10 Reasons why Trekking should be your Hobby

We all are caught up in the daily routine, unwilling participants of the rat-race, where everyone seems to be in a hurry to reach their destinations. But no one knows what it is, and why are all people speeding! Not knowing the end results might sound like an exciting possibility, but not when you’re so busy building ‘a life’ that you forget to ‘live’. We all need to catch a breath and sync ourselves to be in tune with nature. Nature can provide us with the best therapy, in the form of trekking. While there are other ways to unwind, such as a luxury tour in sauve hotels, shopping or ‘retail therapy’, going out for drinks and movies, but the way trekking brings out our inner unchallenged, hungry-for-adventures side, hardly any other activity does the same. Here’s how trekking can be beneficial for us.


10. Breaks the monotony of daily life                              

Just as overexertion tends to tire us out physically, similarly, following the same routine day-in and day-out can tire out our brains and make us internally demotivated and dull. Quoting the famous character Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones and moulding it a little, we can come to the conclusion that just as a sword needs a whetstone, our minds need new challenges, which in turn will excite us and affect our heart in a good way. Trekking offers this challenge and helps our mind and our hearts.


9. Possibility of making new friends.                                    

When you choose a trail for trekking, there is a possibility that you’ll meet   people who are out to feed their hungry souls just like you. Whether you are a solo traveller, or travelling with your friends, it is highly likely that you will come across like-minded people who share your zest for the unexplored, and if you’re lucky to meet experienced trekkers, you will get the chance of hearing their amazing stories. The stories of experienced trekkers are almost heroic and may perk you up to undertake the journey even more! So don’t be shy to approach trekkers, they will most likely welcome you with open arms.


8. Brings out the explorer in you.                                                                                                      

Although amateurs usually go for the trails that have been marked out by previous explorer, many often find the courage to traverse through off-beaten paths only to discover something new and even more breath-taking. Trekking offers you the chance to chance upon something nouvelle and this tease tingles your mind so that you’re further compelled to explore into unchartered territories, but with responsibility.


7. Makes you more responsible.

The fact that trekking offers us the freedom to choose a path which results in discovery of new terrains also reasserts the fact that we are traversing into nature and we must be cautious of our freedom. It’s essential to make sure that we are fully equipped, in proper attire for our treks, carry sufficient refreshers, water, little snacks like glucose biscuits to munch on in case we feel hungry, carry medication, and take note of the weather condition and prepare for it mentally as well as physically. Thus, even though trekking makes us free, it reminds us that we have to be responsible for ourselves, and others, when they are trekking with us.


6. Enhances our leadership qualities.                          

Trekking can be both an exhilarating as well as a frightening experience! It truly rejuvenates us from within, but at the same time, it can also be a little intimidating to face nature in its raw, pristine form. This can especially be true for amateurs. In such cases, it’s important to remind ourselves that everything is going to be all right, and we need to find our motivation and keep going further. Not only do we push ourselves to go ahead but we also help others to move along with us. This reflects upon our leadership qualities, which may have been latent, and thus polishes it more.


5. Makes us more disciplined.                                                                            

As exciting and novel an experience trekking to a certain destination may turn out to be for us, we still have to maintain a certain level of discipline in terms of physical fitness, respecting nature and ensuring that we be responsible travellers and don’t do anything to spoil the purity of a landscape, we have to be especially careful in tough terrains and also look out for our fellow trekkers. This instils in us a feeling of responsibility, which instigates in us a sense of discipline. This doesn’t only help us in the short term while we are covering our trek, but also reflects on how we carry out activities in our daily life. This sense of disciplines starts seeping into our daily life as well.


4. Improves our physical fitness.  

 Trekking doesn’t require a vigorous training method as such. It’s said that if you can walk, you can most certainly trek. However, since trekking involves climbing mountains, jumping over boulders, running over small streams, crossing treacherous passes by the use of ropes, it requires us to exert a lot more than how we usually carry out our day-to-day activities at home. Trekking at high altitudes, such as the Himalayan ranges in India, makes it a more gruelling task due to the thinning oxygen levels. Thus, frequent trekking helps us work our muscles and keep our body fit.


3. Helps you lose weight and also keep it off!                      

As we have discussed till now how trekking can be fun, exciting but also a very challenging and physically exerting task which involves excellent coordination of muscles and bones (or to develop this coordination over time as we trek more often). Such physical exertion helps us lose weight, and trekkers almost never gain concerning amount of weight because physical fitness doesn’t just become a goal to achieve to look appealing, but it becomes a lifestyle. In fact, trekkers focus more on being healthy and enhancing their endurance levels rather than looking thin. This approach is better as it has a long-term effect of losing extra pounds and also keeping it off!


2. Happy heart because of cleaner air!             

Almost all trekking destinations are away from the hustle and bustle of city-life, and the various kinds and levels of pollution that come with it. Trekking to these magnificent, untouched wonders of the nature gives our heart and lungs a break from all the pollution that they deserve, as they get a chance to take in the purer air. Thus, trekking is beneficial for our health not only in terms of weight loss and muscle coordination, but also for internal wellbeing by making our hearts happier.


  1. It’s a humbling experience.                              

Finally, trekking is a life changing experience not only because it is exciting but also because it reminds us how small a place we occupy in this world, when we are amidst the imposing elements of nature, at nature’s mercy. This helps us in a larger picture as we realise that we should not worry too much over trivial matters and helps us develop a more healthy approach towards life.

So what are you still waiting for? Go find a trek that’s suitable to your needs and pack your bags and get ready to go! Make trekking a hobby, and see how it changes you as a person completely. Happy trekking.

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