10 Ways to Show your Parents you Care for them

Your parents are the two most important people in your world. They give you everything, and shape you into the person you will be for the rest of your life. They are the only ones who care about your well being, every single day of your life. Sometimes this is hard to grasp, because you may not always agree, and fights and misunderstandings may often occur; but this fact remains unchanged-no one cares for you like your parents do. They do everything under the sun for you, and ask for nothing in return, which is why it is crucial for you to show them all the love and care you possibly can. You must work on making your first connection in the world, your best connection in the world! So here are 10 effective ways to let your parents know what they mean to you, and how much you care-

10. Participate in their interests


Your parents are the only two people in the world who take an active interest in your life, and are mindful of your likes and dislikes. A great way to show them you care, is by taking an equal amount of interest in theirs. As authority figures, parents can often seem completely different to you. But this is not entirely the case. They have hobbies, likes, and interests just like you do. Find out what their favourite movie is, and watch it with them; read their favourite book and discuss it with them; if your mother likes politics, ask her about current affairs and her take on them; if your father likes art, try to understand the types of art he likes and why. In these small ways, you can show your parents you care about them, and also gain a newfound respect and love for them as individuals. A big step in your relationship!

9. Plan Outings


Most family vacations, or excursions are usually spearheaded by your parents. But if you put in the required effort to plan a vacation, it will really please your parents. Adhering to your parents travel plans, can seem like you’re just tagging along for the sake of it; which is why it’s important to let your parents know that quality family time is just as important to you as it is to them. Planning a holiday, or day trip, takes maturity, responsibility, planning and most of all, caring will. If you adequately display this ‘take-charge’ attitude, your parents will be very proud and appreciative.

8. Help around the House


Chances are, like most children, you’ve heard the phrase-“this is your house, not a hotel”, from your parents, one too many times. It can be annoying to be nagged about doing your chores, but what you may not think about is- it annoys your parents to nag you too! Running a household is a stressful task, and they must manage it in addition to their various other duties as working adults. Cleaning your room is the first step; if you take care of your own space, it means one less space for your parents to worry about! Beyond this, you can pitch in when it comes to watering the plants, helping with the vacuuming, feeding and walking your pet, cleaning the closets/storeroom, doing the laundry, etc. A little hand here and there, would be a great support to your parents, and your love and regard for them would be firmly cemented in their minds.

7. Make a Card


A popular choice on parent themed holidays (like Mothers day and Fathers day), cards are the reigning champions of sentimental tokens. A card is a beautiful way to express your love. It is said, that handmade gifts are the best gifts of all. Cards are attractive and adorable, and the best outlets to show your effort and innovativeness, in a simple way. Moreover, inserting a thoughtful message for your loved ones, is a fantastic way to make them gush and smile. Cards are especially effective for your parents. They don’t go for high profile presents, and the knowledge that you took out your time for them, and put your most positive and concerted energies at work for their benefit- is the best present for them.

6. Cook a Meal for Them


Help your parents take a break from being the primary meal providers, by cooking a meal for them once in a while! Surprise them with breakfast in bed, some comfort food, or by whipping up a quick and easy dessert. You can even go the extra mile by learning how to prepare your parent’s favourite dish! Your culinary contributions would impress your parents, and definitely show them that you care!

5. Involve Them


Don’t leave your parents scrambling for scraps of information about your day, or what you’re doing. Volunteer information, and share parts of your life with them. Involve them in your daily life, ask their advice and just talk to them.

Your own social circle can be time consuming, and distracts you from the needs of your family.  Spending time with your parents is the best way to show them you care. Watch movies and TV shows with them, do arts and crafts with them, exercise or play sports with them, or have board game nights. The time spent allows you to bond, and truly learn to value each other. As an added exercise, ask your parents about their own needs and desires. They’re ever mindful of what you need, and you should be too. Above all, they are individuals going through life like everyone else, and a listening ear is often the most caring gift of all.

4. Give Innovative Gifts


As previously mentioned, parents don’t always go for lavish, expensive presents. Thoughtful presents filled with regard and concern are all you need. You don’t need to wait for an occasion to make your parents’ day. You and your siblings can pitch in to buy your dad a shirt he’s been eyeing, or buy your mom a new wallet. These gifts will be of use to your mum and dad, and the spontaneity will touch their hearts. In fact, you could also make some gifts by hand and surprise them with it-be it Papier-mâché art, clay sculptures, or even a handwritten poem or letter. A simple gesture from your end, is a world of contentment for them.

3. Show Affection

Emotional Farewell

Personal space issues hold no weight with your parents. They adore your hugs and kisses! While you may dole them out sparingly, parents always want cuddles in excess. Remember, they’ve known you as a two-foot high toddler, who clung to them at every moment. Growing up may be awkward for you, but it’s emotional for your mom and dad, because at the end of the day you’re still their little baby. You’re the apple of their eye, and they’d love to keep you in their arms. Grant them those happy moments as much as you can, because that little action generates so much positivity and comfort within them!

2. Talk to Them about their Life


Your parents have gone through every stage you’re in, have been through, and will go through. Their wealth of experience truly makes them experts on a variety of matters. Ask them about how they’ve lived their life, what they do to tackle problems, and even for interesting anecdotes from their past. Your parents will love narrating the stories of all their exploits, and will feel special since you’re taking a real interest. Your parents would most likely have lived a colourful life, and hearing about it will not only be entertaining but very useful; after all, you share the same genes!

1.Tell Them you Love Them


A seemingly inconsequential task, but it means everything to your parents. This form of validation, is the most important for your parents. Thanking them for all they do for you, and acknowledging how much you truly love them, re-affirms the fact that they’re doing their job right. They do so much to garner your love, and you must take every chance to tell them what they mean to you. Three simple words, are a breath of life to your mom and dad!

“The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your parents smiling, and knowing you’re the reason behind that smile”. Trying out these 10 tips are sure to make you experience the wonder and beauty of happy parents!


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