10 Wedding Planning Checklist and Tips: 10 Essentials

Just started your career as a wedding planner? Or planning a wedding for someone you love? Maybe your brother or sister? Now, you might either be a new professional wedding planner who does not know where to start or someone planning a wedding for your near and dear ones. This list is perfect to give you some ideas as to where you can begin working from.

I am pretty sure you would want the wedding day of your clients or loved ones to go perfectly and without hitches, just the way they have dreamed of. From here on, this day and its planning are bound to become the centre of your life. Now, we all know that planning a wedding is not an easy task. New complications arise at every step, just as you are thinking of a solution for the old ones. Furthermore, a wedding means having many sets of emotions and feelings to deal with.But worry not! In order to not let this wedding madness take over the charming you, we have, all things considered, come up with ten essentials of a wedding planning checklist. These would help you enjoy each and every stage of the wedding you are planning.

10. Budget

Weddings cost exorbitant amount of money. Even if you are planning a short and simple ceremony. Weddings include so many necessary aspects which cannot be cut down and as a result, it falls heavy on your pockets. Whatever is the sort of wedding they need, the first thing you must do is, decide the budget. Arguably, slightly more important than planning their budget is actually sticking to it. It proves to be a hard task, especially when the wedding day comes closer. For this reason, it is necessary that the first thing you do is, budget their wedding.

9. Guests

Planning the estimated guest list is another really important point in the wedding checklist. Once your clients have finalised their guest list, it becomes an easier task for you to chose an appropriate venue and menu for their wedding.

8. Venue and Menu

Once the guest list is finalised, it is the time for you to accordingly choose their venue for the wedding and the rest of the functions. Furthermore, you will also need to decide the menu you desire for your wedding. As a matter of fact, the expected number of guests will help you decide on the quantity of food you would require and the kind of platter you require.

7. Hire helping hands

You would, no doubt, need caterers, decorators, photographers, valets, drivers, waiter staff, security, etc. Once you have decided on your wedding location, you need to research and decide those best ones who meet your necessities.
Research their previous works and if it goes with what you have in mind, voila! there you have it. At the same time, also do not forget to check whether it jibes with your budget or not. It would not do well for you to want something you cannot afford. It is best if you hire those offering the required services as soon as possible. Try not to procrastinate these till the last minute.

6. Foresee any probable problems

Anticipate any problematic situations that might occur anytime before or during your wedding. Be prepared to face them, calmly. I know we are talking about your wedding day, and any considered issue will be certain to send you dashing under wedding frenzy. But what you need to understand here, is that it will not help your situation. It will make things worse. So instead, be cool and calm and bravely face the situation. Years later, that incident might turn into a family joke of sorts, making your day more memorable and special. Thus uniquely, your own.

5. Shopping time!!

Does this word not send all of us into bundles of anticipation? And this time, it is not just any shopping. It is your wedding shopping! No doubt, it adds a dramatic importance to an already overrated excursion. Shopping for the wedding is obviously exciting. You are bound to let go of your budget, even if it is not by much. I feel like a villain here, but nevertheless, stick to your budget. No matter what.

4. Transportation services

This is another essential that you need to plan. Decide on the transportation requirement for you and your guests. Ask the venue providers if they are going to provide the pick-up and drop service or whether you need to make the arrangements yourself. Moreover, decide what would you wish the bride and groom’s conveyance to be. Make the necessary arrangements. Correspond your wishes of the transport administration supplier.

3. Time to send your invitations!

Yes! The wedding is coming closer. At this point, things somehow seem to be more final. Does it not? It is of utmost importance to send wedding invitations to the guests about one month or so before the wedding day. This would give your guests the time to respond to your invitation and make the necessary arrangements. It would also give you time to make any changes to the guest list, if required.

2. Transfer responsibilities and errands to those around you

As your wedding day comes near, it is the time to finally relax a little. Distribute tasks to those around you. Get some breathing space for yourself. These tasks may be small ones or big ones. It does not matter. Let others shoulder some responsibility so that you can get some rest. Keep checking with them frequently to see if everything is going alright. Above all, remember that you do not have to do everything yourself. Just take it easy. And enjoy these days.

1. Take some me-time

You guessed it! The D-Day is here. There would appear to be such a variety of points of interest that may appear to be unchecked. I repeat, relax! Do not panic or get anxious. It will not help. Remember, you have done everything you could. Mix and mingle with the guests, the groom and the bride. Take some necessary me-time.

In a few days, you will be giving the bride and groom their fairy tale wedding. Moreover, remember that weddings are not only about checklists and do’s and don’ts. They are about feelings and fun and togetherness. They are about love and joy. They are a celebration. Do not get too stressed out. Enjoy the rush and the chaos. After all, once the day passes, you do not want to look back only to see one crazy frustrated wedding planner, do you?! The ones you are planning the wedding for would only love you for keeping your cool!


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