10 Things We Learn in School and College that never really Help You

School is a very important part of our life. School is a time which prepares us, teaches us and evolves us to face the world out there. There are a lot of things that we learn in school is which will be with us forever. But there are things which our education system teaches us that as a grown-up can throw you in pandemonium because it’s of no practical use. So, sharpen your pencil and zip up your backpacks because we are going back to school. To see the top 10 Things We Learn in School and College that never really Help You!

1.) Random facts about science and cells

You have often heard it from your teacher that “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. More than enough that it got stuck up in your mind. Well now that you are grown but still remember it, aww……good for you. But, where in the hell are you going to use it? Nobody, who is in his right mind will say these stuff and if somebody says it. Then he is sick, very sick.

2.) Pythagoras Theorem

You will learn a lot of things in school that you’ll pretty much never use again. Pythagoras Theorem anyone! Sure, it’s very important to find angles and lengths of a triangle, but tell me when was the last you saw a triangle in your life. Even if you saw a triangle shaped sign around the corner did you try to find an angle? and Why do you even try to find the size of the triangle? It’s of no use. Then there’s an interesting fact about Pythagoras. He thought that he could write on the moon using mirrors and human blood. Wait, Why do I even know this?

3.) Long Division Method

You all must have remembered doing Long Division during school time and When you ask your teacher why you can’t use a calculator? They always have one response “You are not going to have a calculator every day everywhere”. I think she hasn’t heard of a device known as Cell Phone which we pretty much have all the time and besides Who even remembers how to do the ‘remainder method’ now?

4.) Cursive Handwriting

Cursive was something all kids were taught in schools. Moreover, your teachers told you that it will help you write fast. Now, what does it really done for you? Basically, Nothing. After 5th grade, you probably would have never used it again. As most of our works are taken over by the computer, it’s safe to say that, you are never going use it again. And even if you have to write something down like you have to scribble down a quick reminder, there’s definitely no time for these fancy italics.

5.) Foreign Languages

Latin and Sanskrit are the most common foreign languages that are taught in American and Indian schools respectively. Teachers often say that learning these languages will help you train your brain. It is a very good thing to know foreign languages that it will help you become culturally aware.But the contents that you learn in school is such a crap that instead of learning conversational basics.You’ll rather learn what is in your pencil box and as a result, after years of learning Latin in school, you don’t know even How to order a coffee at a hotel.

6.) Periodic Table

To memorize the elements in the periodic table is a heavy task. In addition to that, they want you not only to remember their atomic numbers but also their atomic weights. And yes, atomic weight and atomic numbers are different entities. Even those of you who want to be a chemist. Tell me one thing, that once you become a chemist. You are suddenly not allowed to look at the table. Furthermore, there’s a thing called Google which can save whatever the little time it’s going to take even to look over the table.

7.) Specific Historical Dates and Facts

Yeah! I agree some of the historical dates are very important but those are the ones which are holidays. Otherwise, some of them appear on google logo in the form of a “Doodle”. For the remaining dates and historical events, Google is always your buddy. Even though you end up learning all these historical information and events. The fact is that there is no practical application of it in your everyday life. Yes! there are some persons, dates, and events that you should remember even if there is no need. It is should be out of your own discretion not because your teacher told you so.

8.) Coloring in the Lines

Why do they even tell us to color in lines? Imagine someone telling Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso the same. There wouldn’t be any Mona Lisa. And as the saying goes “Good handwriting and coloring never created a masterpiece. Being unique and a willingness to explore new things did”. So maybe even if I want to be freaking next Leonardo Da Vinci. I can be, just let me color all over the paper.

9.) How to drop an egg without breaking it

You know what! Teachers love assigning this project to their students. If you ever wondered Why the heck anybody would want to drop an egg five floors down a building. Welcome to the club. It’s never gonna help you, neither did it then nor will it now. Instead, it led to wasted your precious food and groceries.

10.) Calculus

Calculus is one of the most important things you learn in school and most useless also. How does one even going to use it in real life? It is not going to help you split your bills, we have apps on our phone for that, or help you in paying your taxes. All it did was give you anxiety. Learning calculus was one of the most difficult,  time consuming and useless thing I ever did in school, moreover, it is of no practical use.


Now, wrapping up things, I like to admit that there is some information that is good to know even if you may never have to use it such as first aid or fire safety. The things that can save your own lives or lives of others. You should probably learn that stuff in just in case. But knowing the names and location of major battles in war? Not so sure about that. It’s not so useful in a normal person’s life. It’s fun to know if you’re into history but you know what if you want to know something, just one click and you know it. Facts and trivia and the typical way the school had taught, is now obsolete. We’re now living in a world where information is at our fingertips and it doesn’t matter Who knows what? It’s about What you do with it?


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