10 Simple Lifestyle Changes for Healthy and Better Living

Health is the most ignored yet most concerned thing in today’s world. How is that possible? Well, we first ignore it and then empty our pockets concerning it. Matter of fact is that being healthy is the most affordable or more appropriately cheaper thing in our lives, only if we pay attention to ourselves. “A stitch in time saves nine” we have heard this many times, but very few do implement it. Better to adopt a healthy lifestyle than spending millions on fixing it.

To change a lifestyle that has been with us for years isn’t an easy task. Also how to achieve a healthy lifestyle is the big question on everyone’s mind. However, it’s simple and doesn’t involve the nightmares of eating raw food and drinking green juices.

Here are 10 such lifestyle changes for healthy and better living.

  1. Limit the use of technology.

Yes, this the real task, isn’t it?  But it is one of the most important things that need to be changed while aiming at a healthy lifestyle.


Using electronic gadgets like mobiles, computers, laptops increase the level of inactivity of our bodies causing obesity. We tend to sit at a place for hours sticking our eyes out and staring at these screens. Also, it is nothing new that they tend to keep us awake for more time.

“Dependence syndrome” is a syndrome that is caused by overusing of mobile phones. This syndrome results in anxiety, stress and also a solitary lifestyle. The radio frequency is also claimed to cause brain cancers and tumours.

Overusing electronic gadgets is also harmful to the skin.

How to limit the use?

Try to keep your electronics away when you are amongst your family, friends or in general people. This will be useful in both the ways, that is, to give time to your loved ones and in limiting the use.



  1. Eat on time, fixed time.

Yes your mom’s right, you need to eat on time. And no matter what you do and how busy you are, you got to eat on time.


If you ever visit a dietician one of the things he/she might tell you is that eating on time is a must. Our bodies are like vehicles and like vehicles even are our bodies need fuel to run. And this fuel needs to be put on right times or else bodies do not function properly. Some people do not have breakfast at morning, and then have heavy meals in noon thinking that they have fuelled up, but it’s just the opposite. We instead make our stomach overload and then face problems like constipation. Which in time let our bodies function with ease and keep our digestion system healthy.

How to eat on time?

Plan it, execute it. It’s as simple as that. Have whole day meal plan keeping in mind to have three most important meals that are breakfast, lunch and dinner at a time that matches your schedule. Keep in mind that difference between two meals should not be more than 4 hours.


  1. Sleep early, wake early.

We might have heard “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” several times in school but then taking it seriously was never what we thought to do. The thing is this proverb is as true as we not taking it seriously.


According to Ayurveda, the oldest medical science in the world. The time to rise is before sunrise, this is because the early morning the air is in its freshest form and the sunrays are said to have vitamin D which is important for bones and skin, and isn’t found in any other natural edible substance. It is also said that one must have food before sunset because our digestion system tends to get a little weaker after sunset.

Sleeping early is the key to rising early. Sleep is the most important thing our body requires. It’s the time when our brain rests. A healthy 7-hour sleep is a must. And do not mistake 7-hour sleep with sleeping anytime and getting a 7 seven hour sleep. Nope! The earlier you sleep the healthier you are.

Sleep late results in stress, anxiety, acne, hair loss, dark circles, laziness and many more things which have ridiculous health effects.

How to sleep early?

It’s in your hands and no one can make you fall asleep earlier. Decide and set alarms for sleeping and waking up and follow it rigorously.


  1. Drink water, a lot of water.

60% of human body is made of water, told our 5th-grade science textbooks. One must drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day. If you are exercising you might need more. Water is most important fluid in the human body, as it regulates various activities. And so a human can survive up to 12 weeks without food but only 7-8 days without water.


Every cell in our bodies needs water to function. Also, water is needed for well-functioned digestion, circulation and excretion process. Drinking lesser water may lead to improper digestion resulting in digestion-related diseases. It can also lead to dehydration, chemical imbalance, ulcers etc.

How to drink more water?

You can drink water in various ways but make sure you drink a glass of water in morning. Other times you can make yourself lemonade including more water, you can carry a bottle with you everywhere you go, drink before and after meals.


  1. Exercise, it’s a must.

This is hard, isn’t it? being healthy isn’t an easy thing though. No one, I repeat no one with a sedentary lifestyle is known as a healthy person. Exercising is must, and no matter how much one may avoid it, it all comes down to it.


Let’s take the example of the bike again, keep it at a place without starting it for 2-3 days and then try to start it. it won’t start immediately and which a lot of time. the same happens with our bodies when we do not exercise and indulge in sedentary lifestyles. No matter if you are lean or fat, exercising is important for a healthy body. Exercising is beneficial for keeping our bodies active and regulated. it helps in avoiding weight gain or weight loss as it is good for building immunity.

How to exercise?

It’s not about going to the gym, exercising can be done in simpler ways like quitting the use of the elevator and using staircase instead, going for a morning walk, taking walking breaks during the day, or doing yoga.


  1. Don’t diet, just avoid junk food.

For the matter of fact, it’s about junk food that needs to be avoided and it’s not about going on greens and fruit juices. I have seen people skipping meals and also going on boiled veggies’ diet and let me tell you that’s rubbish. All you need to do it avoid junk food.


Junk food is bad for health and everyone knows it. one must limit junk food if they want a healthy body. Also, the diet should be about eating properly and not about eating less. It is said that a person must have small portions after every two hours this keeps our energy levels in check. Also, remember our needs everything and one must eat everything. So going on a green diet and boiled diet isn’t the right way to be healthy. Eat everything but avoid junk food. That’s it.

How to avoid junk food?

Have your food before leaving your home, the food made at home is way better. Carry tiffin to schools, colleges and work. When hungry have a fruit rather than having a burger. Its how you decide to avoid it, and it’s all about your willpower.


  1. Stop complaining.

Acne, hair fall, loss of appetite, weight gain, fatigue etc. there are many issues we face due to our bad lifestyle. But these issues can be solved so stop complaining or rather just complaining. Nothing can change if you keep complaining day and night stressing yourself out. Instead, act upon your problems, try to adopt healthy habits.

How to stop complaining?

Keep your mind in control, and believe in “I can do it.” try to find solutions for yourself and even if one doesn’t work try other.


  1. Stay positive and yearn for a Healthy mind.

Being positive is the key. It isn’t about being delusional but having a positive outlook towards things is very important.


Positivity keeps us away from unwanted stress. We have a better view of the things that go around us and that let us be happy. And being happy is equal is to be healthy. No matter what you do if you don’t have a healthy mind you can never achieve a healthy body.

How to be positive?

Without being philosophical or over the top, I’ll say it’s all in you. Indulge yourself amongst positive people, let go of the people who drag you down and avoid negativity around you. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be, but one can at least try.


  1. Pamper yourself.

This is one of the most underestimated things about being healthy. No one tells this but it is important to have self-love. If you cannot care about your being you cannot care about anything else.


Nothing will you as much as self-love will. This the first step towards being a healthier you, inside out. Our mind knows everything and no matter what you are out if you aren’t happy with yourself in, nothing can work.

How to pamper oneself?

Take a break each day sit and think about all the things that made you feel good, smile more, give yourself treats and stop depending on people.


  1. Be patient, beautiful things take time.

Everything takes time and so will you. Let your body function in its own way taking its time. do not give up in the middle. Keep changing your habits and keep following your routine. The healthier you may take time to come to you because beautiful things take time.

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