10 Things To Do To Maintain Close Relationships With Your Parents

Today, people are busy chasing their dreams. Career and work are undoubtedly of utmost importance for the present generation. We are so engrossed in this rat race that we often neglect our health and relationships. The increasing number of old age homes shows that we do not even have time for our parents. Our parents have helped us grow into the individuals we are today and thus, maintaining a close relationship with them is important. Following are 10 things one must do to maintain this life long bond.

1. Talk to Them Regularly


Talking is one of the best way of letting your parents know that you care. You may have a happening life; filled with friends and parties, but for them you are the most important. Parents like to know about their children’s lives. In fact, unlike anybody else in the world, they entertain even the silliest of your talks. It is a good idea to call your parents regularly when you are away from home and let them know about your day. In fact, it reminds them of simpler times when you were a kid and used to blabber about your friends and school all day.

2. Remember Their Special Days

Special Days

Your Parents have never left a stone unturned to make your birthdays a grand event. Remember how upset you used to get if something didn’t go according to your plan? And, remember how your parents always made sure everything was up to the mark  for their little princess/prince? Well, its time to show your parents that you remember their special days too. They obviously do not expect you to throw them a lavish party, but the least you could do is wish them and send them a card or flowers on their birthdays, anniversary, mother’s and father’s day.

3. Encourage Them to Pursue Their Passion

Pursue Passion

It is never too late to do what you love to do. You become so busy pursuing your passion that you often forget your parents had their passion too,  and they sacrificed it for you. Encourage them to rebuild that passion and pursue it. Help your dad buy a van and travel the country, support your mom publish her book. Let them know that they are not too old for anything and it is their chance to fulfill their dreams! Moreover, in this way you can also help them find their passion. You can do tons of things together; rafting, skiing, cooking, etc! And by the end of it, your parents might actually find their inner interests there.

4. Keep Them on the Loop

on the loop

Always make sure to tell your parents about your huge life decisions. Be it good news or bad, keep them on the loop. It is always better if they hear things from you rather than knowing it from others or seeing it on social media. Got a promotion, call them and share the good news; Want to buy a car, ask them their choice; Your dream guy just asked you to marry him,  tell your parents how happy  you are. Just make sure your parents know what is happening in your life and make them feel like they are a part of it too.

5. Visit Them on Holidays

visit them

It is difficult for your parents to send you away, be it for studies or work. They wait for those annual visits and cancelling these visits sure upsets them. You obviously want to go for vacations and travel around, but a two day trip to your parents place can also make them happy. Visit them when free, have a meal together, don’t cut them off.

6. Surprise Them!


“I don’t like surprises” said no human ever. Everybody loves surprises, especially first-timers. Throw a surprise visit to your parents place or buy them that expensive watch they have been dreaming to wear since ages or throw them a surprise party on their 25th anniversary! Be it little or grand, your parents will be delighted by your gesture.

7. Do Those Little Things That Makes Them Happy

little things

Little Things can make one happy. Usually your parents expect you to just do little things for their sake but you fail to do so. This often happens because you have your own beliefs and principles and are hell-bent on sticking to them, but there is nothing wrong in changing your perspective and seeing things from their point of view at times. If your mother wants you to visit the temple on your birthday, just do it to make her happy. If your father wants you to come for a family trip, go for the trip instead of creating a fuss. After all, these are just little things you can do for your parents in exchange of what they have done for you.

8. Share Their Interests


Your father taught you how to cycle when you were young, he sat with you and played those video games you loved. Your mother always responded with “Who’s there?” when you narrated “Knock Knock” jokes. Well, may be its time you do something which interests them. Accompany your dad to the golf course, sit and watch an old Rajesh Khanna movie with your m0m; spend time with them by doing something that interests them and you never know you may find out that your interests lie in it too!

9. Show Them Know You Love Them

tell them you love them

Don’t wait for the right time or right place to tell your parents you love them. Of Course they know you love them, but there is no harm in showing them that. Small gestures like hugging your parents before leaving home or a peck on their cheek when you see them after a long time shows them that you missed them and that you think about them all the time. Drop a text once a while saying “I love you mom” or send a letter expressing your gratitude to them.

10. Hear Them

Hear Them

You may think that your parents are devoid of any problems in the world, but they have their own problems too and at times they just need someone to hear them out. You don’t need to provide them any solution to their problem, all you need to do is tell them that things will be fine and the world will be a better place because you love them and will always be there for them.

In your busy world, make some space for your parents, value them and remember them because at times we are so busy growing up that we forget they are growing old. Don’t let time win the war and take them away from you before you realize their value!

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