Top 10 Unique and Coolest Gift Ideas for Men

Whoever said picking up gifts for ladies was tough had never went shopping for men! So have you been contemplating on the most unique gift to gift to your man, or any man for his special day? Yeah! I know the pain it is. Us girls do just fine with anything LV or Cartier and well we neither mind Superdry nor Zara, but with men, you’ve to go all out searching for the most unconventional gifts he is going to love. And well, I am helping you with exactly that. Are you tired of gifting the age old wallets and belts and shoes from his favourite Footballer’s personalized range? Think different. If you’re gifting it to your boyfriend or Mr. Husband please make doubly sure it has nothing to do with video games. They won’t even thank you once before getting at it already. Here are some unique gifts every man will love, try to gift them one of these at least.

10. Not so Sober: His Favourite Brand of Scotch


He may have been a teetotaller with you while you took your shots of tequila, but that was only chivalrous of him. Unless the man is completely off alcohol and not allergic to Scotch, gift him a bottle from his favourite brand. Believe me, that would be one bottle his friend’s never get to share from. If, you are sure however that he is a man of no scotch, you may go ahead with Gin, Rum, Brandy, Vodka or the drink he likes best. And if you have not figured that yet, maybe go along with a gift voucher entitling him to his favourite bottle of liquor from that reputed liquor store.

9. Sponsor a Cabaret Show and drinks with his Boy Friends


Parents would never gift it to their son, girlfriends and wives may get too insecure, but let him maybe have some fun time with his boyfriends. A cabaret show is the most decent form of fun time you can offer to him or maybe an evening at the strip club or perhaps the walk through tour of the red light area, if your city has one! You may not be too sure of a Casarosso but a dinner river cruise with a cabaret is the least amount of fun he deserves in the company of his guy friends!

8. Portable Car Refrigerator/Cooler


It is always a wonderful idea to gift a man with something he’d use and if he drives a car and has his games day out with friends, this is perfect for him. Gift him a rechargeable battery powered refrigerator to keep his drinks cool on a sunny day. Make sure it’s portable so that he can carry it around on golf days and maybe on a picnic out with friends. Who doesn’t like their beer as cold as ice after a long game of basketball?

7. Out of Touch? Solar Powered Phone Cover

solar phone cover

One of the best gifts in a budget for your Boyfriend. He’d never again have the excuse of battery running out specially if you live in sunny regions. Pardon him on the days that it rains however. Solar Powered Phone covers are most readily available for most I-phones and famous android based handsets. They’d be Power banks that recharge from solar energy and in turn keep your phone battery charged almost always. For the huge purpose they serve, they are hardly heavy on the pocket.

6. The Beach Baby: A Water Sports Day

water sports

Is the man we are talking about a beach baby or adventure freak? Well, maybe then the perfect gift for him will be a day out on the beach with vouchers entitling him to a variety of water sports he’d love to try his hand at. One important consideration though is to go through the safety policy of the agency offering the sports. You want him to be absolutely sure and secure! He’d have his share of adrenalin rush and return home a happy man. Isn’t that what gifts are intended for?

5. His Luxury Label :Luxury Brand Hampers


A perfect if I had to gift it to my man. I’d love my man to smell Armani Code or Bvlgari Aqva and be on time for the date! So what do I gift him? A hamper with the perfume and the watch. It is always a good idea to gift men something luxury too. Women are not the only ones to be entitled to Cartier’s and Chopard’s and Bvlgari’s of the world! Tom Ford makes some brilliant men grooming hampers, LV makes some real manly belts and well Gucci makes suspenders that every man would wear well. A Hermes wallet in his pocket is doing some real morale boost for him. So set your budget, check for offers and sales and purchase what your man is going to love.

4. Fitter the better: Gym Membership


For a friend, partner, son or just accomplice, the best you can wish for them is being fit. How about gifting them a gym membership that is sure to bring them in shape and they can thank you for it later. Be sure however that if the man concerned has a larger circumference and he is not too comfortable with you, you choose against this particular gift. It may offend a couple of them. Else, you’d see them muscular and competition to Christian Grey in no time. You save them money and gift them fitness. You are such a well wisher.

3. Party with his Boy Friends

mens party

So you couldn’t really be sure of gifting him an evening out at the Cabaret show but an all men new year party is sure to get his spirits high. Like every girl needs a girl friend, every guy needs some time off with his boy friend too. It is always good to respect his choice of company. It never means that he is not honest or comfortable with his girl, just he has his own space for friends. A night out at the Casino party, gambling and drinking would be just about it. The next morning he’d still be the same guy and if you are the girl friend who has gifted it to him, he is sure to respect your girl friends so much more.

2. Rent him a bike and book a getaway


Which man doesn’t like road trips, unless for a phobia? It is a good idea to rent him a bike or maybe a four wheeler for a weekend and book him at a resort nearby. It may be with his someone special, his friends or just by himself. He deserves some time off the hectic schedule. A nice countryside vineyard resort would be a great time out. Or if he is the adventurous kinds, a camping trip to go trekking on the alps or just about anywhere is what he’d love best.

1. Pamper him mad :Spa and Grooming Vouchers

pamper him at spa

Men love to be pampered too. Their shoulders and neck get just about as stressed as the ladies, they may require the same number of manicures and pedicures and that is absolutely good. He deserves that relaxing day at the spa with rejuvenating massages and therapies and a bit of grooming to bring him to look his best too. Yes, his skin requires to re hydrate just as much, he needs the hair cut which is long due, so it is always a good idea to book him a head to toe package at the local salon and spa centre. He will thank you for it all week. Trust me.

So now that the gifting spree is over, are you done with deciding the gift yet? Just an idea for parents wanting to gift to their recently graduated son, you may choose to pay his bills for laundry or grocery. If it is the friend that is to be gifted, he’d love to see his favourite NBA player play live in a game. So yes, as much as its tough, a little brain storming can almost always make him feel special.

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