10 Simple Ways to Make someone Feel Special

It maybe that you are trying to cheer up your sad friend, or you are trying to express your feelings for your loved ones, or maybe you are planning to greet your beloved on their birthday. In a new relationship or one matured in time, for a male or female, friends or relatives, young or old the aspiration to feel appreciated and special is universal and the means of showing it to others are innumerable .

“It is the quality of our relationships that most determine our legacy”

is a thought well said by James. M. Kouzes. Making someone feel special shows your immense love and care for that person. We all know deep down our heart that the way we spend our time reveals our priorities more than by merely saying or thinking about it. How you make someone feel special greatly depends on your relationship with the special ones.

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give” -Eleanor Roosevelt

10 Simple Ways to Make someone Feel Special are:


Greeting your friend with a smile not only makes your friend happy but also makes you look fresh, confident and positive. A smile complimented with a hug is also captivating and disrupts negative thoughts. An enthusiastic hug may really help in strengthening the bond. This gesture will also let him know that you are glad meeting him and are interested in talking to him. It takes nothing to smile so stay optimistic and keep smiling!


The roads of this world can sometimes be risky, rocky, harsh, stony or fuzzy. Negative thoughts might be inculcated in the process. Help a friend who is struggling and dealing with the knobby times by positively encouraging and boosting him up. You may share your worthy experiences which might just act as a boost. A good support in the form a friend too can make wonders in someone else’s life.



Always listen to your special ones. Try to know about their interests, hobbies, places they like, their viewpoint about any special event. Listen to their good and bad experiences. It takes a good deal of patience to hear someone’s heart out. When a person shares his/her story with you, it means he/she trusts you with it. Lend them your ears while they speak or share something with you. By listening, you understand the person well and hence act accordingly!


Gifts are the best ways of enduring the bond of happiness with others. It takes the other person on cloud 9. Regardless of the gift, it’s the thought and intention that counts not only for giver but also for the receiver. Choosing the right gift is also important. Take time and think. The process of choosing a gift is always rejoicing. Money can’t buy happiness unless it is spent on others. Show your love through actions. Make something creative like greeting card, a wall hanging, a picture, etc. Gift them a ‘just for you’ present.


Helping people to carry their bags, cooperating your friend with his homework, help in picking up flowers are little things that too can add wonders to your personality and at the same time makes other people exuberance. Help your mom, friends, wife, or any other significant person in cleaning car, house and roads. Let someone into your lane while driving or standing in a Que. It could distress his/her day to a certain level. Helping someone never goes vain. You are always blessed for it!



Whatever is your talent employ it to create something different, something extraordinary? If you can cook invite your beloved ones for a home-cooked dinner or lunch. Cook their favorite dishes and food items at home if they had a bad day. Send invitation for a tea with your own baked treat. If not able to cook, a slight variation on this idea is to gift them their wished-for sweets and chocolates when they had crummy days. This gesture makes the other person feel really special. Meeting over for such meals strengthens the bond between two people.


Morning breeze and the sunshine bring with itself positive vibes. The chirping of birds is like a morning welcome by nature. An early walk with your special one makes him/her day even special. Sharing thoughts and discussing the upcoming life events while morning walk gives a new start to the day and allows you to be socially healthy. Exchanging views about the entire day during an evening or night walk after meals distress you and help in maintaining psychological balance in life.


We all are well aware of the blasting development that made social media enjoy the limelight. Various social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp have opened the closed gates of connectivity. These made connecting with people easier at low cost. People around the world can interact on the same platform. Keeping in touch with those living far away from you makes them feel heavenly and unique. Though this is a virtual world, but who says it cannot make the real world a better place?


Sharing memories with your friend or relatives is full of joy, fun, thoughtfulness and full of dramatic emotions. This depicts that you cherish the moments and value the time, you spent with them. These memories could be from your childhood or about last night or may be about any special occasion. Going in past via photo album recollects all your well spent days. Living in past for some time and reminiscing your time spent together shows that your time with them is special. Knowing that you are noticed and remembered is a wonderful feeling.


Planning someone’s birthday, anniversary, or a date in advance or before 14 days is a deal worth making. This makes the other person realize that you not only remember his/her special day but also make all efforts to make it really special! This makes you and your initiative of celebrating his/her good days stand out. Such gestures are long remembered. Generally, we aren’t able to catch up with our near and dear ones due to workload, job or any other errand. In this case, plan a meeting, something which would make the person feel real special!

We should try to spread as much warmth, love, and solicitude around through our own actions and acts and be able to continue till forever.

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