10 Ways to Learn Letting Go and Feel No Pain

It is human nature to affect and get affected by people among whom we live. We easily get hurt and keep this bitterness in heart. It is not easy to forgive people who hurt you, who play with your feelings, but isn’t it the forgiving nature that makes us God-like. Forgiving is neither running away from situation nor making someone to apologise. It simply means to roll back the feeling attained due to conflicts. It means to forgive and feeling love from deep within heart for whom you fought in the past. Forgiving someone just requires you to understand that people are their own kind, not of yours. They react to their mind and intuition. You cannot control others life but your own. Forgiving people and letting go is easier said than done. As you experience life, you will understand that it is easy. Commit to this mentally and you will sail.

Here are some ways that help you learn the act of letting go.

10. Find something new to learn

Person who always is in search of something new has no place for regrets. No place for resentment and retaliation. The moment you forgive and let it go, the next moment you set yourself free from sufferings. The good-feeling is enhanced if you learn something new. As you learn, you tend to leave the bitterness behind and proceed in life. Involving yourself in a hobby or something that enhances your passion will give you strength and you will be dragged away . Learning is Life. Remember, you have no control on future. What you have to do is to make this moment perfect and enjoy to its fullest.

9. Don’t stay alone

Loneliness is one of the after effect of fights and conflicts. People tend to cut off from their friends and family. What’s wrong if a person doesn’t love you equally the way you do? Don’t forget, you are here to share happiness. Look around yourself. There are so many people who love you and care for you. Whom you have been neglecting all those years. Your friends, your family always stood for you. It is your life, don’t let the keys to anyone to drive you. Get along with friends, talk to your family. Get involved in groups who accepts you the way you are. Let go all the pain and enjoy.

8. Forgive. Nobody’s Perfect

Life is too short to hold on grudges of past. Forgive People. Time changes everything. So do people. Accept the truth, that no one is perfect. We commit mistakes, we fight because we are human. To forgive is God-like. Not only others, forgive yourself too. Accept that in mind, even you are not perfect. You have no right to be angry over anyone. Moreover, people respond to their situation. Empathize. Keep yourself in their shoes and think. It is Desire that causes suffering when not attained. Let go the desires, let go the sufferings and set yourself free.

7. It is not the End. Restart.

It is easy to get hurt over relationships, as we expect the person to love us the way we do. Even if you have lost your soul mate, over your or his mistake, forgive. It will heal your injuries and will form you a better person. And always believe that there is something better kept in store for you. Have compassion for those who lost you, as they lost a gem from their case. Do not doubt your value. Take a step forward and life will show you the things that have been kept hidden. There is no End. What you need to do is, to Restart. Fall in Love. Believe. And Let go all the pain.

6. Distance yourself from bad memories

People have habit of reviewing their past repeatedly. They blame people in their past who gave pain to them. Past is gone. It can neither be undone nor redone. There is always one chance. It is you who decide to move on or to stay in slit remembering the past every time and hurting yourself. The easiest way is to stay away from the people and the things that hurt you. Over the times, you must have developed a feeling of what you like and with whom you want to be. Go where you are celebrated not tolerated. Whatever happened was past, past have no place in future. Forgive them and let loose.

5. Do What you Love

Most of the life pain and suffering are due to what we do to ourselves. It is the biggest risk of life. The risk of not doing what you want on the bet you can find the freedom to do it later. People spend their life working for others, working according to what people expect them to do. And in the whole process forget what their happiness in. You will love what you do if you do what you love. Stop pointing at others to make your life miserable. Forgive them and move on. Move on to your hobbies, to your interests, to your love and passion. You will flourish for sure.

4. Read or Write

The moment you feel distress and pain at heart, due to harshness people has brought into your life, Write. Be it a poetry or diary entry, just let your feelings a way to come out of you. The longer you keep them inside, the longer they will hurt you. Your Diary is your best friend. Soon, you will realize the truth and give your feelings a way to your diary. There are people who get conscious just by reading thoughts or proverbs. I am one of them. Thoughts about life can only be understood by a person who is hurt. And only then one can derive the meaning from it.

3. Identify what you learnt

Every situation in life teaches you a lesson. It is we who should carry this lesson to tackle problems in life. Life is meant to learn. One have to accept that people remain as they are and act according to themselves. They are not in your control. Forgiving people over their mistakes and accepting this in your mind will help you sail through hardships of life. It is a saying that wise person forgives his enemies but do not forget the lesson learnt while the fool keep the grudge within. Holding on the hatred is like holding a burning coal with the intension of throwing at other, but it is you who get hurt.

2. Cry if you want

The more bitterness you keep in your heart, the more you are tied. Depression is just in a moment. Cry if you want to cry and laugh over the situation that you couldn’t understand and got yourself hurt. People keep their feeling of suffering to themselves. Do not resist your emotions. Emotions comes back to you manifold when you resist them. You experience more pain if you run away from being hurt. Getting hurt is a phase. Accept the situation and let go. It reminds me of the situation when I used to cry whole night and smile the next day as tears took away all the pain and relieved me.

1. Meditate

Meditation is relaxing your mind and body. Meditation is the key to healthy mind and stress-free life. Meditation teaches you to live in present without neither being in the past or in future. Live your life in present and that too to its fullest. Who Knows, what you will come across. Forgive people and let go the pain that holds you from inside. Meditation develops you from inside, it makes you strong mentally . You become more conscious of yourself. Your life is what you wanted it to be. Make it a habit to stay happy. Don’t make happiness a choice, but your priority. Happy people are more productive. Meditation helps you to understand that past was a phase, not life. It sets you free from the never-ending thought process. You have to let loose and sooner you do, healthier you become.

These are some of the ways which help you learn that forgiving and forgetting is a choice. Say yourself that you are happy and you will be. Drop all your expectations and desires. Let loose reins and let the ship sail you through mist.


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