Top 10 Ways To Control Work Pressure

Everyone who has a job has undergone the feeling of being under pressure at some point in their career. This may be short-term, related to meeting deadlines or submitting an important assignment, or a constant pressure to perform better. Most of the employees think with time it’ll get better, but it’s important to understand that this pressure may be related to something at a deeper level. These issues can be your unorganized behaviour; the constant pestering of your ‘friendly’ boss or a negative social environment at your workplace. If you’re looking for ways to tackle your work pressure and be your own boss in terms of your work, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get productive!

10. The Nerdy Stuff

Work here, work there, work everywhere. If you can relate to this line, chances are you might be doing it wrong. If you don’t organize your work properly, you might end up in a slump. And we obviously don’t want that. So first things first, go old school. Create a nice planner, for the upcoming week, or even a month whichever suits you. Mark important meetings, deadlines etc. so that you can keep a track of everything and not end up procrastinating. Also, you can use various apps that are available which serve the same purpose with better functionality.

  1. Take a break

All work and no play makes Jack a dull employee. Along with regular work, enough break and rest days are equally important. Don’t think about work constantly. If you’re the kind of person who takes their work at home, maybe consider leaving things at the office. It’s nice for once in a while to let your mind rejuvenate and recharge so that you can work with fresh energy and enthusiasm the next day. So next time, take a weekend off, play a little, give your hobby some time and watch that pressure cool off.

  1. Keep Calm and Keep Calm

The key to being successful in a workplace is always maintaining our cool, even in the worst of situations. There must’ve been times when things didn’t work out exactly the way you wanted them to be, or you’re just worried about results, never lose your patience. Constant worrying will only make things worse. Instead, keep aside time for worry. Worry all you want for 10 minutes, but in the next 11th minute, get back to work, this trick makes you naturally feel better and thus, helps you cope up with work pressure. Just cut the drama.

  1. Never hesitate to ask for help

There’s this presentation you know nothing about, or the boss just threw in a jargon while explaining something to you; too ashamed to ask what it means? Never be. It’s better to sound a fool for once than to be a fool forever. Your work pressure could also be bothering you because you’re not able to execute certain tasks, and this may be due to your lack of knowledge about it. In such cases, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your coworkers or superiors. They can take you out from where you’re stuck in a minute.

  1. Get Social at Workplace

They’re probably in the same pit as you are. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be best buddies with them. Since they work at the same place as you do, they obviously know the place as good as you. It’ll be much easier to share your problems and feelings with them than with your friends from outside, who might be there to hear you, but probably can’t help you as good as your coworkers. Find someone whom you can trust, and try to open up to them. This can help you reduce your work stress greatly.

  1. Work that body

(Not meant in an offensive way) No, we’re not talking about hitting the gym for long hours, but casual walks will do you good every once in a while. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen every day creates monotony and boredom, and also becomes hectic. Thus, to not make this a reason for your work pressure, maintain your physical fitness. Opt for a standing desk, or maybe take a walk during the lunch break. Go via the stairs instead of waiting for the lift, or just get up early in the morning. Little things like these also go a long way.

  1. Adapt to changes

Your office changing its policy making you worry? Not a tech savvy person and your workplace getting a tech upgrade? Don’t be surprised, these are actually a reason for work pressure. The best way to deal with changes is to learn how to adapt to them. Learn new technology for example, or learn a new skill. Getting better at what you do will only help you in future to cope with changes and make you more confident about yourself. By doing this you’ll be much more sure of what you’re doing and thus less stress.

  1. Time is money

You might’ve been bored to death hearing this rhetorical. But you can’t ignore its value. Effective time management will greatly help you manage your work pressure. Follow the time quadrant policy. Create a to-do list and divide the task into four quadrants, in the relation of their importance and urgency. Do the task which are important and urgent first, and don’t procrastinate them. Additionally, be a good sport and learn to say ‘no’ to people. You don’t have to take everything into in your own hands. This will make you do only necessary work and unimportant task will not occupy your time.

  1. Find out the root cause

For some days, create a journal. Write your daily thoughts in it; identify when you’re at your lowest and what make you feel pressured at work. Find out what creates your work stress, and then find a solution for it. Without proper diagnosis, you can’t be treating anything. These pointers will help you cut off toxic things (Also, toxic people) from your life that create a problem for you. Once all the negativity gets removed, you’re work pressure will start to vanish almost instantly.

  1. Aye Aye Captain!

Some issues can’t be resolved alone. If you’ve found out something that makes you worry at a workplace that is not under your control, take it up with your superior. The idea is not to condemn and complain, but to solve the issue in a healthy and productive manner. These might include employee wellness plans that you can get into, or redesigning your job structure to accommodate your needs and skills in order to make it better for you. (P.S. Just don’t be a snitch. 😉 )

What’re you waiting for; get back to work. Also, smile it’s a productive day!

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