10 Ways To Impress A Girl On The First Date

A first date can be pretty intimidating for any guy. Your mind starts stressing about the tiniest things, right from what you should wear on the date till how you should greet her when you see her. While there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ date, we have come up with a list of small ways to impress her while on the date, to increase your chances for a second date. In the end, it is always about the little things, which create the best first impression.

10. Be Punctual


Rule #1 is to always be on time when you’re on a date. Being on time gives the impression that you are prioritising the date, and punctuality is a very attractive trait in a man. No matter where you’re going on the date, being on time or being early gives you the opportunity to prepare better for your date. If you’re going to a restaurant for dinner, ask the waiter to keep a note and a rose at the table for your date. Definite brownie points for that.

9. Be Confident


The best trait in any man- confidence. Even if your mind is going crazy with the all the possibilities of what could go wrong on the date, do not let any of that show on your face. Your exterior should remain cool as a cucumber and you need to show her that you can take charge. We do not mean that you should spend the night sticking your nose in the air and throwing attitude at everyone around you. You need to merely be confident in your manner of greeting her, being polite to your waiter, and overall be sure of who you are and show her that you’re confident in yourself. Showing her the confident side of you will definitely help impress her since a guy who is confident is someone they can trust.

8. Dress Appropriately

dressing smart

Dress according to the situation. If you’re going for a romantic dinner, opt for a casual blazer. If you’re going skating at an ice rink, a jacket and jeans is a perfect choice. Don’t be too over-dressed, it gives the impression that you care too much about the way you look. Don’t underdress either, if you turn up in a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, it gives the impression of a lazy slob. Dress smart, and you will discover that women are instantly attracted to someone who dresses appropriately and makes an effort.

7. Get A (Small) Gift


One of the cute things that you can do for a girl on the first date to impress her is to get her a gift for the occasion. No, do not buy her a dress or anything extravagant. Even a single rose makes a very good impression. It shows that you care about her, and despite everyone’s protests, we girls love being spoiled and it can make all the difference in making an impression. But remember to not get anything too extravagant or expensive, because that gives a signal that you are expecting a second date just because of the gift.

6. Listen To Her


All women love to talk, so your priority should be to not nod off while she’s talking. Actually pay attention to what she’s saying, and ask her questions about what she’s saying from time to time. She could be talking about stuff you’ve already heard a million times before, but do not give her the impression that you’re bored. One of the most important parts of a relationship is listening to your partner, and doing so on the first date will definitely help you make a good impression and increase your chances for a second date.

5. Give Her Compliments


A girl on a first date has definitely spent an hour in her closet, deciding on the perfect outfit. Therefore, the first thing that you should do when you see her on the date is to compliment her on the outfit. She might play it down, saying she wore the first thing she found, but on the inside, she will be impressed with your effort to impress her. Every woman loves compliments, and you don’t have to just compliment the way she looks. You can find ways to compliment a girl on her IQ, her job, you get the gist.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone


Your phone is your worst enemy during a first date. If you spend the entire date staring at your phone screen, your date will feel ignored and she will think the date was a waste of her time. Only attend extremely important phone calls, and apologise to her when you do. Your social media applications can wait while you’re on an important date. Keep this mantra in your head during the date. You might definitely be tempted to view the unopened conversations on your phone, but resist that temptation till the end of the date. Give your date your utmost attention in order to make a good impression.

3. Think of Questions


There is nothing more awkward on a date than the silence when none of you can think of topics to talk about. In order to avoid this, make a set of cute questions before the date, in order to get to know her better. Don’t go too personal, stick to stuff like where she studied, what her first job was, and what her pet is like. She will be impressed by your effort to get to know her, and she will reciprocate by asking you the same questions, making sure that there won’t be any dull moment in the date.

2. Pay For The Date


While there is a strong amount of feminism surrounding this topic, it is always considered to be better if a guy pays, at least on the first date. A girl will definitely offer to pay or split the bill, but since its a date and you definitely don’t want to be friend-zoned, pay the bill for the night. If you let her pay for the entire date, it destroys the whole point of you asking her out on the date. This is considered a deal-breaker for almost every woman.

1. Be A Gentleman

being a gentleman

The utmost means to impress a girl on the first date is to be a complete gentleman. Pick her up from her place, get her flowers, open the door for her, pull out the chair for her, be polite to the waiter, the valet, and every person you interact with. Being a gentleman is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you get a second date. Men seem more charming and attractive when they adopt these old-school means to impress a woman.


A first date can be a pretty nervous affair for the both of you, so it never hurts to keep this tips in mind when you’re on the date. Maintain the romantic vibe, make her feel comfortable, and you’ll have no problem making the date successful, and impressing her enough to get a second date.

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