10 Things to do Right Before Bed for Excellent Sleep

Exhaustion makes the wimp out of us. We would all want a good sleep after a tiring day. However, we tend to be so engrossed in our social lives that we fall asleep to it and wake up to it. Indirectly, we end up disturbing the entire biological clock and lose out on good sleep.  A good sleep makes you more productive and agile.

Instead of crashing on the bed and engaging yourself in the usual movie or series marathon, take a look at these 10 things and decide for yourself.


One of the most important aspect that should be included in our lives. By Unplug, I mean keeping ourselves away from the virtual world for a 30 minutes at least before we go to sleep. You owe it to yourself. One must not forget that before anyone else, we must always love ourselves and give some exclusive “me time” to ourselves. We owe it to ourselves. This way, we give our mind the much needed pull to slow down and relax for sometime.

2.Read a book

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work,” says he knows numerous business leaders who block off time just before bed for reading, going so far as to schedule it as a “non-negotiable item” on their calendar. A book is a man’s best friend. It opens our world to endless possibilities. We always gain something out of reading. You can also browse something useful online and read. This way you also develop a healthy reading habit and make the best of the time.

3.Write a journal

There are days when you just want to shut yourself and get sombre about things that have been bothering you. Sometimes, we capitulate to our emotions and feel paralysed by it. There are also times when you don’t want to share it with anyone yet you want to vent it out. Trust me; we all have been through it. Pen it down. Maintain a journal. Talking from experience, when you maintain a journal you will eventually find out how well you have grown as a person. It does not have to be long and beautifully written as shown in movies but something short and simple to describe your personal moments. It might get long if you want to rant your agony or frustration that is even better. You will find some amount of peacefulness after writing down. After all, it is rightly said, decisions made in anger are bad decisions and this way, you might also prevent yourself from doing so.

4.Prepare for tomorrow- A To-DO List!

We have all had the habit of ‘procrastinating’! Isn’t it? Leaving things to get done in the twelfth hour. But how about making a slight change and including some small changes into our lifestyle. Let’s start with writing about two things to do the next day and then get on to doing it. Let the two tasks be as simple as picking up laundry or cleaning your wardrobe. List it down and act accordingly. You will surely love this routine.

5.Asses you day

What have you accomplished during the day? Some of you will say none because they don’t think they are productive on the day.  You cannot prepare for tomorrow unless and until you have assessed your ‘Today’ well. Small achievements like finishing a few pages from the novel you are reading can be assesed. Begin with little things and clear a path for greater objectives.

6.Drink Water

The golden rule applied by our fathers, father’s father and maybe even their forefathers – Drink Loads Of Water. It is great for the system. It is human tendency to gulp down some water whenever we feel uneasy. We end up feeling much better after drinking.However, Drinking water before bed is not a good idea for people suffering from kidney or heart ailments. This is because the excess water intake will put additional pressure on the kidney, which are already weakened and are not efficient in fluid removal from the body. For people who do not have this problem, can opt for drinking water as it promotes a good sleep, clears off toxins, burns off calories and keeps you hydrated.

7.A Warm Shower

It is the best way to relax your entire body to ensure a great sleep. Taking a shower before sleep is an amazing stress buster. According to Web MD-When you come out of a warm shower into a cooler bedroom, your body temperature will drop. That drop in temperature signals your body that it’s time to rest, slowing down essential metabolic functions including heart rate, breathing, and digestion.

8.Spend Quality time with family and friends

Designating a considerable amount of time from your every day routine towards family is a positive endeavor . In case you’re staying away from your family, then call them often and converse with them. Communicating with people you cherish, people you look upto is amazing and your brain responds well by releasing the upbeat hormone-oxytocin. Converse with your sibling or mom – whoever is close to you from your family and share your worries and accomplishments of the day. A hearty chuckle and a decent rest are the ideal antidotes for your tiresome day. All things considered, Success and Happiness begins from inside.


Another awesome thing you might need to hone during the night. Meditation is useful for both your psychological wellness and physical well being. Meditation fills in as an energizer for your vitality and gets you focused. You feel profoundly peaceful after a tiring day. It is the ideal opportunity for you to stay relaxed for both your psyche and your body. So learn how to practice meditation each night before you rest. You can begin with just five to 10 minutes.

10.Take 10 minutes to tidy up so you wake up to a neat space.

Haven’t you heard that cleanliness is next to Godliness? Haha. Well it is true. Waking up to a clean surrounding drives in a lot of positivity.  Make your bed. Change the pillow covers and bed sheets regularly and ensure that you have a good sleep. According to a survey conducted by WebMD, Seven out of 10 people said they made their bed every day or almost every other day. The bed-makers were 19% more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep on most days.


The right amount of ‘Good” sleep can work wonders. Go and indulge yourself in an endless affair with your bed and wake up feeling fresh and energetic. You have so much to do. Trust the magic of good sleep. This is your nirvana for a better day ahead!

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