10 Weird Superstitions Related to Food

You are a perfectly rational human being with a host of degrees pinned against your name on that name-plate, yet a sneeze and a black cat gets the better of you? Too much of anything is bad and so is the case with superstitions. The aim of this list is merely to entertain you, and not make you question Science. So let’s get started on fun!

  1. Garlic

Garlic is believed to protect you from bad spirits, demons, werewolves as well as vampires. Interesting huh? If you think a vampire is coming for you, gift yourself, your windows and your doors a garlic necklace!garlic_625x350_81424865176

  1. Salt

Wastage is a complete no-no, but if you have been spilling salt quite too often – you might be in trouble! But remedy’s right here for you. You simply have to take some more salt in your right hand and then spill it over your left shoulder. This way you’ll blind the devil, who won’t take your soul now! Also, putting salt on the windows and threshold of a new house sides with your luck. That way, you can ward evil whenever you move into the house. On the bright side, I’ll tell you why salt-spilling is an omen. Back in the days, even a tad of salt was costly. Hence, spilling salt translated to spilling big money. Although times have changed, handle that salt with care.625-salt_625x350_51433756271

  1. Eggs

European farmers will plant eggs or throw eggshells among crops in their field. For the Jews, having an egg with two yolks will render you with many children! You should always bake a cake when the sun is rising, and you should dispose those egg shells only after your baking is done. There’s another wild superstition which concerns eating boiled eggs in breakfast. And if it concerns you, you might try to destroy the shells of the egg otherwise a witch can gather them in order to build a boat. And no, it doesn’t end there! She might sail out to sea, and like Prospero, cause a tempest! Scarry right?eggs_625x350_41430022029

  1. Bread

For all the fans of bread, here’s news. You need to adorn the bread with a cross-sign prior to baking it. All this is done so that the devil doesn’t have his way. Years and years ago, people actually thought that the devil (jobless as he is!) might amuse himself sitting on top of the bread and then, cursing it! Can you believe it? Here’s more. You might also not want to have a bread that has a hole in it. The hole can be the coffin, foretelling someone’s demise. Nobody would want a bread-with-a-hole now. Moving on to bachelors and spinsters, looking for wives and husbands respectively. A tip: No matter how hungry you are or how bad you want it, never take the last piece of cake or the last biscuit on a plate in front of you.hot-cross-buns_625x350_41427963669

  1. Onions

If you happen to be in the habit of peeling or chopping onions, you must not throws away those peels on the floor. Peels are equivalent to fortune! Who would have deemed so? A group of onions in your window will help keep evil spirits at bay. Onions are enemies of warts as well. If you got one, just rub the edge of an onion on it, and throw it over your right shoulder (but make sure you don’t look back) and you’re good to go! Onions can work wonders for those of you who find decision-making a daunting job. You need to scrape every option you have on different onion peels and let them stay in the dark for a while. Go for that peel which sprouts first among all.

Onions: red, brown, whole, peeled, sliced, rings.

  1. Tea

If you pour milk in your tea before putting sugar, you are playing with your chances of wedlock. Stirring sugar anti-clockwise is not too wise either, and you need to be careful to see that the tag of the teabag doesn’t detach while in your cup. If it happens, it prophesies that you are to lose something within seven days. Now the good news, if you find sugar settled at the bottom of your cup, it suggests you’re the object of someone’s crush! Isn’t it wonderful what lousy sugar-stirring can do? The next time you spill tea while making it or carrying the teapot, don’t be scared. The latter symbolizes that you would be visited by a stranger in no time! Tea leaves at the entrance of you house restricts the entry of evil spirits.lotus-tea_625x350_71430453121

  1. Noodles

Long noodles on your plate lets you enjoy a long life as long as you don’t cut them with your fork. Beware of cutting noodles for convenience even before serving them. A pair of uneven chopsticks reveals that you’ll have to let go your plan of catching the next train, boat or plane. You ought not to drop your chopsticks, and never should you have chopsticks standing straight up in a bowl of food. It allegedly signals a death curse.noodles

  1. Bananas

Fruit-lovers take heed. Be cautious of not cutting a banana, though if you want you can break a banana into pieces. About banana skin, tossing them in a casual fashion implies that your death will be painful. So eat a banana, and put that peel in a garbage-bin. Bananas and ships are a fatal combination and it proposes that the vessel will be devoid of any fish. Incidentally, the ships that were lost at sea in the 1700s carried bananas on board.banana

  1. Grapes

In South America, new years are welcomed with grapes. They say that at the stroke of the Cinderella-hour, you must chomp at least 12 grapes (each for a month!). The logic is, a sweet grape is a happy month and vice versa. Since grapes represent abundance, you can eat as many as you want. In fact, the more the better as that unveils the abundance of your coming year. That being said, don’t forget to take out the seeds since they can be supposedly a source of the painful condition of appendicitis.grapes_625x350_61429342114

  1. Birthday Cake

Do you know how birthday cakes, as we know them, came about? According to the Greeks, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blowing off the candles atop the cake (as they did when celebrating the birthday of Artemis, the Moon Goddess) chases away bad spirits. The tradition of penning an edible ‘Happy Birthday’ has also passed down to us from the Greek men. A couple of things more: try to have that part of the cake saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow all those candles in one breath.cake

So now you know the popular superstitions related to food from around the globe!

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