10 Signs That Show Your Relationship Is Going Long and Strong

All of us have hummed to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” at some point of our lives or the other. Some of us when we were 12, some at 16 and some of us in our 20’s. Falling in love is easy, isn’t it? Butterflies in stomach, skipping a heartbeat and getting swept off your feet! All these must have happened to everyone who has been in love and relationships. Relationships are complicated, but the right person is worth all the complication. Love can happen in a week, a day or even a second, but maintaining a relationship is the difficult part. Nonetheless, its beautiful if the person you are with means the world to you and you are ready to commit and do anything to make your relationship survive. Here are 10 Signs you should look for in your relationship and see if it is going Long and Strong.

1. You Can Talk About Anything

Talk about anything

You both are so comfortable with each other that you can talk about literally anything. You have no personal boundaries when it comes to talking and you love that. From serious topics like ‘Trump rising to power’ to dirty stuff like ‘which position to try next’, you can go on about it for hours together. Even when both of you are apart, you cannot stop calling and texting each other for minute details. In fact, you are so used to the other person’s company that you just cannot survive a day without talking!

2. You Cannot Get Your Hands Off Each Other

cant get hands off

Both of you like holding each other. You just cannot get enough of each other and everybody thinks it is damn cute! Does it happen to you a lot? Be it holding hands and walking together, or sliding your hand around your girl’s waist, you want to shower the other with love all the time. You constantly want to feel the other’s presence beside you and want to make sure that they are there. Moreover, you hug each other goodbye for a good five minutes even if the other is just going down the street to walk your dog! Isn’t that awfully sweet?

3. You Are Partners in Crime

partners in crime

Obvious, isn’t it? When you do everything together, how can you leave your partner alone when it comes to doing the dirty stuff? You are always there for each other. You help each other sneak into uninvited parties, you support each other to steal the bottle of alcohol from old uncles and you also help your other to break the traffic signal and run! However, you know when to stop and you know how to make the other stop too, and that is best part about being each others partner in crime.

4. You are Best Friends

best friends

Of course you have other girlfriends and guyfriends, but you both are Best Friends. You do all those stuff which best friends do. You watch movies together, go shopping, get massages, bitch about the assholes in your life fight maniacally! You both can just sit and not talk and that feels like quality time spent too. You laugh to yourselves and have your own code languages which no one else understands. No one can separate, come what may, and you know that you cannot live without each other.

5. You Give Space To Each Other

give space to each other

However, even after having a lot in common and spending every moment together, you value your and your partner’s personal space. You like the ‘once in a blue moon’ personal time and utilize it to its fullest. After all, no two people can like all the same things. You like it when you have one part of the day to yourselves and so does your partner. He can  go spend some time with his office colleagues and you can go visit your parents or friends. Or he can sit at home and watch the football match and you can go for a girls night out. Nonetheless, end of the day both of you finally come to each other and talk about how much you enjoyed your day and at the same time missed each other.

6. You Trust Each Other

trust each other

No matter what happens you always trust each other because you know the other person would never hurt you. Even if you hear disturbing details about the other person from somewhere, you confirm it with them instead of immediately coming to a conclusion. You and your partner don’t have any secrets from each other and that makes its easier for you to trust the other.

7. You Get Along With Each Other’s Friends

get along with friends

It is always easier to hangout with friends when both you and your partner belong to the same circle of friends. However, that doesn’t happen every time. In this case, it is important that you and your partner get along with each other’s friends. So, if you love hanging out with your partner’s friends as much as you love spending time with your buddies, you are good. And if your friends love hanging out with the two of you then that is great news, because they approve!

8. You have fights

you fight

Who says having fights is bad? No, it doesn’t create a rift. It makes your relationship stronger. If you do have fights once in a while and shout at each other on top of your voices, just relax, because that is completely normal. After all, every couple has things to complain about and both you and your partner have the right to speak your mind an get things sorted. It is good to release your anger. Healthy fights are always good, they test your relationship and make it better. So, if you are totally pissed at your partner for not cleaning his dirty underwear or for leaving the dishes on the table, get ready for a battle!

9. You are Intimate


You are intimate, not only physically but even emotionally. You connect on a different level altogether and that is what makes your relationship unique. Every time you kiss, you fall more in love with your partner. Every time you hug, you hold them tightly and want the time to stop. When you make love, you are soft and gentle to each other. And at the same time, you like it a little rough and dirty too. You let go of all your inhibitions when you are in each other’s arms and that means the world to you.

10. You Can See Your Future Together


Lastly, the most important of all things is that you can see a future with your partner. You dream of getting married to your partner one day and spending the rest of your lives together. In fact, you have planned out everything; Your house, your car, the names of your kids and your yearly vacations. You just cannot wait to make them your forever!

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