Top 10 Ways to Avoid Use of Paper

About 90% of paper comes from trees and trees, as you may well know, are our only source of Oxygen. So, by logic, saving paper, means saving trees, which further means saving our own lives. This might sound dramatic but it is true.

Paper is also expensive and is difficult to store. It takes space, loads of it and maintaining it is also a challenge. So, to excuse ourselves from all this, we must avoid using paper wherever possible. You can do so by not skipping your assignments and homework but by following the list below.

10 Ways to Avoid Use of Paper

  1. End your junk mails & subscriptions

Have you ever noticed that pile of mails that you don’t even bother opening? Or the magazines that keep stocking up on the side table because you just can’t find the time to read them?

Well then, stop them. They aren’t helping you sitting there but one thing they are certainly doing is wasting loads of ink and paper. Cancel all the subscriptions you find useless or you can’t find time for. This won’t only help save paper but it will also help you from keeping your home and office free of junk.

  1. Avoid takeout

I certainly don’t find cooking interesting but having a takeout every day is not a viable option either. It’s not healthy but it also means loads of paper cups and paper plates. You can avoid using paper bags and any container made from paper by substituting them with reusable cloth bags or so.

You can buy food in bulk, or use glass containers to store your food. Use washable containers if possible. Doing dishes is a tedious job but certainly, an effective one when trying to avoid using papers and saving some money too.

  1. Reuse & Recycle

You can reuse paper by writing on the blank side of the one-sided printed sheets. Or you can reuse paper by writing on used envelopes, newspapers, or sheets to jot down some notes, reminders, or other information. It may not sound great but once you start implementing this, you will be able to point out the differences it makes.

Also, recycling the paper and further using recycled paper can help you save paper and avoid wastage. Recycled paper is a little rough but it is the way to go.

  1. Avoid using your mailing address

You can help others avoid using paper too. How? Don’t give your mailing address wherever possible. Use only your e-mail address and mobile number on your visiting card. This will force people and organizations, who love to send promotional mails and cards to contact you either on your phone or through your e-mail.

This way you avoid using paper that would anyway be thrown away. You can also ensure that you send people e-mails or contact them via phone rather than sending them posts whenever possible.

  1. Buy E-books

We all read. Some of us read newspapers, some read books, some read journals or magazines. Reading is an amazing habit but you can avoid using the hardcopy by buying e-books of the same. The words remain the same, the only difference would be that instead of reading it on a paper, you would read on your phones, tablets, or your laptops.

This way you can save loads of paper that are used in printing, promote digitalization, and also get a chance to carry hundreds and thousands of books in one single small device. There are also several applications available that give you a chance to read material (like news and specific books) for free. So, there is an economic advantage too.

  1. Use rags and clothes

Using tissues and paper towels is quite common for many. But imagine replacing it with a rag or a cloth towel. Imagine the amount of paper you would save on a daily basis. The various instances where you just tear off pieces of paper to wipe the counter or dry off the plates. You can avoid all that by replacing that paper roll with a cloth rag.

The rag is really feasible, for you can wash it and use it again and again. Besides, you will find several pieces of clothes around your home; maybe from that dress you haven’t worn in years, or that shirt that just doesn’t fit anymore, or that pants you scratched last month.

  1. Go paperless with your bills and receipts

Living means an array of bills on your doorstep every single month. What we don’t think about is the paper we waste in these accounts of our monthly expenditure. What we can do to avoid this, is to simply choose paperless communication. You can tell all the companies sending you bills, to send a copy online rather via post.

You will also find it easy this way to manage your accounts. You can keep a check on your expenditure and store all the bills and receipts on your system to refer anytime you like. So, not only did you save paper, but also save your time (ease of management) and space (storing all the bills).

  1. Read online & Print less

You already know about buying E-books, other than that you can read online. There are literally thousands of websites that will teach, discuss, or explain any and every topic. An example? This article right here that you are reading. You are reading it online which just saved a couple of sheets.

Also, printing less is a very effective option. You find something interesting, try to store it on your system only. Print only when absolutely necessary. Also, print smartly. Use Print Preview to ensure no errors. Format to use a smaller font size and simpler print-friendly fonts. That way you save space, which saves you paper.

  1. Switch to Whiteboard

There are announcements you might want to make in your office, messages you might want to take for your room-mate or create grocery lists. Using post-its and notepads is thus a common sight. However, you can easily substitute this by using Whiteboards or even the notes application you have never used on your phone.

They are reusable, pretty difficult to ignore, and can be personalized too. You don’t have to worry about that pen that always goes missing or that notepad that always seems to be filled.

  1. Go digital

This is the most obvious and most intelligent substitute to avoid using paper. Using a USB stick, Pen drive, or any electronic storage device can save you loads of space in your office bag. It can help you avoid managing stacks of papers too.

Using e-mails and online document storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox will definitely help you avoid using papers and additionally, it will make managing, sharing, and editing documents very easy. In the long run, you would these options to be way cheaper also.

Now you know how you can go paperless in 10 simple ways. What’s better? You can implement them right away. Go ahead and save paper now!


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