10 Ways a Teacher Changes Your Life

Real life exposure starts with your school life, all of us have been told that school life is the most precious and cherished phase of our lives, and it stands true to every point as it is. School forms the ground for our career and it sure builds up our character. We spend the initial 13 years, learning, experiencing, making friends, committing mistakes. Eventually, we grow up and realize how big a hand our peers had on us, and most of our success goes to the special teachers that we meet during this incredible journey. It is universally known, that a good teacher can take you places, a good teacher changes your life, in a way you’d never expect them to. It’s astonishing, how teachers penetrate our thought process, and guide us into growing up as responsible and respectable adults. Spending 13 years in an institution, which protects us inside-out and hones us, to tackle the obstacles that life will throw at us. We leave the nest, guarded and with our shields on, but it’s noteworthy, that the strength to face our troubles is obtained, by the innumerable efforts our teachers put in. So, let me take you through a journey that I guess you will relate with, of 10 ways a teacher can change your life,

Let’s begin,

10.  Best critics ever



You need critics, we all do, how will we see the complete picture of a situation, otherwise? Am I not right? Who else to review your work, other than your teachers? We all know, our parents will never come out in the open to say that our attempt was not really worth it, they tend to mince words to not hurt us sometimes.  On the other hand, a teacher has the exact words, to make you understand and get you on the right track without hurting an iota of your feelings. They teach you how to take criticism in the positive light, and I personally think, it helps you in the future, 100%. I know, right?

9. The tenacious beings


You might give-up on yourself, but they do not. A teacher has a class of about 40-45 students sometimes, and a good teacher offers equal assistance to each student, and even though you might lose out on yourself, but they are determined and tenacious in getting down to the root of your problems, and finding appropriate solutions to help you get out of it.

8. Baby, you’re a firework


Haha, I said that because they help you to ignite the fire in you. You might hesitate in taking the first step towards your interest, but they engage you into it. They encourage you to take the first step and, to not fear the risk to try an unconventional talent. Isn’t that confidence building, now?

7. The Backbone to your career building


I believe, that the way a teacher teaches you, creates an interest and lets you imagine a part of your future. I remember how my favorite teacher built an un-breakable love, I had for the English language that I started reading novels, and it was all because of the way my teacher taught us. They get us going from the ground below, and that’s the quality of a teacher in being the backbone to your career choices.

6. The unique agony aunt


I do not mean to say that you need to gossip with your teacher, for that purpose, god has blessed us with friends but in our lives, we spend a lot of our early childhood in the presence of our experienced teachers. Any problems in our life, or in our studies that aren’t really in our control can be a real point of worry but dread not, they hear out your problems and helps you to see the light in the times of darkness. Aren’t they the best agony aunts, now? Not in the literal sense, of-course.

5. The art of fighting your battles


You’ll have to agree with me on this, a teacher teaches you to be independent and strong. A fierce individual that can fight his/her battles on their own and can survive in the tough world outside, which is very important for young students as the world is a tough place and we all need a guiding light. The strength to gain experiences and come out of it changes our life for the better.

4. The spectacle of life


Life comes in all shapes and sizes, and we for sure as naive students do not know that, do we? We enter school with little knowledge and with a narrow vision, the broaden horizons are only touched by the guidance provided. We are taught a better part of our life, by showing us the different spectacles of life, about the cultural, social and emotional diversity with the lesson to treat everyone as equals, without a doubt.

3. A shoulder to lean on

Yes, they provide you with someone to trust and someone that puts in their trust into you and your dreams, they provide you a shoulder to lean on, in the times of difficulties and, god only is the witness how well they do that. Am I right or not? They believe in you at all times, yes, they might scold you for when you break their trust but they would never be there when you need them. It’s a promise that a good teacher keeps to you. Isn’t it?

2. The skill building

We have talents, and yes we are unique in our own sense, but the ability to tap onto our skills and talents in given by our teachers, they help us relate to our dreams and build our skills for the better, encourage our talent by giving us advice and ways to get over the little hurdles that comes in between and makes us perfect in the tasks we perform. They are definitely the first one that discover our potential, for sure.

1. Spotting Talents


How many times have you had the discussion with your parents that you do not want to go for engineering for you love the idea of being a fashion designer? Many? but they don’t listen, right? You know what it takes to be in the business, your grasp on the fashion world is on point, but a good teacher convince and stand by you in front of your parents to support you and help you to pursue the career you seek pleasure in. Ain’t that right now?

A good teacher changes your life, and for the best. You will always remember the gurus that made your life what it is now, it was their faith in you that you will achieve great heights that made you work hard, sometimes, you let them down but they never gave up on you. There were times, they’d let go of any expectations from you, but you always sought to make them happy by getting back on track. God bless the teachers who made life easy to live.

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