12 Best Natural Remedies to Relieve Headache Pain, Migraine and Tension

An occasional headache is something which we all have come across. We deal with numerous unmentioned daily life problems which are bound to create that unwanted stress and tensions in our brain. It certainly hinders our thought process and healthy functioning of the most critical organ of our body.  According to statistics, there are approximately 45 million Americans complaining of headaches each year.  Headaches vary ranging from ordinary pain to some sort of disorders or serious medical condition. The most common type is a tension headache which I am sure, all of us are well acquainted with. The second one is a migraine which is more debilitating than the first one and the third form is cluster headaches which by far, is the most painful one lasting some hours or days even. Though a lot of medications are available for treating these three forms, it is not always a nice idea I would say, every time you have a headache, you’re are popping pills. If taken in high doses the repercussions can be unimaginable bringing some serious side effects to your entire body. Hence we recommend you to try some natural and effective remedies for curing headaches, migraine and tension. Our mother nature has quite a lot to offer. So let’s get started:

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12. Watch out those unhealthy food habits

Who doesn’t like to party? Well, almost all of us! But partying in today’s era means consumption of alcohol, loading your body with enormous amounts of junk and caffeine, loud music and results? Hangovers and triggering of headaches! According to National Headache Foundation, alcohol (chemical name ethanol) produces dehydration and chemical imbalances in the body. So better avoid it. Also, some doctors have claimed certain foods that can trigger a headache. So you clearly need to watch out your food habits and diary it. This will help you distinguish between the foods that develop a headache for you.

11. Essential oils (Peppermint and Lavender)

Aromatherapy anyone? It is no surprise that this therapy has been used since ages to cure a headache and pain. Essentials oils help to alleviate that pain and migraine attacks. The long-lasting aroma and the cooling effect of peppermint oil get thumbs up for relieving headaches. When applied on the forehead it stimulates blood and has the ability to inhibit muscle contractions. Next in the category is Lavender oil having therapeutic properties. Working as an anti-depressant, calming agent, and a sedative, its curative properties cannot be doubted at! By inducing relaxation it reduces stress and tensions.

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10. Are you hungry? Then stop being one

People often say they forgot to eat. I am left amazed by their statement. How can one FORGET to eat? A hectic schedule might lead you a hungry stomach and also headache. This is perhaps because hunger causes your muscles to tighten and skipping a meal might decrease your blood sugar levels. Now when your body releases hormones to counter that drop, a headache triggers. So plan your meals three times a day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not stay hungry in any case!

9. Ginger Tea

Possessing magical and healing properties, it is one of the most widely used herbs having a plethora of health benefits. To mention a few more apart from treating headaches, it helps in weight-loss, reduces sinusitis, a booster in blood circulation and treating a number of digestive disorders. All you need to do is add to boil 4-6 slices of raw ginger in a cup of water for 10 minutes at least. Then to sweeten or to make it tastier (because it is usually sour) add honey or lemon or both.

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8. Correct the deficiency of Mg

The science students must have understood what Mg meant! Well, if you are deficient in magnesium then it might be the cause of your headache and migraine pain. Sleep problems, depression, hypertension and a lot of other conditions are likely to occur with the deficiency of the mineral. Mg is responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system and maintain normal muscle and nerve function. So start eating dark leafy vegetables like Spinach (Popeye the Sailor-man taught us to eat that), beans and lentils, nuts (almonds), avocado and bananas.

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7. Need a nap?

Set all the tensions aside for once, take a deep breath and sleep off for a while. Remember you will find everything same except for your headache. You will feel much relaxed than before once you wake up.

6. Willow Bark

The pain-relieving compound ‘salicin’ and accompanying flavonoids found in this natural alternative to aspirin will cure your headache in mere few minutes. Often termed as Nature’s Aspirin, it does not appear to have negative side-effects, unlike the medical ones.

5. Feverfew

A perennial plant and scientifically called as Tanacetum parthenium it belongs to the daisy family. If you are wishing to opt for herbal remedies then feverfew is the right choice for you to prevent migraine attacks. The Feverfew leaves can be made into a tea and taken during headaches and migraine pains for improved results.

4. H2O

Yes, you read it right! Dehydration can be a sign of headaches. The first remedy you’ll ask your physician to cure a headache is to drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. The body loses certain essential fluids when dehydrated and the brain can temporarily contract or shrink from that fluid loss. So 8-10 glasses or 3-4 litres are a strict yes for your body.

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3. Cold or Hot Compress

Headaches vary. If suffering from a tension headache apply heat to tighten that neck and jaw muscle. In case of a vascular headache, cold ones will work better (basically applies on forehead and temples, posterior part of the head). What you need to keep in mind is that the temperature for either of them shouldn’t be extreme. Never apply to a broken or irritated skin and do place a towel between your skin and the source. People having circulatory problems must avoid the cold therapy.

2. Take a break from those addictive gadgets

There is not even a second when people leave their phones now-a-days. It is a phobia (nomophobia, the fear of being without mobile phones). According to Einstein, a day is supposed to come which will surpass human intelligence. I think it has already arrived! With the increasing use of electronic gadgets like computers, mobiles, iPods, kindles people are likely to have a bad lifestyle and health problems. Excessive usage and addiction to these stress your body mainly eye and brain to a level which you cannot even imagine. So give yourself a break from these and get outside to breathe in that fresh air.

1. Massage

A dozen of types of massages is proved to be excellent in treating both a migraine and headache. They tend to take away that discomfort one is facing and provides relief. Massages have a soothing effect and we can’t agree more! They ease muscle tension thus less pressure on the nerves and vessels and more flow of oxygen. So ask for a good soothing massage when having a severe headache.

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Do tell us your views and which remedy worked best for you in the comment section below!

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