10 Things for Which You Should Be Grateful to God

Have you ever wondered, how lucky you are! ( Haven’t you? Wait..then, this article is a must read for you). Hey, I am just kidding. Actually my point here is to signify how lucky one can be, if one can think of the things one has.(Yes!! being Optimistic) and not think of the things one doesn’t have. Being this way, one can be content and happy. From happiness comes the thought of being thankful for whatever you are today. Sadly, not many people look at life this way. But I say one should be grateful to the giver of happiness (Yes! you guessed it right,”GOD”).Then you might get a doubt in your mind,”What if I am an Atheist”?Let me answer that question for you.If not God, there might be someone special in your life who can be an accidental friend, a relative, a guide, a teacher, whoever they might be, they are God to you, as they made you be happy in life.Now, there are many things that one should be grateful to God.

Let us check out 10 such things here.

10. Food

We all need food for our survival.Can you imagine the life without food? (Hey, I bet you can’t) Now think of the people in countries like Somalia which are poor.Do you know, there people die of hunger? Now, aren’t you feeling you are lucky enough to be not born there? (Oh Yes!! Me included).For this we should be grateful to God because we have food to eat(varieties of food ;)) at our will and wish.


Yes, clothes are one of the three basic things for a human being to survive.Every person whether rich or poor wants to wear a piece of dress to cover themselves against cold and heat.Ofcourse the rich wear the costly ones and the poor, a bit cheaper ones.But the point here is, “there are millions of people who can’t afford decent clothes to wear”.Have you ever thought, how much grateful you must be to the giver(God) for such privilege of wearing decent clothes? Even then we complain alot about our clothing. Should we complain actually?(No,right?)

8. Shelter

Apart from food and clothing, shelter is the third basic necessity of any human. Sadly, not many in the world have a decent shelter to live in.There are millions of people living in slums in many cities.They suffer from many diseases due to lack of cleanliness.I bet, you are not one of them.So you can consider yourself to be lucky enough to have a decent shelter to live in. Even if you don’t have a mansion to live in,you can be happy for the decent shelter that you are now living in.For this you should be thankful to God.

7. Education

As someone once  said,”If you want to be more powerful in life, educate yourself.” I feel it is true.Don’t you? Just imagine how would our lives be, without Education. We don’t even feel like imagining it.Right? Then what about the people like child labourers, workers who are not properly educated? Are they knowing their basic rights of work atleast?Aren’t we seeing the exploitation of children for money in the form of begging. Don’t you think it’s time for you to thank God for such kindness  to give you proper Education.

6. Family

Not many people in the world will have all the facilities.But we don’t feel the need of high class facilities, when we have a lovely family to support us in everything we do and give us happiness which can never be replaced by any costly facilities. You are definitely the lucky one to have one such family and it’s a thing for which  you should be grateful to God.

5. Best Friend

I can’t think of any person on this Earth who does not have atleast one friend, to whom they share their feelings. It’s good to have friends. But it’s lucky to have a best friend who will never judge you for the gravest of the sins you have committed and will never leave you whatever be the situation in life. Shouldn’t you thank God, almighty for giving you such a wonderful friend?(Yes!! Truely you should)

4. Good Health

If you are a person of good health, then you should definitely thank God for that. Without good health, even if we have millions of dollars, it doesn’t matter much. There are many people who are successful in their lives. But unfortunately they died early because of ill health. The world famous Steve Jobs once said lying on his hospital bed, “whatever you feel like doing right now, do it with conviction,lest you may regret later.But one should never neglect health like me.”In that case just think how fortunate you are, to have good health.This definitely gives you a reason to thank God for the good health he has given you.

3. Happiness

Happiness is not something that comes by having whatever we want in life. It’s something that comes from inside.It’s something related to your soul. If you are a good soul, you will find happiness every where and in everything.Happiness is so attractive that everyone feels happy being with you. So, be grateful  to God, for making you a happy human being.

2. Courage

Yes! if you are courageous,even the word IMPOSSIBLE says, I’ M POSSIBLE. Courage is not a quality seen in losers. It’s the quality of winners who don’t want to lose.( Are you a loser?).If you are not a courageous person, then be prepared to lose. But if you are courageous, then you will be the winner.So, you should thank God, for the courage he has given you.

1. Birth

It’s no surprise that the birth you got from your parents is the greatest gift you have ever received from God. Parents are the living Gods indeed. Have you ever thought, you will be born to these parents and lead a life that you are living now? It’s all destiny, as we call it. As long as you are not born in countries like Syria and North Korea, you are lucky to be born elsewhere in the world. I say this because, the survival in those countries is extremely risky, as the people live in constant fear every moment. It’s an everyday struggle for the people to survive in those countries.Now, tell me if you aren’t lucky to be born in other countries and enjoy the life that you have now?(Obviously Yes!!).So thank God for the birth.

Last, but not the least one to mention here, God is patient with everyone, no matter who they are. Why don’t we try to be patient enough to endure the obstacles on the path and lead a successful life journey? Let’s thank God for many more things he has given us which are quite precious like our lives.

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