. You have no idea why you want your resolution to work

Why do you want to travel the world? You have no idea, none whatsoever. Zilch. May be it has something to do with your Instagram feed reputation, right? Still not sure? Well, I’m sorry to be this blatant in saying that your resolution will most probably fail. On the other hand, if you want to go places because you want to meet new people, traditions, cultures, etc. you might actually have a shot at making your resolution strike out items in your bucket list!

  1. You are bad at managing the time which should be devoted to your resolution

Let’s face it. We are busy beings, and when we are not busy, we are engrossed in social networking. In short, everyday is a jam-packed schedule. So how can you devote your time to jogging every morning? If you are truly bent upon jogging, I believe getting up half an hour prior to your scheduled time would pose no major hitch or problem.

  1. Your resolution couldn’t stand the pessimism of others

If you happen to be someone who gets discouraged by other people’s behavior, then your New Year’s resolution might never be fruitful. If a snide comment about your cycling routine upsets you, how do you think you can pursue your resolution on a year-round basis? The resolution you chase can be rewarding only when you consciously make up your mind not to be influenced, rather be disinterested and unconcerned by how people around you are perceiving your resolution. If it’s any help, endeavor to remind yourself that it’s not about them but you.

  1. Your resolution is just not important for you

It’s as simple as that. Your resolution will not profit you unless you are clear in your mind and persuaded that it is what you want it. If your resolution remains only on a piece of paper and at the back of your mind, how can you imagine it having a constructive and a positive impact on the quality of your life? Let’s assume that you have resolved to take your parents on a vacation. They may not want to go initially but you’ll take them sooner or later, because it’s what you have truly wanted. And not because one of your colleagues did the same and impressed your boss!resolution3

I wish all the luck for your upcoming, future New Year’s resolution! Keep going!

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Srijani Nag