12 Different Types of Noses and What they Mean

Noses! Noses! Noses! There, I said it. What now? Drawing a blank? Everybody knows that all our features come together to make a pleasing face (or not- so- pleasing face). Every person possesses at least one feature that becomes the highlight of his face. Will you agree with me if I say that the nose is the most prominent feature of the face? And why not? The way it comes in different shapes and sizes and the way it juts out of the face proves that this entity cannot be ignored. We all know what a nose is but do you know how it gets its shape? The shape of a nose is determined by its nasal bones and its nasal cartilages which also includes the septal cartilage (separates the nostrils) and the upper and the lower lateral cartilages. It has been proven that mostly, the nose of a male is larger than that of a woman. Besides being responsible for the sense of smell, the nose also conditions and warms the inhaled air thus, making it more humid. I know, you all must be as fascinated by these facts as I am. But the purpose of this post lies more in the field of aesthetics than biology.

Apparently, there are at least twelves different types of noses and each nose has its won story behind it.

12. The Roman Nose.


It is also popularly known as the Aquiline Nose. This type of a nose is recognized by its prominent bridge which is curved or slightly bent. In fact, the very word “aquiline” is derived from the Latin term acquilinus which refers to the curved beak of an eagle. This curved bridge also gives the illusion of a hook. This type of nose is considered to be very attractive on men and women. People with roman noses always exhibit good leadership qualities. They carve their own paths as they go forward. Such people motivate others and have excellent organizational skills. They are also said to be less aggressive.

11. The Snub Nose.


It is voted to be one of the most attractive noses. It is small and button-like with a slight but definite widening. The widening occurs because of the slight upliftment of the tip of the nose. This type of look does give a person an appearance of a snob but on the contrary, people who have a snub nose are generally deemed to be immature and adorable. What do you think? Do you know any such person?

10. The Greek Nose.

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This type of a nose is prominently characterized by its straight look. To be more specific, a Greek nose is perfectly straight and is marked by narrow nostrils which makes it all the more appealing to people. I, personally, am envious of anyone who possesses a Greek nose. People who have such a kind of nose are said to be extremely intelligent and are considered very helpful in nature. They are also believed to be logical and disciplinarians who are sure to achieve success in life.

9. The Celestial Nose.

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It is also known as the Upturned Nose. You can guess why. This type of a nose is easily recognizable because of a depression on the middle part of the nose and a subtly upturned tip. A slight dip in the middles is called very attractive but a bigger one is considered to be somewhat unappealing. What’s best about people adorned with celestial noses? Their personalities! They are labelled as the most optimistic lot and have a kind and a warm soul. They love to care and nurture those who are close to them and their enthusiasm for life is never ending. It is also believed that they are sexually adventurous but also, loyal and strong I their relationships.

8. The Hawk Nose.


The name in itself is enough to give you an idea of what it entails. A hawk nose has sharp contours and it bends slightly at the middle. If viewed from the side, this type of a nose looks similar to the beak of a hawk. Hence, its namesake is a hawk too. People with a hawk nose are confident and determined. They do not believe in following the herd and are not concerned with what people think about them. In short, they don’t mind standing out. They are happy to follow their own dreams and goals.

7. The Nubian Nose.

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This type of a nose is long but wide at the base. Beyoncé and Barack Obama possess such a kind of a nose. It is said that people who have a Nubian nose are very open- minded and creative. As they also possess an unquenchable curiosity, they also tend to approach a particular situation in many different ways. Not only this, they are born charismatic and are naturally very expressive. But their emotion radiant does, at times, go over the top.

6. The Rumpole Nose.


Now, a rumpole nose is possessed by very few. It is named after the actor Leo Mckern who had played the role a character named Rumpole. This type of a nose is very bulky and it has a fleshy protruding end with a bulbous beak. Possessors of a bulbous nose are said to be materialistic but weirdly, energetic too. One of a rarest kind, only one person in two hundred has this kind of a nose.

5. The Nixon Nose.

Former American president, Richard Nixon, pictured in 1968 when he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

Another type of nose which falls under the category of rare. This type of a nose is named after the former American President, Richard Nixon, who had a nose characterized by a straight bridge that curved towards the end and the edge of the end was a bit wide. People who possess this kind of a nose are said to be ambitious and business- minded. They exude a powerful aura and have exemplary leadership qualities.

4. The Redknapp Nose.

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This type of a nose too, is named after a soccer player. This nose does not garner any attention towards itself. Although it is large and broad but not so much so that it cannot be forgotten. Sturdy and well- fitting, only one in fifty people have this type of a nose. People with redknapp noses too, are materialistic but very active.

3. Tara Nose.


Yes, all striking noses are named after famous people. This nose is named after a television presenter named Tara Palmer- Tomkinson. This type of a nose re-defines the concept of rarity as it is found only in one out of thirteen hundred people. This type of a nose is uneven and bumpy around the edges. People who have a Tara nose are said to be fun loving and pleasant.

2. The Fleshy Nose.


This is the most common type of a nose. As can be made out from its very name, it is large and very prominent looking. An excess of flesh makes up most of the bulk of this type of a nose. People who possess a fleshy nose are considered to be very kind and generous and somewhat emotional. All in all, good.

1. The Duchess Nose.

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Now, here’s a royal name! As you can guess, this nose is named after the gorgeous duchess Kate Middleton. This type of a nose is considered to be beautiful and one of the most striking features one can possess. A straight- edged nose, it seems to suit both the sexes. It is also considered to be fine example of an ideal nose. People who have this nose are considered to be super creative and very spontaneous. They do things that they love and also create an environment of happiness around them.


Who would have thought noses could reveal so much about one’s personality? It’s only right, after all. A nose sits perfectly in the centre of the face. It ought to exhibit certain personality traits of the person possessing it. No wonder, Indians associate a nose with dignity and respect. With so many noses around, it will be fun to identify and classify people according to the nose that they have.

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