10 Sacrifices Parents make for their Children

This is summer season, sun is scorching and temperature is above 45 degrees in North India. Just beneath my balcony there is an underprivileged family engaged in laundary.They have two children who spend their time playing in the premises. Their father prefers to stay in the unclouded area so that their children can be kept away from heat and be in the shade to avoid any discomposure. First thing when you become a parent is to give up things that are prized to you. Be it your luxury or vocation you don’t see anything coming in between you and your child.

Let’s cite very common example which you all must have had witnessed with young kids. They always take the remote to watch their favourite cartoon and parents do not object. I am surprised since I have a younger sibling but I prefer to watch TV of my choice sometimes atleast.Conversely it is not so with the parents. They give up their desires, wish and what not for their children.

  1. Cut their expenditures


Yes! They scratch their expense for you. They might be going for a movie every Friday but after you were born they decided to stay at home and play with you. They might want to buy a new dress for themselves nonetheless they precipitously become conscious you have a school function where you need to dress like a princess. They chose to wear a worn trouser so that you don’t have to repeat the dress for the party. There are so many occasions when they inhibit their wishes for your sake.

  1. Curtail their social circle


My mother had a gang of friends before I was born. Be it her work friends or college buddies, my house used to be swamped on every weekend. After I came in her life, she chose to edge her public circle. When you become a parent you try to give most of your time to your children. For any social circle to grow, it is necessary that you go out and meet them however after becoming a parent it becomes difficult to manage friends and children. This is the reason why parents restrain themselves to the heartthrob parties and vacations which were once their lifelines.

  1. Pick out to be a homemaker


You are a salaried lady with a perky prospect. There are probabilities that you might be at some senior position in next two years nevertheless you are going to become a parent soon. Things fall apart as stated by Chinua Acehbe. When you become a parent you need to compromise on your career, not necessary it is a female everytime.These days many males are giving up their career to look after their child at home. Children are most defenceless section of the society. During their childhood they need to be look after by utmost care and protection. We all sacrifice in our lives to accomplish something which we have always wanted profoundly. It comes out of cost of something or other. Similarly parents sacrifice their career so that they can build up our glorifying future.

  1. Donate their organs


I have witnessed a live example for the above header. My friend has a kidney problem and he needed a kidney transplant urgently. His mother chose to become his angel and give him another life. There are so many examples when parents donate their vital organs so that their loved ones can survive and experience the beauty of life.

  1. Predilection


My granny is 88 and she stays alone in the adjacent flat. Since my younger brother is two years old therefore my mother is full time attendant of him. All the same her mother likewise needs her every time but she cherry-picks to spend more time with my brother. What can be a bigger sacrifice than this? They can also compromise with their parents for the sake of our happiness.

  1. Relationships


In case of a single parent, they abandon to be in a relationship with anyone who does not like his/her child. She might be in early thirties with a child but she cannot marry the man whom she loves since the guy does not like to be amidst of responsibilities so early. This is a rare sacrifice in today’s time however there are parents who do this for the sake of their children.

  1. Food


My aunt cooks Chinese most of the time at home Though it is annoying sometimes but then I realise it is out of love and affection for her only son. Since my cousin loves to eat Chinese therefore my aunt has completely disremembered that she was once a south Indian food lover. When it comes to impoverished society, parents even give up their one time meal so that their child can survive and does not have to sleep empty stomach.

  1. Comfort


Parents buckle under their comfort for their progenies. There are many obligations which parents need to recognize and do preparedness for. They need to compromise on their ease so that their child can be exultant and feel contented. Parents would never allow their children to compromise on anything be it school, college,clothing,food.They would put their all hard work so that their children are provided with all luxuries of life. Parents fight with the whole world so that they can see their children safe and happy.

  1. Overnight staying


Babies are weak and vulnerable. A mother has to stay awake overnight to take care of the baby.Moroever they have different sleep patterns. During the initial days, babies sleep during days and keep themselves and parents awake for whole night. This is not an easy task since our body is used to sleep during nights and work during day hours. Parents chose to adapt the pattern of the new born and enjoy the parenthood.

  1. Body


When a baby is born, a mother experiences most excruciating pain ever. A Human body can bear only up to 45 del (units) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.” The problem doesn’t end here since after birth of a child a mother is deformed and has to work really hard to get into former shape again. Still she chooses to deliver a baby since that baby comes out of her own flesh and blood. This very baby is dearest to parents and parents feel privileged to sacrifice anything for their children’s sake. Being a parent is most jubilant thing for anyone but then it comes with so many accountabilities and liabilities. Our parents take this challenge and help us grow into a responsible citizen.

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