12 best gifts that you can give to your Dad on his Birthday

Through the eyes of a child, irrespective of Marvel’s Superman and Spider-man, the real hero of our lives will always be our DADDY. The person who will become the mountain to protect you, provide a comforting arm to calm you and will certainly be the guide to the answers you will quest for. For his unconditional love, encouragement, life lessons and  hilarious absurd jokes, we will always be thankful  to him for our entire lives.  What day is more suitable than his birthday to make this amazingly unique creation of God, feel special. Preparations completed, guest invited, cake ordered but still ransacking your brain what to gift  dad. Here are 12 awesome gifts that you can give to your dad….

1. Wine


“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing”. —Ernest Hemingway. A bottle of wine will be greetings for a prosperity and healthy life. If you have a good budget, buy him a rare vintage one. He will really appreciate your efforts and may even ask you to accompany him.

2. Barbecue


If your dad loves cooking, a barbecue can be the perfect gift for him. A good dish requires more than just ingredients-a right technique. And a good cook makes sure that things are done in the right way. Barbecue comes in four kinds –gas, charcoal, portable and electric. Choose the one which best serves your dad’s utility. If next time, he wishes to have chicken kebab, he will never have to worry about grilling.

3. Instrument


Has your dad been a great admirer of the orchestra in the opera house or the musician in the church choir? Find the instrument that fascinates your dad and encourage him to learn it. There is no age for learning anything. Inspire your father this birthday by presenting him a guitar, a cello or any other musical instrument which he wishes to learn.

4. Vinyl Records


If your father still hums the song of Beatles and Eagles, reinvent his old memories by hosting a session of karaoke on his birthday party. The idea may sound childish but trust me, he and his friends will love and enjoy it. Another alternative would be buying him vinyl records of his classic or pop music bands. Although, he can rely on i-pod and music systems, to quench his music thirst, the vinyl will give him a different association with music. Apart from pleasing experience, new or old vinyl records carry a great aesthetic value as a decorative piece. It will not be just an object lying at the corner of the house but portrayal of warmth and pure abstraction of music.

5. An Elegant Watch


An elegant classy watch can be a perfect gift for your dad. Watches have now not remained a timepiece but have become a major style statement. Today, it is a man’s best accessory. You can give him a wrist watch or a pocket watch. A smart watch can be a good option; if he is tech savvy and you have got deep pockets.

6. Fitness Tracker


These wearable gadgets are boon to people who have difficulty in administering their exercise sessions. Fitness trackers are available as wristbands, watches, chest bands and headphones. It keeps a check of your calorie burn, food-water intake and sleep. With the ticking of clock, the step count increases as one locomotes. A virtual badge is also awarded for your health goal accomplishment. Gift a healthy life to your dad this year by buying him the fitness tracker.

7. A Surprise Excursion


Send your father for a weekend trip to give him a break from his hectic schedule. Research work tells that vacations reduce stress and improve health conditions. Select, according to your budget the package you want to gift your dad—family holiday, safari holiday, beach holiday or couple holiday. If beautiful sands and sun kissed waters attract him, gift him a holiday package to Phuket. If serenity and spirituality are what he searches for, a vacation in Bali can be the thing for him. The world is a library and its places are the books. Just read it by discovering exotic locations.

8. Perfume


“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will.”—Patrick Suskind. A perfume is an intimate gift and for some individuals, they consider it to be the elixir of their life. There is always a perfume which defines and distinguishes an individual’s personality. But yes, selecting a perfume could be a risky job. You need to be very sure about the fragrance’s preference of your father. He will really appreciate your efforts and time involved in selecting the suitable perfume bottle for him

9. Personalized Gifts


This option can work anywhere anytime. When you are out of ideas, personalized gifts are your last resort. The market is flooded with such items in forms of logo, canvas, pictures, articles and even prints. Now-a-days, with ideas and technology, you can literally personalize everything from doormat to wedding rings. You can get these things done for your dad at an affordable price.

10. An Exclusive Pen


Pen is a symbol of intellect and introspection. Although, there are several kind of pen you can look for your dad in the store, I will suggest you to go for a fountain pen. The style and sophistication of the pen will surely grab the attention of the recipient. It will not only display your good taste, but also depict the impression you have for your dad in your eyes. You can also give him a monogrammed pen, which will give it a more personal touch.

11. Match/Show Tickets


You don’t have to ask them, “Would you like going to the soccer game, cricket or basket ball match?”  Daddy won’t even let anyone touch the remote, when the game is on. Surprise him by arranging tickets of the match when his favorite team is playing. Or you can also buy concert or movie tickets, according to his preference. Just remember to put those in some old socks. At first, he may get disappointed with the present. But when he will get the tickets, it would be fun to watch his expression change.

 12. Fulfill His Long Awaited Wish


The list ends with the most perfect gift a child can give to his/her father.  Bring the change in yourself which he has always wanted to see in you. It may be as simple a thing as getting rid of those red and blue spikes on your head, which irritates your dad very much. He will be glad if you excel in your studies or workplace. Start sharing the household responsibilities. Nothing will make him feel more proud than seeing his reckless son becoming matured.  It may not cost you money but definitely a heart.


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