10 Ways to Handle a Crazy Boss

Being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day.”
― Patrick Ness

No one likes anybody bossing them about and that is precisely what a boss must do. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that they need not act crazy at all times. Well, suffice it to say that lunacy is part and parcel of a boss’ job. It, however, does not imply that all bosses are crazy or they have to be in order to their work done. It simply means that one can easily succumb to madness once in this position. “With power comes great responsibility” and that could drive you nuts.

Anyhow, complaining isn’t going to sort out your problem. It will neither change your boss’ attitude towards you, nor will it fetch you another boss.

So without much ado, I’d suggest the following ten ways of dealing with your crazy boss:-

10. Make your work frequency match


You may not be into small talks, but if your boss indulges in those, don’t walk away or retort. These are minor characteristics that you can easily put up with. You needn’t make a hue and cry about it because this kind of crazy is not all that bad. Yes, even if you’re a no nonsense person, putting up with such behaviour could do you more good than harm.

9. Look at situations from your boss’ viewpoint

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However hard that might be, you have to look at situations from his or her perspective. Your boss is worried and moreover determined to move his/her company, brand, or firm forward. We tend to ignore these facets and often rush to conclusions that he or she is targeting us. It could very well be just the opposite. Your boss might not even be bothering you that much. Perhaps he or she is of the opinion that behaving in a particular manner would motivate you to do your job.

If for instance, you are actually lazy and tend to procrastinate, take your boss’ behaviour in a positive light. If not, confront your boss and tell him or her that you can’t function properly if such treatment or constant nagging is to continue.

8. Don’t hesitate to clarify

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If there’s a problem in the work assigned, or if there have been many assignments allotted to you then you must sort out the problem with your boss before pressurizing yourself. Often times we hesitate to clarify matters with our bosses. Sometimes we are afraid that our questions might make our boss angry but mostly our egos come in the way. Only once we can put aside our egos will we be able to make room for other matters.

Always remember that you are good at your job and asking cannot change that. It just portrays that you want to deliver the best from your side.

7. Constantly motivate yourself

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Tell yourself that this isn’t it. Frankly it isn’t. If there is something truly bothering you, then you’ve got to get around to it at some point or the other. It’ll soon pass. And, remember to leave your troubles at work in your office. Don’t carry the burden home. The burden could become the center of your whole life. Your life cannot be dictated by another, well at least not the whole of it. And, if you’re letting your boss control all facets of your life, then you are the only one responsible for it. Meditate if you must but don’t allow your crazy boss to get the best of you.

6. Don’t let it show

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How easily you resign to your boss’ attitude will determine your future in your workplace! Even if you’re on the verge of breaking down, don’t let it show. The last thing you want is to show that you’re vulnerable. People often trouble those who get troubled. The point is that everyone does get troubled, most people just don’t show it. They are the ones who seem calm and confident. Also, they are the ones who can deal with crazy bosses even in times of crisis.

5. Face your fears

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Your boss has the authority to fire you but that does not imply that he or she has the authority to load you with work. How your boss treats you is directly proportional to your attitude towards your work. If there’s something wrong with the work you were supposed to deliver, it is your boss’ duty to point it out to you. You can’t be afraid and still expect him or her to say nothing because someone in the room must do the talking. So next time be ready with your answers.

4. Follow your intuition

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“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
― Albert Einstein

Your boss is nobody to stop you from achieving your full potential. If you feel that you don’t like a certain thing, change it. Let your boss know how you feel about it. Follow your intuition. A gut feeling always works in your stride. Your confidence and your work will speak for you.

The concept is simple. Being human isn’t easy. No matter how hard we try, we tend to complicate simple scenarios. So sometimes it is best not to overthink. There was a reason why you took up this job so don’t let that fade away.

3. Do what is necessary

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Anxiety is usually followed by anger and your boss’ anger could travel to you in numerous forms. To list a few- constantly blaming you, overburdening you with work, screaming at you unnecessarily and even pushing you to the edge. If on a heightened scale, this boss could actually jeopardise your job. You must not at all give in to harassment. Report him to the concerned authority, usually the HR department and let them handle it. Of course once in a while anger can be ignored but it must not be tolerated at all times.

2. Stay focused

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Ignorance might not be your strength but it could surely work in your favour. Remember the last time you didn’t let a stupid fight between you and your best friend affect your friendship. Yes sometimes you have to blur aberrations to be able to focus on what’s most important. The more think about an issue, the bigger it shall become. Ignore these thoughts and more importantly ignore your boss’ comments. Look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on these trivial aspects. In the long run, you probably won’t have to work for this person.

1. Do your work

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“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.”
―Gordon B. Hinckley

Yes, that should be your priority. No one, not even your boss can nag you as long as you are working properly. In the end it is your work that matters.


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