12 Best Makeup Brands For Women

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” ― Gwyneth Paltrow.

The recent trend hitting the sea of beauty bloggers is about the power of makeup. Makeup today is a form of self expression and artistic release. The whole allure of the makeup process is that the end result would always be flawless. An average woman spends around an hour a day on beautifying her skin. Gone are the days when the Egyptians used ores to make Kohl and green eye paints. The makeup industry has advanced so much over the centuries with revolutionary concepts like waterproof lip colors, wrinkle diminishing creams, customized foundations and so on. Some of these brands have made a name among their female audience with their quirky outlook. Would you like to apply some Rosé on your lips? or perhaps preserved flower lip gloss with gold speckles?

  1. Huda Beauty

When the makeup industry lacked  a variety of faux lashes with substance, Huda Kattan launched her brand Huda Beauty introducing legendary lashes which are Kim Kardashian’s favorite. This American-Arab woman with the help of her sisters, Alya and Mona went on to launch her chain of beauty confectioneries like lip kits, mini liquid lipsticks, eye shadow pallets which are winning the heart of all ladies around the globe. She hosts makeup master classes in Dubai, Doha, Qatar and Abu Dhabi and also has millions of subscribers on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. The best selling jewels of her brand are her classic collection of lashes and lip kits which include a lip liner and a liquid lipstick.

  1. Christian Louboutin Beauty

Down the streets of Paris, Christian started sketching shoes; such was his obsession that he observed women walking on the streets and followed them all the way to see how they walk. Named after him, Christian Louboutin is a brand women can die for. The recent addition to his family is a line of beauty products- Nails, Lips and Perfumes. The gorgeous lipsticks and nail colors come in a bottle with a spiked head. The best selling Rouge Louboutin is a private page on the official website, a dedication to the color red. You can choose from bright pop colors like corals and fluorescent as well as classics like . Although his label stands for red lacquer soles for sky high heels, it’s ongoing extensions are giving major goals to makeup brands worldwide.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Do you know how difficult it is to sculpt a perfect pair of eyebrows? ABH cosmetics was launched to give a solution to this problem with their clear cut brows beauty collection – brow definer, dip colors, gel for moisturizing your brows, palettes and pencils. This brow heaven has a lot more to offer like customized lip palettes, liquid lipsticks and makeup brushes for professionals. Although ABH cosmetics are expensive, they are like fine aged wines where their quality suggests and marks their price.

  1. E.L.F. Cosmetics

Eyes, Lips and Face aka E.L.F. is by far the most affordable luxury makeup brand on this list. Who wouldn’t pay 6$ for the best selling Blush palette that makeup artists swear by? Their most sought after products are the baked eye shadow palette, mineral infused face primer, lip stain palette and so on. ELF provides the best Sephora dupes in the cosmetic market.

  1. Urban Decay

Inspired by the bold modern woman, UD offers a variety of cosmetics that keeps everyone wanting for more. The most popular Naked eye shadow palette is for perfect smokey eyes and the Moonshadow palette is every glitterati’s dream come true. UD recently launched their vegan cosmetics line which looks so delicious that you might end up tasting it while applying it on your face!

  1. M.A.C

“All Races, All Sexes, All Ages” is the tagline this company hands down it’s audience. Being the brain child of Estee Lauder Companies, M.A.C certainly lives up to the classy hub. The quirky Wine Lip Tints by this brand is going wild fire on Instagram. Recently Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Darker wore the legendary Retro matte lipstick from M.A.C in Feel So Grand. Mr. Grey approves!

7. Sephora

Sephora gives the complete Christmas shopping experience every time you enter the store. A paradise for makeup junkies, it offers wide range of cosmetics and skincare products for sampling which obviously costs lower than the actual product and you end up trying different varieties. The one thing you shouldn’t leave the store without, are the multifarious Hydrating Sheet Masks. Sephora also offers a subscription based sampling session which makes this whole makeup haven so much better.

8. Yves Saint Laurent

‘The most beautiful cosmetic you can have is passion’ and it is exactly what drives YSL towards amazing cosmetics that astounds it’s female theater. You can choose from lipstick shades that fashion models wear to fashion weeks and the magical products for skin care that arouses the galactic glow. Every woman has heart eyes for the YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara, Perfect Touch radiant foundation cum brush, Touche Eclat illuminating foundation brightner and for their golden cosmetic bodies.

9. Lakme

Now here is a brand that every woman regularly turns to.  The 9 to 5 collection feature products made for working women. CC creams, nude lipsticks, pastel nail paints, metallic lip stains, wedding glow blush sets and bright nail colors are the best selling treats. ‘On Top Of the World’ is their motto and Lakme certainly has already made it to the stars.

10. Make Up For Ever

When you want to glam up, the only thing that should be on your makeup table are the produce by Make Up Forever. It offers everything that a girl needs to turn herself into a Disney princess. For the flawless face, HD Invisible cover foundation, 118 Fresh, is highly recommended. Also, the multipurpose 12 Flash Color Case for eyes, lips and face always tops the best selling chart.

11. Oriflame

This Swedish brand offers everything from skin care amenities to gorgeous plate of cosmetics and perfumes. The sumptuous Pink Kiss Lip balm, highly pigmented Sweet Coral blush and the perfect pink lip liner are the must haves for every makeup geek- especially when we know how difficult it is to find that perfect shade of pink.

12. Lancome

Lancome makes  le teint particulier, a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. It is further customized with the person’s name tag. Apart from this magical product, there is so much more Lancome offers like the huge family of tinted concealers, the perfect rouge lipstick, the quintessential array of nude lip colors and so on. Make up when you wake up !

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