10 Reasons Why Staying Single in Your Early 20’s is Good

Do you feel like you’ve been chasing the perfect someone who doesn’t really exist? Do you feel dependent on others for your happiness? Are you scared of being alone? Does your idea of being happy, involve being in a relationship?

Every unique individual is in pursuit of a different goal. There are different versions of love and belonging in all our minds. And though there is nothing wrong with falling in love and being someone’s better half, there’s always a right time for things.Well, we could help change your perspective. Because at the end of the day, self love is the most important kind of love.

In this article, we show you why being single is good for all the right reasons!


10. Being independent


Being single helps you make decisions for yourself and not being dependent on your significant other to make them for you. It helps be more decisive, whether the decisions are big or small. Single people are the ones you see eating at a restaurant alone, reading a book or getting some work done. And you have yourself thinking how brave that person must be, to be eating alone in public. But guess what? It’s probably one of the most liberating things you could do.

9. Travelling the world


There are always those places you can’t explore or places you can’t travel to, because your partner doesn’t have time for it or simply does not wish to. Whatever be the reason, it’s easier to make travel decisions when you have only your schedule to look at. There are so many groups of people (possibly single people) who travel the world together, for the sole reason of exploration. So the next time you’re bored, with nothing to do, make travel plans. Start closer to home if that makes you feel safer. The world is your oyster, my friend!

8. Being your own priority


You may or may not realise that having to think for two people, puts your priorities on hold. And though making sacrifices is important for the relationship, it might not be good for you. Having to think only about your future, will definitely help you to make the right decisions for yourself. It gives you more time to do what’s right for you- meeting friends, studying in a foreign country, taking jobs in exotic locations or even having extended family holidays.

7. Focused approach to your future


The more things you have on your mind, the more cluttered it might seem. To make right choices, its important to de-clutter. Being by yourself, gives you more time to think and make informed decisions about your future choices. These choices can now be based only on your preferences. Especially when it comes to making decisions to relocate, its better to think in terms of what you need.

6. Saving yourself time and a ton of heartbreak



At the end of the day, we never know which way a relationship might go. It might be perfect and exactly what you need, but this isn’t the case for most young relationships. It might seem smarter to save yourself that time and heartbreak and maybe invest in yourself rather than in someone else. If you have goals for your future or somewhere you need to get to, you should focus on that rather than spending your time finding the perfect person.

5. Focusing on other relationships


Being single, is like having your calendar cleared. You suddenly feel like you have so much time to meet other people. And you feel the need to meet new people, to explore more friendships. One of the best ways to grow is finding the right people to do it with, whether its friends or family. You will now have more time for those barbecues, sleepovers, dinner parties and Sunday brunches, that you so casually missed over the course of your relationship. Family time too is always a welcome change and makes you feel so loved.

4. Knowing your strengths & weaknesses


Being by yourself helps to think about what you’re good at and what needs improvement. You have time to think about your fitness schedule, plan your meals, take up some new courses and grow as a person. You could always do these things when you’re in a relationship too. It’s about how you prioritise your life. You owe yourself the time to figure yourself out, before you start figuring out someone else.

3. Knowing what you want


Since you’re so focused on yourself, you will now know exactly what you want from your life and the people in it. It helps to make you more determined and not be pushed around by people. You’ve survived every day alone and that’s something you should be proud of. Make a road map to where you want to be and how you want to get there. An organised approach is always a good idea.

2. Feeling content


The accomplishment of having achieved anything by yourself, is something that makes all of us feel content. So while the world is focused on finding their perfect significant other, you’ve been achieving your goals and being your amazing productive self. Happiness doesn’t have to be in a person, happiness can also be a passion. So go out there and focus on being content and happy.


1. Self-discovery

The best possible outcome of being single, is that you can discover yourself and know exactly who you are  as a person. Relationships tend to blur the line between the personalities of the two people. It’s alright to not be a half of someone else’s whole. Because you’re yet to discover what you are as a whole.


You’ve never known how you would be, if you were by yourself. At heart and in mind. Don’t you think you owe yourself more self-discovery? Because there’s always time. Time to fall in love. Time to be someone else’s half. But there’s only now to be your own whole.

Don’t deny yourself now. When there are others confused about who they really are, you’d be the only one with your stuff all figured out and flawless. Do this for yourself – be figured out and flawless!

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Gunit Locham