10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Today

Amongst the lot of us, it is probable to find a procrastinator for sure. That one person who can simply not start working the moment they are asked to. And even if they happen to have the perfect desire to accomplish the task, there’s never enough motivation. Be it completing your office work, research papers or even a simple task as changing your bedsheets. Procrastinators always postpone their tasks to the next day. If they have half a dozen tasks to do, task #5 and #6 are not even considered during the initial stages of working. Most of the people think they lack the ability when in reality they simply lack the incentive to start working and enthusiasm to keep working.

Do you feel the same? There’s a deadline waiting and instead, you are there fiddling with stuff like checking your social networks or email inbox or surfing online all kinds of websites. And when it is indeed too late, you can only wish you started earlier and hope for starting early the next time for sure. The fact that you are here is one reason you must be. Realise, that it is so not about time management, a myth many people tend to believe. Go on and read 10 ways to gradually stop procrastinating everything that comes walking to your life.

10. Step by step

Yes, I know how multitasking feels perfect to complete all your tasks at once. The rush while trying to handle everything at once and the satisfaction that comes throws us into thinking that we are finally doing it all, but wait. You are actually wasting your time. Complete one task at a time and give your absolute focus to it. Trying to catch up with everything will only overwhelm you. Yes, there will be countless distractions. Decide little rewards for yourself once you complete the task you are currently working on. Like getting some TV time, a sandwich or surfing the Internet, little things like these that give you joy.

9. Focus and keep focusing on the goal

Like the point mentioned before, you need to concentrate on the end product. Keep imagining it at the back of your head and realise where you really have reached yet. Understand the distances you have to complete to actually complete the task you are at. Keep filling in the percentage bar in your mind. It will be one hell of a feeling and you’d instantly feel lightweight.

8. Find a friend

It is human nature to enjoy doing things with a person you like, be it a friend, family or someone who would be willing to help. Find a common interest and start doing it together. You might even start putting up more, considering the factor that you would not like to embarrass yourself in front of them or you would actually start enjoying while working. It is helpful for both of you, as both you will keep encouraging each other and get praised too.

7. Take a break

And I don’t mean it in a procrastinating kind of way. Give yourself little breaks only after doing one tough job. Start with the hardest job or the task you feel would take the most of your day time. Once you are done, take a little nap, call a friend, read a magazine, or anything else that can be done within 20 minutes and gives you contentment and bliss along. Doing big tasks is like unloading a big baggage off your shoulders.

6. Perfectionism is not paramount

A lot of procrastinators tend to be a perfectionist because they can’t seem to finish a task unless they have “perfected” the task in their own ways. What this is doing is, giving a negative impact on your routine. You are withholding countless tasks just due to this one reason. If a lot of your time is being absorbed in perfection, stop right there. Stop right there, and divide segments of your time to different tasks.

5. Distractions

Distractions everywhere. Wherever your eyes go, whatever your head hears, they are all distractions disguised. Especially when you are working on a PC with internet, it is a big deal. A million more tabs come up along with one tab which is actually the job you were supposed to do. Use apps that would help you limit or applications that take up the whole screen so that your eyes don’t see anything else attracting like a cute cat video. Say good-bye to them and say it forever.

4. Do little tasks

Haven’t there been things that take as little time as two minutes to complete them. Do them first. The list of little things will not take more than an hour to complete, while you have been pushing over the days. This may include small chores like taking the trash out or setting your table up. Trust me, you’d feel content and more at ease considering all the things you must have done by the end of just an hour.

3. Make a to-do list

A to-do list helps, really. Add precise timing along with the name of the task to stop you from getting confused about which to do first. Give yourself a high five with each tick you check. I know it is a like-on-top-of-the-world feeling. Aim that more often. Break big tasks into little ones and add each in your list. Keep a notebook and don’t put your to-do list for another day.

2. Allot time

If you could not do it by the end of time you allotted yourself, skip to the next task. This will make you feel shameful if you couldn’t do that one little task in even 20 minutes. Make this your motivation, and put up better efforts for the next task you start with. Each time you’d be more encouraged and energetic. Just don’t let it depress or demotivate you in any way. Just remember that it is a thing you are going through and will only gradually come back on track.

1. Motivate yourself

That’s quite harder to do than it seems hard on reading so itself, but you are always the key to your every problem. Though it already feels hard when you are given deadlines, it is an even bigger problem when there’s not any. This task without any deadline can go on forever in a loop of delaying it. Simply, make your own deadline. Reward yourself for completing the task, and even better punish yourself for not being able to complete it. You could have a break, have a piece of chocolate, play with your pet or anything else. Having these in mind is like planning an after exams party.

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