10 Things You’ll Understand if You have a Younger Sister

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” – Amy Li
Siblings are a blessing, and sisters are a boon. No matter how much we fight and want to kill each other, we would always want them to be with us at the end of the day. I share a love-hate relationship with my sister. We really couldn’t stand each other when we were teenagers, and now that we’ve grown up, we can’t stand without each other. The relationship you share with your sister is one of the most beautiful ones. Come what may, your younger sister is going to be the best present your parents ever gave you. We remind you why –

10. She Taught You How to Break the Rules

You being the elder sister have to be the perfect one, the parents’ favorite, the ideal child. She, being the younger sister, knows how to break the rules and get away with it; and not only that, she’ll teach you to break the rules and have fun once in a while. I remember my sister getting movies that we weren’t allowed to watch and then we would have fun movie time together. Your sister would then sneak in snacks during late night just because you are hungry. Isn’t that just what sisters are for?


9. You have someone who’ll listen to you, always

Whether you want to rant about your low mood or bitch about anyone in the world, you know your little sister would be there to hear you out and provide quirky solutions or comments. By the end of the conversation, you’d both be probably rolling out laughing on the bed. She would make sure that you are smiling by the end of it all. You could be unsure of your friends or anyone else in the world, but your sister will always be there to listen to you, to laugh at you and be there for you.

8. She’ll always cover up for you in front of your parents

If you have to go to a late night party, or a night out with your friends, or just a concert you want to attend, your sister will come up with the most innovative excuses and cover up for you in front of your parents. She will make sure you have a great time and do not have to face the consequences. Your younger sister will basically cover up for you in any silly situation you are in, like no one else will ever do. You know how much she helps you be the ‘perfect child’ everyone believes you to be.

7. Family outings will never get boring

Not all of us get along with our relatives really well. Well, most of us don’t. This is where little sisters come to be a blessing. She never lets family outings/gatherings get boring. She’ll make you dress up well and spend hours clicking selfies, because you have nothing better to do. She’ll make you gorge on all the delicious food and then just bitch about everyone around you. She’ll turn a prospective boring event into the most interesting one. She’ll ensure you have a great time together, so much so that you avoid family outings when she is not around.

6. You get to know the feeling of being a pseudo-parent

The motherly and protective instinct comes quite naturally to you when you’re the older sibling. You get to play the role of a pseudo parent because you can’t help being caring for your little sister. You have to know where she is heading, with whom, when she’ll be back and everything else. You’re the one she shares everything with, and oftentimes, you call her up more than your parents to enquire about her whereabouts. You feel and become more responsible and considerate. Little sisters like being pampered too. She loves being your spoilt child as much as you love spoiling her.

5. You learn sharing (or maybe not) 😀

One disadvantage of having a sibling is that you have to share everything that comes home. Everything is divided into two equal parts. You are required to share clothes, food, money, books, bed and everything. If it teaches you anything, it’s sharing (or probably not). We have all hidden our favorite food from our little sisters. I remember hiding chocolates from my little sister. But having a little sister who is not too little has its own plus points- you have a double wardrobe and cosmetics, and isn’t that awesome?

4. Having someone to lean on, no matter what

When the world stands against you, your little sister will stand with you. She will be your go-to person always. You can share anything and everything with her, and she won’t judge you. You can be your own comfortable self when you’re with her, even if you happen to be a nincompoop. She’s going to be your harshest critic – go to your little sister if you need honest advice. Even though you’re her permanent baby sitter, she’s always lent you her shoulder to cry on, and her arms to collapse into when you can’t make sense of the things going around you. She’s your ultimate comfort zone.

3. You know how it feels to love and hate someone at the same time

Admit it, you and your sister have often escaped death while fighting with each other, haven’t you? You were often punished for a lot of things that she did wrong and she used to get away with most of the things. You share a love hate relationship with your sister. You’d probably want to throw her off a cliff and then rush down to catch her so she isn’t hurt. You’ll fight with your sister constantly, you will hate her at times, but then she’ll be the one you’d want to go back to when you have something to share or need comfort.

2. No one knows you better than her

You’ve been in each other’s lives since your little sister was born. You’ve seen her grow up from a little girl to the woman she is today, and the same goes for her. You both have contributed to each other’s lives immensely. Your little sister has seen you at your best and worst, through your highs and lows, through your happiest moments and darkest days, and no one in the world can understand and know you better than she does. She probably knows you better than you know yourself- sister bond is THAT special.

1. You learn how to love unconditionally

Your little sister is someone you want to strangle one moment and are singing dramatic duets with, the next moment. One thing that you’ve learnt being an elder sibling to a little sister is to love – to love unconditionally. Having a sister is one of the greatest blessings one could ask for. She’ll be connected to you for forever – both by blood and the amazing memories that you’ve shared. No matter where life takes you both, you’ll always have each others’ back.
Go hug your little sister right now!!

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